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Twenty One - Love?

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yayyy new chapter. appreciate all the reviews etc :)
this chapter makes me laugh :|

Gerard and Amber got to Frank's car, Gerard grabbing her and pushing her up against the door kissing her hard and fast, as if he couldn't wait for more. Amber sighed passionately as Gerard's hand slowly slid down the front of her skirt - she pulled away.

"Have...have to get the keys," she said, heavily panting. She rummaged around in her jacket pocket and pulled out a key ring. She shoved the key into the lock and twisted it, opening the car. Gerard smiled salaciously. He was going to fuck her.

She crawled in the car and sat facing Gerard who was towering above her. She reached up and grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him down on top of her. He willingly, yet softly collapsed onto her and sunk his mouth into his neck, moving downwards with each careful suck on her pale skin.

Amber removed her hands from his rear and unbuttoned his jeans, the noise of the zipper ripping into the thin, crisp winter air. He sat up for a few seconds and removed his pants, slipping off her underwear from under her skirt and chucking them on the front seat.

"I.... bet....' Gerard breathlessly said, despite his voice being muffled by the sensations of lust. ".... the most FUCK!"

Amber giggled nervously as he parted her legs with his cold fingers. He looked at her and smiled, drunkenly.

"...most action Frank' has....SEEN!" He yelped with delight as they were combined as one. Amber dug her nails into his naked butt and lunged in for another kiss, which was incredibly sweeter than the last.

Amber had succeeded in her drunken plan. Now Frank would leave Ashley alone and pay her some attention. After all, fucking your boyfriend's best friend is a cry for help, isn't it?

Gerard felt dizzy, but he kept on going. He was enjoying this more than he enjoyed reading comic books. For a second it actually clicked that he was sleeping with Amber! Then his heart plunged into his stomach as he wondered what Frank would say/do to him.

'You BASTARD GERARD!' rang in his ear. He shook his head in surprise, turning around to see if Frank was behind, watching him screw his girlfriend.

" it?" Amber managed to whisper. She bit her lip so as not to scream in pleasure.

"Noth. Nothing," Gerard replied looking back down at her, continuing.


"WHERE 'S 'RARD AND 'BER?' Mikey shouted at the top of his voice as he put his arm around Frank who was gawping at Ashley and her father. They were backstage with the Misfits and Ashley was introducing them all. Frank was stunned as he shook Michale Graves' hand.

"Urm!" Frank said in shock. "Cheese?" He laughed.

"Man, this kid's fucked!" Jerry said as he slapped Frank on the back, causing him to cough. Ashley laughed.

"DAD! He's only small, quit it!" She hugged Frank closely. However, Frank didn't see this as affection and he looked straight down her top, nestling his head in her chest.

"Mmmm!" He grinned as Mikey kicked him. "OW WHADYADOTHAFO?!" He yelled, standing up straight and frowning at Mikey. He looked at Jerry and smiled. "OH MY GOD. IT'S JERRY ONLY," he screamed.

"Ha ha! I think we established that almost a year ago!" Ashley replied. "Anyway, where are Amber and Gerard?"

Mikey looked around, his gaze slightly clouded by alcohol. He couldn't see them anywhere, but he wasn't really bothered, he just carried on talking about his pet cow to Michale Graves who was nodding with laughter at him.

"C'mon," Ashley said as she took both Frank and Mikey's hands. "I'll drive you back to your house, seeming as I'm the only semi-sober person here!"

"NOOOOO!" Frank yelled at the top of his voice, looking back over his shoulder at Jerry. He put on a sad face and waved back, catching a last glimpse of his heroes before stepping outside into the cold of the night.

"Hoyougehome?" Mikey asked Ashley, stumbling on the pavement.

"I'll drop you off at yours, yeah, then I'll drop Amber and Frank off at hers, and I'll walk home. I only live a block away," she replied, dragging them both to the car, which they could now see.

"FUCKKKKKKKKKKK YOUUUU!! Jerry live by Amber? I wan' visit Jerry in morning," he managed to slur.

"No, Frank! Now come on."

They approached the car, to find the back door open. Puzzled, Ashley pulled the key out of the door and saw Gerard and Amber lying onto of each other. She smiled and coughed so as to wake them up.

"NO I DIDNT!" Gerard yelled as he jumped, nearly hitting his head on the roof.

"Didn't WHAAAA?" Frank screamed as he started to jump up and down, still buzzing from the hype of meeting The Misfits.

"Didn't asleep," he said. He was still reasonably drunk.

"Get in children!" Ashley ordered as she pushed Frank into the backseat. He saw Amber and put his arm around her, his hand on her stomach.

"Heyyy babyyy fancy some FRANKKK LOVIN'?!" He yelled again. She stirred and kicked him in the foot telling him to go back to sleep.

Mikey got into the front and Ashley in the drivers seat. All the way back Frank wouldn't stop shouting about how this was the best day of his life, and Mikey kept pretending to shoot trees because they were 'fat and hairy and like to rape dogs'. Gerard, who was squashed up the side of the car kept drifting to sleep, smiling stupidly because he had just fucked Frank's girlfriend.

"ENOUGH, FRANK!" Ashley yelled as she stopped the car. Frank blushed slightly and cowered behind the seat. "Mikey, Gerard? Nice meeting you guys," she said as she opened the door for Mikey, leaning over and brushing against his crotch. He jumped and went bright red. "Open the door for Gerard?"

Mikey got out and opened the door for him, causing him to fall out onto the pavement. Frank pointed and laughed in hysterics as Mikey bent over to help his brother and fell over himself.

"HA HA HA HA!" He shouted, leaning over and shutting the door.

Ashley dropped Frank and Amber off at Amber's house and walked home. Frank crawled into Amber's bed with her and kissed her on the neck before screaming.

"EWWWW!" He yelled at the top of his voice, "there giant red mark on neck!"

"Huh?!" She asked. She knew it was a love bite from Gerard. "Oh," she slowly said, "Gerard stubbed his cigarette out on me," she whimpered.

"Awrrr, BA-BY," Frank sweetly cooed as he hugged her. After that, he fell asleep and she could hear his drunken snoring rattle on her collarbone. She looked up at the ceiling. The guilt suddenly kicked in and she felt sick. Infact, she felt sick she couldn't sleep all night. She wondered if Gerard would tell Frank. Actually, she was certain Gerard would tell Frank.

She squeezed him tightly, knowing that this would probably be the last night they would spend together. Tears rolled down her cheek as she put her head on his.

"I am so fucking sorry," she murmured at Frank.

He didn't reply, he just carried on snoring and dribbling, as any drunk Frank would.

hope you liked :)
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