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Strike Two

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"Detective, contrary to what you may believe, you ARE mortal, and if you try to scare me like that again I'll prove it to you."

Category: Pet Shop of Horrors - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Chris, Count D, Jill, Leon, Sofu D, Other - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-01-14 - Updated: 2007-01-14 - 1060 words

1. Mortal
"Detective, contrary to what you may believe, you are mortal, and if you scare me like that again I'll prove it."

2. Broken
"It's just a broken nail, what the hell is with the bandage?!"

3. Vanish
D smiled, stroking his detective's hair, promising not to vanish and hating himself for the lie.

4. Rain
The only thing Leon remembered about his mother's funeral was that it was on the only day that month that it didn't rain.

5. Ocean
One day, Chris really would have to explain to his brother about that ocean in Count D's closet.

6. Tense
When the animals felt that unmistakable tension in the air - when they saw Leon turn his lighter over and over without actually lighting his cigarette - when the Count's expression gradually got more and more frozen - that's when they knew they should run for cover.

7. Soon
"Your brother will be here soon," D promised, ignoring the fact that Leon was already three hours late.

8. Why
Which question was more important - why did you leave or why did you search?

9. Winter
To the Orcots, winter always meant dragons.

10. Fallen
Leon had merely fallen from the ship; D had fallen from grace in a most spectacular fashion.

11. Storm
After Leon stamped out, the animals finally started to relax: the storm was over.

12. Door
"I'm sure even a Neanderthal like you knows how to use a door, Vesca, but I wouldn't mind you prove it."

13. Flash
For weeks, the slightest flash of blond hair was enough to make D's heart lurch with guilt and hope.

14. Wait
Leon had learnt that he should never wait when it came to D; give the bastard a second, and he could turn an entire argument around - or vanish without a trace.

15. Shrine
Leon's apartment, back in LA, had been a shrine to immorality.

16. Black
Of all the things D had given him, a black eye was the most normal.

17. Lost
Lost: One pet shop owner, answers to D, Count, and the sound of a pastry box being opened three blocks away.

18. Cell
Locking D in a cell was one of the most satisfying things Leon had ever done, even if it was only for one night.

19. Villain
"You've no right to treat me as the villain of this piece, Vesca."

20. Road
Another day, another road that led to everything but the end of his search.

21. Weep
D wouldn't weep - not for his old life, or the man who had made it what it was.

22. Blind
"Perhaps if you didn't possess such - such blind arrogance, Detective, you would be able to see the truth when it's staring you in the face!

23. Pact
Leon and Chris made a pact - Leon let Chris go over to Count D's whenever he wanted, and Chris didn't tell Aunt Sandy about Leon's choice of decor.

24. Flight
They saw the girl onto her plane, and watched as her flight was cut short.

25. Hard
"I know it's hard for you to accept, Leon, but he's gone."

26. War
Even when he won the argument, Leon felt like he'd lost the war for the sake of the battle.

27. Deed
"No good deed goes unpunished, Detective," D observed as he signed Leon's cast.

28. Unknown
The detective was, as ever, the unknown quantity when came to plans, but D's father was certain he could handle him.

29. Deep
Let D fill Chris' head with Tales of the Deep; the only depths Leon was interested in on this holiday were alcoholic.

30. Sudden
"Th-this is rather sudden Detec-mmph!"

31. Dread
The arrival of Leon's cousins filled D's heart with dread.

32. Burn
Chris quickly learnt not to touch anything in T-chan's kitchen; if there was the slightest chance he could burn himself on it, T-chan would whack him with whatever he had hold of at the time.

33. Clock
After D left, Vesca had to wonder - would he have said more or said nothing if he'd known the clock had been ticking?

34. Words
"We all know you think I'm an idiot D - now say that again in words I'll actually understand."

35. Fast
Leon worked fast; he arrived in the city at midday, and by five o'clock he was rattling down the steps to the pet shop.

36. Three
/Third time lucky,/ Leon hoped as he banged on the pet shop's door.

37. Place
D's fingers wove through Leon's hair, holding him in place.

38. Irony
The irony of it was Chris found his D around the same time Leon did - and he wasn't even looking.

39. Sky
There was something about just floating in the sky that managed to both relax Leon and piss him off.

40. Closet
The one photo it seemed everyone on campus had seen was of D and Vesca - rumpled, D plastered against Vesca's chest and glaring daggers at the camera, the effect ruined by the fact that they were stood in a closet.

41. Real
"This isn't real - it can't be real - I'm dreami - ah SHIT!"

42. Fair
"It's not fair - Chris killed his mom, why does everyone love him more than me?!"

43. Knot
T-chan growled and cursed, but he couldn't unfasten the knot Chris and Pon-chan had fastened his apron with.

44. Low
Even before he got his hands on D, Leon loved to see the virtuous laid low.

45. Well
"Well, Detective, that's another fine mess you've got yourself into."

46. Token
D offered only token objections to Leon pressing him against the nearest wall and kissing him as though he was the world's last source of oxygen.

47. Ugly
"D, there's no way anything that ugly can be edible."

48. Lure
People tried to lure D into things by offering money, women or power, but only Leon found the right method: Sugar.

49. Drink
"Oh, Mister 'tective, you came back after all - the drinks cabinet's over there, would you pour me another glass?"

50. Dust
It didn't really sink in until he managed to limp to the petshop and saw the thick layer of dust that coated everything.Notes the second:

12: If in doubt, use verbal sniping.
17: Don't ask. I have NO idea where that came from.
26: Whaddaya mean you've seen this one before? shifty eyes
29: Ever known exactly what you wanna say and not been able to say it properly? headdesk
30: grins
36: I don't know if this one's early in or post-manga. :S
37: ... I have no idea where that came from either.
40: ... See what I said about number 37.
44: See what I said about number 26.
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