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Twenty Two - Morning

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again, sorry for the late update - i've had exams :(!
hope you enjoy Gerard stroking his banana ;)


"GERARD ARTHUR WAY," Donna screamed.

The room was spinning. He felt as if he were on a roller coaster, twisting and diving around, his poor brain rattling around in his head. He winced in pain. Yawning, he rubbed his eyes, which burnt from the sudden shock of sunlight that was now pouring through his dirty, white curtains.

"Fuck," he groaned to himself as he stretched his arms, banging his wrists on the walls. His head hurt from the incessant drinking last night.

"Shit, last night," he whispered as his eyes opened fully at the shock of those three words. His stomach rolled over and he felt his breathing shallow.

Gerard Arthur Way was now sitting, his hands in his head on his bed. His greasy black hair cascaded over his pale, forlorn face thus shielding his eyes from the light. He bit his lip, showing his anxiety. He had really messed up. He had just slept with his best friend's girlfriend, what was he to do?

He took a deep breath and went over to the mirror, studying his face. He looked old. His eyes were red - a mixture fatigue and tears and there were deep bags underneath them. He rested his elbow on the desk, his arm shaking from the alcohol and nervousness.

"GERARD?" He heard his Mother's voice call from the kitchen. "Gerard, honey, I've made some breakfast," she repeated. He looked around, as if he were looking at her. He cleared his throat and told her he'd be there in a second, he had to clean himself up.

He walked, slowly into the bathroom, filling up the sink with cold water. He stopped the tap and stared into the pool of freezing, bluish liquid. He splashed his face, screwing up his eyes tightly from the stinging sensation the frozen water produced. He studied his face in the mirror. He looked strange without any make up on. He looked slightly 'un-Gerard' and normal.

Wiping his face, he threw the towel on the floor and took off his top, changing into a red hoodie, which he had gotten out of his drawer. He changed his pants and put on some bright pink slippers. He didn't know if they were his, but he felt like wearing them for a change. Running his hands through his greasy mop, he walked out of his hovel and went to greet his mother.

"Jesus," she said as she laid eyes on her son. "Did you have a bad night?" she asked him as she walked over and placed a hand on his forehead.

"You could say that," he replied, closing his eyes.

"What happened? I hope you didn't do anything stupid, Gerard." She paused and looked, hard, at her son. "Do you want a tablet or something? Some medicine?"

"No, Ma," he sighed, "I'm fine. It's just." he stopped. He went and sat down at the kitchen table and grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl opposite him. "I just did something really out of order last night, but I was so drunk I didn't even know I was doing it."

Donna's face dropped. What had her son done this time? She felt bad she shouldn't let him drink. But he was an adult and she couldn't stop him. She walked over to him and placed her hand on his shoulder, her long nails tickling his collarbone.

"Sweetheart, whatever you did, be it decapitate a bunny rabbit, I'll still love you." She planted a kiss on his cheek and sat down opposite him. "What did you do?"

Gerard's toes curled at the thought of last night's escapade. He wrapped his legs around each other and started to play with his banana nervously.

"Well," he coughed to clear his throat. "Last night, well, I got real drunk, and I mean I was COMPLETELY wasted and Amber and I, well, I kinda slept with her BUT I DIDN'T MEAN TO, MA!" he shouted, his voice shaky and croaky.

Donna sat back in disbelief and put her hand to her mouth.

"That slut!" She shouted, staring at her son. "I knew from the day I met her she was no good, Gerard! She's just a spiteful little wretch!" Donna ranted, banging her fist on the table causing the mugs to rattle.

"MOM!" Gerard shouted back, holding her hands still. "Please, that's not why I'm upset."

"Why is then?" She bit back, her face still shocked.

"She's Frank's girlfriend. She cheated on HIM with ME. He's gonna fucking kill me, Ma!" He shook his head and lowered his glance to the floor. "He's my best friend, and I can't lose him."

Donna grasped her son's hand tightly. She didn't quite know what to say. She realised what a sticky situation her son was in, and for once in her motherly career she was stuck for words. She looked away, at the wall and then back at Gerard.

"Son," she paused and coughed lightly, "Son, you have to tell Frank before she does. He'll be mad at you, but he will forgive you if you tell him the truth."

"No, no he wont," Gerard interrupted.

"YES, Gerard, he will. If you don't tell him, she will and she'll manipulate the story and ruin everything you have with Frank. Trust me, her mother did it to me, the lying, vicious excuse for a friend. I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her."

"He'll hate me forever. He will. I'll be alone forever. I've messed up my chances of forming a relationship with HER and now, this? It's fucking horrible. Why is everything fucking happening at once? It's pathetic," he shouted as he kicked the table leg.

"Honey, listen, calm down," she said to him, placing her hand on his. "Go and talk to him, just tell him calmly. Don't shout, don't over react. Just tell him the truth, it's for the best."

Gerard tutted to himself. He was nervous about telling Frank the truth. He'd never done anything as stupid before, and he didn't know how Frank would take it. He was literally making himself feel sick with fright, as he knew Frank had spent the night with Amber. What if Amber had told him already? Gerard would surely be dead meat.

Donna and Gerard finished their breakfast in silence. Their minds were ticking over, worrying and contemplating. After he had finished, Gerard got up and went into his room and delved around, trying to find his cell. He found it in his bag, along with the gun he had planned to kill himself with. His heart leapt.

He grabbed his cell and dialled Frank's number, pausing slightly before pressing the 'call' button. During the dialling tone, Gerard paced around his room frantically, biting his already mauled nails.

"Uh, hello?" Frank's tired voice answered.
"Yo, Frank, It's, It's Gerard."
"Oh, hi, Gerard. You good?"
"Uhuh." There was a short silence and Gerard could hear Linda Iero in the background shouting at Frank.
"Listen," Gerard said, "I need to talk to you, can I come round? Where are you?"
"I'm at home, why? What's wrong?" Frank asked, concerned.
"Nothing much, I'll see you in an hour." He said, tearing some nail off his middle finger.
"See you then," Frank replied.

Gerard threw his cell on the bed and sat down, his heart racing like an angry, starved dog salivating over a piece of raw meat. 'Shit,' he thought. He took a deep breath. He was going to tell Frank the truth, and no matter what, he was not going to lie. He knew their friendship meant something and it was going to take more than a pathetic, little girl to ruin it.
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