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Pretty Girl (The Way)

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the wentz's and a new video

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Leave Lovers Dead in Ditches
Chapter Twenty-six:
Pretty Girl (The Way)
"Pretty soon she'll figure out you can never get him out of your head."

It was about a day or so after SNL, and I was asleep in the back of the tour bus. I had slept in, and when I woke up I noticed it was one in the afternoon. I had never, even as a teenager, slept in that late. I couldn't understand it. I had become so tired, and some days I was very weak. I kept it from the guys in fear that they would worry too much about me.
I crawled out of bed, disturbed by the cold spot where Pete laid. I put on some sweat pants, and made my way to the front of the bus. I entered from the door to the back room to see Pete, reading a book, and Patrick, Eric, and Brennan all sitting watching TV.
Pete looked up from his book, "Good afternoon sleeping beauty."
I just groaned in reply. Above on the TV I heard a woman giving cooking instructions. She was murdering the words of the food, and being too precise for cooking. My mother always taught me that cooking is never to be precise. You have to experiment, and you have to know what goes good with what.
I then looked over the Patrick, Brennan, and Eric all watching this bimbo make whatever she was going to make with their jaws dropped open. I chucked, and sat down next to Pete, who then presumed to wrap his arms around my waist, and kiss my shoulder.
"I didn't know you guys were interested in cooking," I commented to the three of them.
They all turned there heads to me in unison. "Well, we thought since you would be living with Pete now we'd have to learn to cook," Brennan responded with a well made up lie.
I looked over to Patrick, "And what about you Pattie?"
"Well, I'm going to help them," he said defensively.
I looked at Pete with one of those 'their lying, and I know it' looks, "Mmmhmm."
Patrick then breaking under the pressure said, "Alright, fine we think she's hot."
"Are you serious right now?" I asked, and the three of them nodded there heads in shame. "You've got to be kidding me. Come on she can't pronounce the words of the foods, and she can't cook worth a flip. She's being too precise."
"Fine then, Nat when we get to Mrs. Wentz's house you'll have to cook for us," Brennan said making a bet.
"Okay, and if Mrs. Wentz thinks it's good then you all have to sing I'm a Little Teapot and pay me fifty dollars," I said sticking out my hand to Brennan.
He smiled mischievously, "Deal."
I laughed as he shook my hand.

A while later I turned to Pete who was almost done with his book. "How long 'til we arrive?"
"Well, be there by four. Four thirty at the most," he answered.
I smiled, "I hope your folks don't mind chicken soup for dinner."
"Are you kidding my family practically lives off that stuff," he said excited.
My eyes widened with excitement, "Really?"
"No, but there always open to new things. I think they'll like it. I mean if its that one thing that you made for me when I was sick then yeah," he said.
I kissed him on the cheek, "You'll see."

A couple hours later I was dressed, and the bus was pulling up to the yard of the Wentz's. We quickly filed out of the bus, and out onto the grass. The first one to greet us was Hemmingway. "Hemi!" I yelled as I bent down, and caught the dog up in my arms.
"Hey buddy!" Pete said walking up behind me, and scratching the dog behind the ears. He barked in response.
The next to come out was LaCie. "How are you doing sis?" Pete asked hugging her. She toward over him in height.
She then looked past Pete to me, "Oh Natalie! I've missed you."
I smiled as she came up to hug me, "I've missed you too, Lace. You know you can always call me."
"Yeah, but I don't want to get Petah Panda jealous," she said chuckling, and moving down the line with hugs.
Pete looked at me giving me one of those 'why does she call you and not me?' looks. I just shrugged in response. The next to hug me was Pete's younger brother Josh.
Coming through the doorway I saw Mr. and Mrs. Wentz. "Mom, dad you guys look good," Pete said coming up and hugging his father and mother.
I smiled, "How are you doing Mr. and Mrs. Wentz?"
"Oh sweetheart call us mom and dad!" Mrs. Wentz insisted.
I nodded, "Ok. I hope you haven't started cooking yet. I was hoping you don't mind I have a bet with the boys that if I make a good meal and impress you then they have to sing I'm a Little Teapot and pay me fifty dollars."
She laughed, "Well, if that's the case then I'll help you."
"Hey!" I heard from behind us. We turned to see Eric holding Hemmingway. "That's not fair."
"Well, if I'm the judge," Mrs. Wentz started. "and I think I am then I say it is fair. So, tough."
"Go mom!" Pete said hugging her again.

Now I was set up in the kitchen. I had the broth and the chicken going in one pot, and then the shell noodles in the other. "This smells heavenly, my dear," Mrs. Wentz said putting the lid back on the broth and chicken after taking a whiff.
"Well, thank you. It's a family recipe. I used to eat this all the time as a girl." I said. "That's how I got so healthy."
"And so beautiful," Pete added walking in, and giving me a kiss.
Mrs. Wentz looked over at us, "Will I be expecting another grandbaby in the near future?"
"Mom!" Pete said surprised at her rudeness.
I laughed, "No, Pete it's alright. I think we might try again. I mean my dream was always to have two baby girls."
"What would you name her?" Mrs. Wentz asked.
I started to stir the noodles, "I was thinking maybe Alexis."
"That's a pretty name," she said.
Pete then started walking out the door, "If you guys are going to talk about women talk, and shit then I'm leaving."
"Peter!" his mom scolded. He just laughed on the way out. "I just started that conversation so he would leave. I need to talk to you about something."
"You must expect I'm a little nervous," I said honestly.
She smiled a kind smile, not one to be afraid of or anything, "No, you shouldn't be. Listen I know the last time you came you talked with LaCie. Now sweetie you shouldn't be afraid. I'm very appreciative of what you did. I had been trying or weeks to get her to tell me what was wrong, and she wouldn't tell her own mother. I think she told you cause she could connect with you. Thank you. And I am fully aware of what you said, and I do think it was wise. You will be a great mother."
I hugged her. She was a genuine woman, and a great mother. A compliment from her like that was more than enough to assure me I would be the best mother in the world. Mother of the Year award here I come!

Fifteen minutes later dinner was on the table, and we were all waiting on Mrs. Wentz to take the first bite.
It was a long pause after she did, and I had to break the impending silence. "So?" I asked.
"It's wonderful. I've never tasted anything so good in my life. It makes you feel better," she said.
And just whispered exactly.

After that we enjoyed a show of Patrick, Eric, and Brennan singing I'm a Little Teapot while paying me fifty dollars. It was the best sight ever.
Then Pete and I went outside to play fetch with Hemi. "So, what was that little conversation you and my mom had after I left?"
I smiled, "It was just about LaCie."
His eyes grew wide with shock, "She's pregnant. I knew it!"
I laughed, "No, she's not. You're mom just wanted to say thank you."
He looked embarrassed. "Oh, sorry," he said apologizing.
"It's okay, but Pete, you need to have some faith in me, you know? I'm going to be an okay mother," I said.
He nodded, "I know. It's just I really protective when it comes to the home front."
"I know. I mean she's your little sister," I threw the ball so Hemi would get it. "We are defiantly gonna have to take this dog with us when we get our own place."
He came up behind me, and wrapped his arms around my waist, "I like the sound of that. Welcome to the Wentz's. It sounds so nice." He kissed my neck. "Charlie playing in the garden in the front yard, and Hemi helping he dig. You'll be singing a song on the bench watching her wearing a lovely sundress, and I'll be there with my arms around you."
"It does sound nice," I agreed.
All of the sudden we heard a cough from the back door. I turned to see LaCie standing there. "What's up sweetie?" I asked.
"Oh, nothing. I was just wondering if I could talk to you?" she responded.
Pete got up, and walked over to her, "LaCie why won't you talk to me?"
"It's kind of weird to talk to guys about girl stuff that is unless their gay. Are you gay?" she asked. He shook his head. "Then I can't talk to you."
"You have to trust me to understand. I won't get upset," he said.
"Okay I guess I could, but I want Natalie there just in case you get out of control," she said, and we all sat down at the picnic table on the porch.
I smiled, "What is it?"
"Well, you know what you told me last time?" she asked, and I nodded. "Well, I decided I wasn't ready." Just then I heard a big sigh come from Pete, and LaCie looked over at him to glare. "Then he tried to pull that 'well if you love me you'd do it' crap, so I dumped the creep. I want a guy who will love me for not only my assets, but my ability to be intelligent, and fun."
"Oh my god! Natalie I think I love you more now," Pete said grabbing my face, and kissing me. "And I love you too LaCie for figuring out this situation for yourself. That was very mature, and I'm impressed. I think it's about time you come to one of our shows."
"Really?" she asked. We nodded, and she jumped up excited. "Then I have something for you guys to hear."
She got up and we followed her.
I watched her sit down at the piano in the living room. She began to play some notes and then she sang.

Soul meets soul
On lover's lips
Perfect hearts
With hips on hips

"Here, Natalie sing this part," she gave me a paper with a section highlighted.

Just because you paint the picture
Doesn't mean it fit's the frame
And you looked so good today
High hopes and criss crossed fingers

She stopped playing, "So, what do you think?"
"You wrote this?" I asked. She nodded in response. "This has to possibly be the best song I've ever heard."
"Well, it's not finished yet," she said.
Pete looked at her, "You should call us when it is. We'd love for you to be on the next record."

A couple hours later everyone was downstairs in the basement talking about doing a new video. Everyone was throwing ideas around, and we hadn't really thought anyone of them was good enough for the second video.
Just then a bright idea crossed my mind, "Guys, guys what if we did a sequel to 'Sixteen Candles', but we do it Eurydice Fall style. Like we'll have a vampire love story."
Everyone looked at me amazed. Pete then turned to Patrick, "Get Alan Ferguson on the phone."

A few hours later I went to bed. I was tired, and not in a good way.

A/N: Alright, next chapter we are doing another video. Alright kids.

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