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Twenty - 'Teenagers From Mars'

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i'm sorry about the late update, i've had my History exam which I had to study for yawns and i got my new bass at the weekend, so i've been playing on that. anyway, i hope you like this chapter :)


"Mmm, I just LURVE the smell of coffee in the mornin'," Frank chuckled as he walked down the stairs of Amber's house. He had stayed there the previous night because her Grandma was out and she was scared.

"Me too!" She giggled as he stood behind her and wrapped his long, tattooed arms around her waist. He kissed her neck and she trod on his toe causing him to shriek.

"What did you do that forrr?!"

"Because that tickled! Plus you're gonna make me spill coffee all over myself!" She replied turning around and looking him in the eye.

"Fine then!" He said with a cheeky hint of loving sarcasm in his voice. He kissed her on the cheeky and floated off in a 'Frankesque' way and sat down at the table, folding his arms and smiling. Amber carried on making the coffee and grabbed some toast which had just popped out of the toaster, causing Frank to jump a little.

"Are you looking forward to tonight, Frankie?" She asked him as she put the toast on a plate and grabbed the coffee, handing it over to him. His eyes were wide with the excitement of both food and live music.

"Uhuh!" He mumbled loudly. "I can't wait!" He swallowed his food noisily. "I can't believe we're going to see The Misfits," His face shone with joy.

"I should have told you that Ashley and I were good friends. Jerry's really friendly as well, but he does scare me!" She laughed, sitting down opposite him and snatching a piece of Frank's toast.

"HEY!" He squealed, bits of mashed up toast flying out of his mouth. "He scares you?!"

"Uhuh," she said, gulping down some coffee. "He likes to creep up on you in the middle of the night and chuck steaks at you, pretending they're limbs! Urgh, it's horrifying!"

Frank burst out laughing. He couldn't believe his girlfriend knew his hero. He was simply amazed. He reached over and held her hand and looked into her eyes.

"You're the best," he paused and smiled coyly, "if anyone tries to take you away from me, I'll kill him with my own two hands."

She blushed and squeezed his hand to show her affection.


Gerard's hands were sweating as he moved swiftly into the Garage, his eyes shiftily surveying the room. Mikey was in the shower and his Mom was in the kitchen reading the newspaper. His heart leapt as he saw the drawer, it was beckoning him. Carefully, he opened the drawer, revealing a box covered in peach cloth. He removed the cloth and stared hard into the mahogany case. For a moment, he caught his reflection in the polished wood. He was smiling sneakily; his eyes were wide but slightly squinting with anxiety. He opened the case. The silver gun was there. He caressed its smooth neck with his index finger, and then he looked at the barrel. Steadily, he opened the barrel and noticed that it was already loaded.

"Excellent," he said, suspiciously, smiling. He shut the case and put the cloth over it, slamming the cupboard door. Clutching the box under his arm he scurried into his room kicking the door shut, making a thud. He placed the gun on the bed. Gerard stood above it; sweat running down his forehead, smudging some of yesterday's eyeliner. He raised his wrist and checked his watch, '18.08'. The butterflies in his stomach returned as he thought about The Misfit's gig and his 'plan'.

He bent down and got a black bag from under his bed, pulling out 'The Vault Of Horror' comic he had recently been reading. He glanced over the comic and flicked to 'Ashes to Ashes', studying the pictures. 'That's going to be me,' he thought to himself. He was looking at a picture of a man in a black suit with a silver gun to his head.

He got up and placed the gun in the black bag before walking over to his table and sitting down, putting on some eyeliner.


"Nooo, stop squashing me!" Mikey yelled as he hit Gerard on the leg.

"Fuck you little bro'!" Gerard replied, kicking his brother in the ankle, causing him to cough in pain. They were driving towards the gig, Gerard, Mikey and Frank in the back, Ashley in the front and Amber driving Frank's car. Everyone was getting excited, apart from Ashley who was slightly annoyed at her Dad keeping up the house last night partying.

"Urgh! It's like he doesn't care that I have to sleep!" She complained as she indicated to go into the Academy, where the gig was being held.

Frank laughed. He was completely in awe of Ashley. He kept staring at her, smiling and agreeing with everything she was saying. Amber was getting slightly annoyed with him, and she occasionally glanced back at him giving him evil looks.

"Oh come on, Amber, don't be moody," he said as he leant over and kissed her head. She smiled, weakly. Everyone liked Ashley better than Amber, just for the simple fact he was the bassist of The Misfits. She sighed and looked at Gerard in the rear view mirror. He stared at her back, and neither of them averted their gaze. They just stared. Amber pulled away from the battle, grinning with emotion, hiding her smile with her hand, pretending to bite her nails.

"Oooh, goody, we're here!" Mikey brimmed with excitement. He struggled to get out of the car, clambering over Gerard and falling to the floor, laughing. "Ow!" he yelped. Gerard got out of the car and stood on Mikey, making him bite Gerard's ankle.

"Son of a bitch!" He yelled, bending down to look at his ankle. Mikey laughed and pointed at Gerard.

"That means your mom is a bitch too, HA HA!"

"You guys!" Amber said as she offered her hand to Mikey, who took it.

"He started it!" Mikey pointed at Gerard. Gerard didn't respond. He put his bag on his shoulder, feeling to see if the box was still there. Amber looked at him, but was quickly distracted by Frank helping Ashley out of the car.

"OH MY NO WAY!" Frank shouted, putting his hand on Ashley's shoulder. She smiled and nodded her head at Frank. Amber frowned and stormed over to Frank, kissing him on the cheek before smiling, sickly at Ashley.

"Shall we go in?" She mockingly asked, taking Frank's hand and linking with Ashley.

"MIKEYYY, GERARD," Frank yelled, looking over his shoulder at the brothers who were still bickering.


The gig was amazing. They were right at the front of the pit and the band was playing some of their favourite songs, including 'American Nightmare', 'Helena' and 'Dust to Dust'. Surprisingly, Gerard was having a good time. Frank and Mikey kept giving him beers, which he kept drinking. He smiled and thought of the gun in his bag.

He frowned. It didn't feel right. He took another swig of his beer, before telling himself now was the right time to go up on stage and smother the crowd in his blood.

Taking a deep breath, he reached into his bag and found the box, his hands sweating with anxiety. He barged past all the people in the crowd, walking towards the steps by the stage. He took another deep breath and bit his lip. This was it. He started to ascend the stairs, however something grabbed his shoulder.

"C'mon, Gee, moshhh with me!" Frank screamed, his face full of mischief. He was extremely drunk, staggering around Gerard and nodding like a demented poodle.

Gerard jumped as if he'd just seen a ghost. Frank pulled him off the stairs, causing them both to fall over. They both laughed hysterically and Gerard thought that maybe it wasn't worth shooting himself? They got up and Mikey came strolling towards them, handing each a beer. Taking a swig, Gerard vowed not to kill himself, but to get extremely drunk so he'd forget about Amber and Frank. However, Frank's liking of Ashley made him laugh. It would be funny if she split them up.

The night went on pretty much like this; awesome music, lots of stupid dancing and the consumption of many narcotics including nicotine and alcohol. Frank and Ashley were moshing along to the music and Mikey, Amber and Gerard were all dancing in a little group, all as wasted as hell.

"Look, HIC! I'munna, HIC, gerrus a BEEE-YURRR! HIC!" Mikey babbled as he swayed on the spot, pointing clumsily at the bar. Gerard and Amber just smiled at him and continued dancing. They were holding hands and doing a jig to 'Teenagers from Mars'. They were happy - smiling, dancing and looking into each other's eyes.

Gerard was a little more drunk than Amber, but he could still sense the passionate tension between them. Amber felt it too. She was angry with Frank for getting too friendly with Ashley. Maybe she could get back at him? Maybe, she could get back at him and quell her thirst for Gerard at the same time? Gerard was hardly going to remember, and Frank wouldn't know a thing. She smiled at her thoughts.

She whispered something in his ear and bit her lip seductively at him. Gerard was instantly turned on by her actions and followed her as she clumsily lead him outside. She looked back occasionally and salaciously batted her eyelids at him, and he suggestively raised his eyebrows. Gerard felt amazing, and ready. He was really, really gagging for her.

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