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Twenty Three - Punch

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chapter 23, enjoy.
god, i want some ice cream =]
"You BASTARD," Frank yelled as he violently barged towards Gerard and socked him a punch, causing Gerard to collapse helplessly to the floor, clutching his cheek in his hands.

"FRANK!" Gerard yelled in pain. He lay there, like he'd just been shot or something. He was curled up in a tiny, vulnerable ball, his arm shielding his face from Frank's.

"C'mon then, you ass, hit me back! After all, you do like touching everything that belongs to me," Frank retorted as he stood over Gerard, frowning at him in disgust. There was a pause and all that could be heard was the heavy breathing of both of the boys.

"She's not yours," a muffled Gerard said as he put his wrist to his lip and pulling it away sharply, revealing blood. He swallowed harshly, the taste of his own blood spreading like fire down his throat.

"She fucking isn't yours either!" Frank screamed back as he stared hard at Gerard on the floor. He thought of kicking him in the ribs - making him feel sorry for what he had done. But something held him back.

Gerard slid himself up the wall, supporting himself with his hand on the rough carpet, which now had spots of blood on it. He closed his eyes hard and pushed himself up, shaking and unsteady. However, he managed to stand up, above Frank. He breathed through his teeth.

"I-was-DRUNK, okay?" He paused as his heart beat faster and faster. "I didn't mean to fucking do anything. You know I would never do a fucking heartless thing like that." Gerard pleaded with Frank, penetrating his gaze. There was another pause.

"But, you don't quite underst...," Frank's voiced trailed off as he turned around and walked away. He went and sat on the couch and put his head in his hands and sobbed quietly. He silently banged his head on his palms hoping for all the numbness could go away.

Gerard felt slightly awkward. Frank wouldn't believe him no matter how many times he said, 'I was drunk' or, 'I'd never do anything like that to you.' There wasn't really anything he could say to change his mind. He shuddered fiercely as a cold shiver ran down his spine. He though of her. He long, black hair, her porcelain skin and those bright red lips.

"Seriously, Frank. I'd never do anything that stupid if I were sober."

"No, but you did it when you were drunk! Jesus, Gerard, I wouldn't be so pissed if you'd've smashed up my car, but sleep with my fucking girlfriend?!" Frank sarcastically clapped and wiped away his tears. "Well done, Gerard. Well fucking done."

"Oh, fine! Well FUCK YOU THEN FRANK! Maybe she did it because you were flirting with Ashely all night?! Couldn't keep your fucking eyes off her rack, could you?!" He laughed. "Well done, Frank! Well FUCKING done!" he mimiced as he walked over to Frank and stood above him. Frank didn't look him in the eye.

"Get the fuck out and never come back," Frank muttered under his breath, tightening his fists.

"I will," Gerard laughed as he tried to hold back the tears. He wasn't really laughing, it was more of a splutter to cover up his emotions. "Oh! And by the way, she's a good fuck," he said walking out the door and slamming it behinnd, causing the whole doorframe to rattle.

Frank burst into painful, ear shattering sobs. It was the hardest he'd ever cried, EVER. He'd lost not only his girlfriend, but also now his best friend. He felt shocked, sick and sombre. He choked from the tears and leant back, flopping hopelessly against the pillows on the couch. He lay there, in the foetal position, his thumb in his mouth and closed his eyes, hoping for all the pain to cease. His leg contorted as he felt a sharp vibration on his hip. He pulled out his cell from his pocket;

'1 New Message from Mikey'. He clicked to read it, 'Iero, i have something 2 tell u.'

Puzzled, he pulled a face at the cell before replying, 'don't wanna know mikey, get lost,' and crawling back into a ball.


"Why are you telling me this?" Mikey asked as he paced around the room, nervously cracking his knuckles. He had a rather desperate, yet sarcastic look on his face. "How the hell am I supposed to help you? You've done nothing but fucking upset my brother and my friend and you expect me to sort out your problems?"

"PLEASE!" She pleaded with him as she leant forward. Her desperation was evident in her tone. "I had to tell someone."

Mikey went and sat down on the chair next to the piano, looking at the carpeted floor. He bit his nail anxiously. There was an uncomfortable pause.

"You'd better go, Gerard'll be here soon." He ripped some nail off his thumb. "He won't want to see you, let alone talk to you."

"You don't understand!" She interrupted. "I love him! That's my problem."

"And you love Frank, that's your problem! Actually, no," he paused before pointing at her. "Your problem is that you can't keep your dirty thoughts to yourself."

"MIKEY," she moaned as she shot up in disgust. Her face was stained with black mascara, and even though thought impossible, she looked deathly pale and fatigued. "PLEASE! Just, just hear me out, okay?"

He looked at her and absorbed her face, her desperate, lonely face. He shouldn't be so critical of her. She had been through alot and it wasn't humane of him to torture her like this. He crossed his legs, smiling smugly to himself as he felt like a Mafia Boss.

"FINE," he shouted. "Go on."

She sat back down and held her hands with one another, looking at them.

"I love your brother, but I love Frank. When Frank was flirting with Ashley, I got jealous and saw it as an opportunity to get back at him and fulfil my desires at the same time. It was a STUPID idea, and I shouldn't have thought of it. It was STUPID," her voice was cut off by sobs. "Please, Mikey, please believe me. It wasn't Gerard's fault; it wasn't even Frank's fault. It was a result of my own sick, twisted, SELFISH mind."

Amber's heartfelt confession was interrupted by the slamming of the kitchen door. In walked Gerard. It was obvious he was in a bad mood, fuming with anger. He stormed into the room where Amber and Mikey were and stopped dead in his tracks before laughing and pointing at her.

"Get the fuck out of my house!" He screamed as he edged towards her.

"Gerard," she benevolently said, offering him her hand. He smacked it out of the way with his pointed hand.

"Gerard?" Mikey said, concerned as he got up and stood between them. He looked at Amber. "You'd better go," he said to her, suggesting his discontent with her. She looked extremely hurt, and her eyes were brimming with tears as she got up and drifted away, out of the kitchen door.

Mikey cocked his head, looking at Gerard's cut on his face.

"Frank?" He asked.

"No," Gerard replied, averting his gaze.

"Bullshit," Mikey said. He paused before putting his hand on Gerard's shoulder. "I've something to tell you."

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