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Twenty Four - Rain

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the story is finally getting somewhere :) thanks again for everyone's support. you'll be glad to know i've got another one planned :]

"GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LAWN, AMBER!" Frank screamed as he shouted through the letterbox. He leant against it and slid downwards until he was sat holding his knees. He tilted his head backwards, the cool sensation of the wooden door tickling the back of his neck. Closing his eyes, he pictured her standing there. Her face was covered in tear-soaked mascara, he hair not as neat as it normally was.

"But...But I LOVE YOU," the muffled voice shouted through the glass window. She started to bang on the door with her fists, moaning softly with anger and guilt. "FRANK. FRANK? If you don't open up I'll kill myself! I will!" She paused. Frank looked at the ceiling, shaking his head slightly before shouting.

"Stop being an attention seeker, Amber. It's pathetic and I'm NOT opening up. Fuck off home."

She kicked the door and started to cough. She sounded as if she were choking on her own conscience.

"L-l-look, Fra-Frank, I," her voice was encased by tears. "I'm SORRY, o-okay? But, but please just listen to me. PLEASE."

Frank rubbed his sleeve against his forehead, inhaling the soft smell of the fabric conditioner his mom used. He felt sorry for her. He was slightly worried about her mental state, because come on, you'd have to be pretty messed up in the head to do what she'd been doing. Maybe she just needed some space? After all, her parents and sister had died. She didn't really seem to have many friends either.

He bit his thumbnail. It was inevitable she was going have some kind of mad eruption due to her unstable up bringing. Frank wasn't to blame, he thought. He was just the catalyst. Maybe she didn't love him; maybe she loved herself more than anyone else? Maybe she was in love with....

"Gerard," she softly said. The words rolled lightly off her tongue and stayed afloat in the air, softly hovering into the deep thunderclouds, which had arrived at the beginning of the afternoon. "I love him," she continued.

Frank stopped. His heart stopped. His blinking stopped. He did not move a single bone in his body. What had she just said?

"What did, what did you just say?" His voice dripping with pain. He stared down the hallway, a vacant stare that did not suggest anything at all.

Amber put her hands in her head and dug her nails into the palm of her hand. Maybe if she did this, it would take away the pain from Frank. It started to spit rain that dribbled clumsily down her cheekbones. What was she doing to him? She was ripping out his heart and placing it on a silver platter to be served with a dose of jealousy. Cheating on your boyfriend? And with his best friend? That was just plain sick.

She shivered as her thin, grey jacket turned to wet paper and caused her skin to feel prickly and cold.

"I love you Frank Iero, more than I love anything in the whole god damn world," she coughed on her tears, snivelling. "But, for some stupid, selfish reason, I love Gerard too." She paused and looked up at the sky. The raindrops fell into her eyes, causing her to squint and wipe away the residue that had built up on her face. She broke down in tears.

Frank was now starting to shake, grinding his teeth together indicating his rage. He did not once blink, causing tears to roll, like the thunder that could be heard outside, down his pale face.

"Get...Out," he said with a passive angst. Amber looked at the door with a puzzled look on her face. "GET...OUT," he screamed, whacking his hand on the door, causing it to make a huge thud.

"...but, but Frankie?" She said, her voice full of hurt.

"GET OUT," he screamed again. She turned her back and ran, looking over her shoulder and tripping over on the wet floor, grazing her knee. Sniffing, she continued to run until she couldn't run any longer.

Frank paused for a while, staring blankly down the hallway. He couldn't take anything in. He felt numb with pain, as if he couldn't move any of his limbs. He thought to himself and pulled out his cell from his pocket, delving through the messages until he came across the one Mikey had recently sent him.

'Iero, i have something 2 tell u.'

He felt curious. Maybe it had something to do with Amber? Had she told Mikey something she hadn't told him? He pressed 'call' and rang up Mikey.

"Frank?" The anxious voice echoed down the phone.
"Mikey," Frank said, sighing with relief at the familiar voice.
"Yeah, I'm here. Are you okay?" He asked.
"Well," Frank paused and averted his gaze to the white wall by his side. "Not really," he said.
"She came round didn't she?" Mikey asked Frank with a disappointed tone.
"Bitch," Frank said. "What...what did you want to tell me?" He asked full of apprehension.
Mikey paused for a second and bit his lip.
"Frank, well," he paused. "Frank I have to come round and tell you. But, but I HAVE to bring Gerard..."
"NO," Frank interrupted.
"But c'mon, Iero, this is serious," he said, pleading.

Frank paused. He didn't want to see Gerard - he'd hurt Frank's feelings. Gerard's actions didn't compare to Amber's in the slightest, but he was still mad with him. After all, their motto was 'Bro's before Hoes' and Gerard had eroded it.

"Urm, well, I suppose," Frank said lightly, "BUT if he tries to pull the fucking wool over MY eyes, then he's out."
Mikey smiled sweetly and looked over to Gerard who was sat on the piano, looking forlorn.
"Good. We'll be over soon...OH! And Frank, don't worry man, everything's going to be okay," he said.
Frank was sceptical. How could everything be okay? However he thanked Mikey and put the phone down.

He was nervous about confronting Gerard. Would things be awkward, or the same? Would they still be friends, or enemies?

He curled up into his knees and wept softly, rubbing his nose on his kneecap and coughing gently, uttering a noise which sounded like a death rattle.
i seriously feel like cookie dough ice cream, but i have none!
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