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Even before Leon got his hands on D, he loved to see the viruous laid low. [50x1 sentence fanfics]

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1. Walking.
The pain made it difficult, the crutch impossible, but when Leon's feet decided to take him to the empty pet shop, he didn't resist.

2. Waltz.
It was a bizarre dance, a masochistic waltz, a fiction of half-truths and non-answers, with notes, steps and answers hidden behind mismatched eyes.

3. Wish
As they take up their positions across a tea tray, their thoughts are the same: 'Just once I wish you'd react the way you're supposed to...'

4. Wonder
D stands perfectly still, half smiling, wondering if Leon can pull the trigger.

5. Worried
The thing that pisses Leon off the most about D is that even when he's got a gun turned on him he can't be bothered to look worried.

6. Whimsy
Sometimes D'll act like a creature of whimsy, following whatever butterfly trail he feels like, then he'll turn around and show Leon the steel and fire behind that smile.

7. Wasteland
In D's nightmares, the world is a dystopian wasteland; what makes it worse is that he would tolerate - even accept - it if only he didn't have to do so alone.

8. Whisky and rum
Leon will gladly drink anything he can lay his hands on - lately, glass after glass of whisky - but D will keep to the refinements in life; red wine and rum truffles.

9. War
Even when he comes out on top in an argument, Leon can't help but feel he's lost the war for the sake of the battle.

10. Wedding
Leon snorts and grumbles that Jill's gonna start planning a wedding if D keeps trying to look after him, and wonders why D refuses to meet his eyes.

11. Birthday
The two men came to a wordless understanding that from the moment Chris came to them, no one was to have a birthday.

12. Blessing
D gave Leon his best fake smile, a cup of tea, and a blessing on his plans for a proposal.

13. Bias
Leon can't understand how knowing D's guilty as sin and trying to prove it makes Jill think he's biased.

14. Burning
D stares expressionlessly at the canopy of his bed, ignoring the burning of his skin when the detective touched him and trying not to think of the burning in places he didn't.

15. Breathing
Leon has found all the worst habits to be as easy to start and as hard to stop as breathing - which is why he drinks, smokes, and visits D.

16. Breaking
D could feel the last of his self-control cracking and managed to push the detective off the ship before it broke entirely.

17. Belief
"I know it's too much to ask for your belief Detective, but I would appreciate your pretence at acceptance."

18. Balloon
Sometimes, D gives Leon a look, and for a moment Leon's world is a balloon or a bubble that would pop if he so much as breathes, let alone move - and then D looks away, and the world lurches back into dazed, shaky normality.

19. Balcony
They stand on the balcony in silence, almost touching, Leon smoking and D wearing Leon's dinner jacket, just enjoying the night.

20. Bane
Leon, being a crude, disgusting human, ought to be the bane of D's existence - the key words being ought to be.

21. Quiet
Considering the tempers of both men, it was more than a little surprising that they could lie on the grass in the park, drunk on sunlight and enjoying a rare moment of quiet.

22. Quirks
Leon didn't know whether to be worried or proud that he knew D's quirks well enough that the slightest thinning of the lips could have him heading to Madame C's.

23. Question
Leon leaned against the ship's rail, jaw set, determined that for once in his life D was going to give him a straight answer to his question.

24. Quarrel
Their quarrels were getting less and less frequent, but whereas their old arguments had been noise more than anything, these were fuelled by real emotions and were oh-so deadly.

25. Quitting
"Leon, it's not quitting - D's dead, you can let this one /go/."

26. Jump
Sometimes, Leon's imagination likes to torment him with the thought that D jumped ship and is chasing after him as hopelessly as he is chasing after D.

27. Jester
D can't get rid of the thought that Leon, in another time, would be a knight errant in the guise of a jester.

28. Jousting
The only thing Leon can say about his verbal jousting with D is that Jill's had to stop accusing him of coming to battles of wits unarmed.

29. Jewels
D's eyes have been compared to jewels in the past, and it isn't until he hears the words leave Leon's mouth in a dismissive sneer that he realises it's not a compliment at all.

30. Just
"You can't go blaming everything on D, Leon - it just doesn't work like that."

31. Smirk
Leon once vowed to wipe D's smirk off his face if it killed him: he succeeded, but not in the way he thought he would.

32. Sorrow
D's only thought as he pressed a finger to the tear on his cheek was that not only had he never understood love, but he'd never really understood sorrow either.

33. Stupidity
"Detective, you have your own particular flair for stupidity, but this is impressive even for you."

34. Serenade
"If you think I'm going to go down on one knee and - and serenade you or whatever, then you've been sniffing too much of that incense."

35. Sarcasm
"Detective, I wouldn't waste sarcasm on a mind to lowbrow to appreciate it."

36. Sordid
Between them, D and Leon knew more than enough on the sordid side of life, but Leon had the advantage of knowing it from the perspective of a participant.

37. Soliloquy.
Leon had begun to soliloquise in his hotel rooms; he figured that if he cussed D out long enough then he'd have to come back and tell him to stop swearing.

38. Sojourn
It was twenty years before D felt safe enough to sojourn back to earth, and it wasn't until Leon grabbed his arm that he realised twenty years might not have been long enough.

39. Share
It took three hours of arguing, but Leon finally convinced D to let Chris share in the bounty of Valentine's day chocolate he'd received.

40. Solitary
It was impossible for D to find solitude on the ship long enough to mourn what his grandfather assured him was pure good fortune.

41. Nowhere
Twenty years is a long time to be travelling to nowhere, but Leon carries on in the vain hope that he'll get there in the end.

42. Neutral
D was supposed to remain a neutral bystander, observing and distributing justice instead of stepping in to save the life of a lowly human.

43. Nuance
They got so used to each other - so used to interpreting every subtle nuance in every gesture, word, tone of voice - that even after the ship they would still turn round to continue an argument.

44. Near
All Leon remembers of his dream is D reaching out to touch his cheek, whispering wryly "You're so near and yet so far."

45. Natural
"I'm telling you, this many plants in one place is just not natural."

46. Horizon
It was weird: the horizons were new, the accents were new, the languages were new, but faces, cities and humanity always stayed the same.

47. Valiant
The note read "A valiant attempt detective, but you still haven't caught me."

48. Virtuous
Even before he'd managed to get his hands on D, Leon had always liked to see the virtuous lain low.

49. Victory
Victory tasted like blood: blood from wounds, blood from biting through his own lip to keep from screaming, blood from where D had done the same.

50. Defeat
Defeat, D muses as Leon presses kisses against his jaw and starts to pluck at the fastenings of his cheongsam, might not be as terrifying as he thought it would be.
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