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Chapter 10: If my eyes were not to open

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A battle in the eye of the beholder

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-1Chapter 10: If My Eyes were to not Open

My head lay on the ground and I laid there on the floor for sometime like a little child. My hair was matted to my wet cheek and I closed my eyes. I curled up into a fetal position and didn't want to move. I didn't want to open my eyes again. I wanted to keep them close forever...


"Are we almost there!" Ion yelled running to catch up to Abel.

"Actually yes," Abel replied pointing to an old abandoned castle just up ahead, "It is right there."

"Then let's get a move on," Ion replied running toward the castle where he hoped to find Esther still alive.


"Oh dear Esther," Dietrich whispered in my ear. I opened my eyes slowly but didn't move, "Your little friends are almost here."

My eyes shot open and I felt a rush of fear come across me.

"Th..they are coming?" I asked.

"Yes," Dietrich replied grinning, "I say it was about time."

I didn't know what to do. Whether to try and rush out of the room and shout loud enough so they could by chance hear me. I could barely even talk anymore yet alone scream or shout. My throat was dry and hurt every time I spoke and I still felt very weak. I managed to lift my back off of the floor.

"Why are you not happy?" Dietrich asked with a sly grin on his face, "They are coming to rescue you...isn't that nice?"

I just glared at him and didn't say anything.

"Ah they are only a few feet away from the door now," Dietrich replied, "Wow they move pretty quick. Now it's time for you to get up."

Dietrich bent down and yanked me up by my arm. I screamed in pain and winced as he grabbed my wounded arm and dragged me out to the main room and threw me to the floor. I landed hard and just let my head rest on the floor. I closed my eyes as I heard Dietrich walk away. After what seemed like forever I heard voices and footsteps. The voices I heard were familiar and I opened my eyes just a little. I saw one of the doors open and Ion and Father Nightroad stepped out.

"Leave here," I tried to say but it just merely came out as a whisper.

"Esther!" Ion replied rushing over to me and lightly putting a hand on my face.

I fully opened my eyes and looked into his red orbs. His eyes were filled with sorrow and regret and a tear cascaded down my cheek and I reached my hand and touched his cheek.

"You must go," I replied, "He is going to come and--

"Esther please don't talk," Ion replied, "Abel come on we need to get her out of here."

"Oh why would you do that?" Dietrich replied coming out.

"Ion take Esther out of here!" Abel yelled.

"Oh Ion just wait before you go I have someone you might want to meet," Dietrich replied, "An old friend of yours perhaps?"

Out of nowhere Radu stepped out from the shadows. I looked at Ion's face and he went ghostly white. He clenched his fists together in anger. It was at that time I saw him stand up. With all the strength I could find I stood up as well. My legs wobbled beneath me but I didn't fall.

"Ion," I replied touching his shoulder, "Please try to--

"Esther," Ion replied, "Get out of here. Go through that door behind you and keep going until you come to another and it will lead you outside. Now go!"

I turned to the door and ran to it. I went to open it but I couldn't. I looked back and Ion was already springing to Radu. I couldn't leave. If they died I would die with them.

Father Nightroad was dodging attacks from Dietrich and the battles were on. I could do nothing but stand there. I then saw Ion get punched in the stomach and his face was scratch. I went over to him as his knees hit the ground and Radu backed away. I spontaneously grabbed Ion's sword before he had time to protest. I held it in my hand and ran to Radu as fast as I could. He was quick to dodge my first swing but I did knick him on the shoulder. I heard Ion screaming at me but I blocked it out. I went to look back at him and then Radu took the chance and knocked the sword from my hand. It flew and landed on the floor. He then grabbed my neck.

"Ion getting women to battle for you?" Radu said looking at Ion, "Pathetic."

All of a sudden I saw a small dagger fly in front of me and cut Radu's arm. He let me go and I ran to Ion.

"Ion are you--

"I told you to leave!" He yelled grabbing my arm pulling me away further from Radu.

"I am sorry I have to stay," I replied, "Please you have to understand."

Before Ion had time to speak I saw the sword that flew out of my hand charging toward Ion. Radu had it in hand. I quickly acted and pushed Ion out of the way. He was confused for a second until he saw the thin blade go through the side of my lower stomach. I tried to scream but nothing came out.

"Esther!" Ion yelled which caused everything to stop. Something was forming in his eyes and for a moment my heart stopped. A tear fell down from Ion's eyes.

"Esther why did you do that?" he said catching me as I fell toward the floor.

"I didn't want you to get hurt," I replied, "Forgive me, your Excellency."

Abel looked over and saw what had happened. It angered him and he glared at Dietrich as he spoke.

"Oh well one down," Dietrich said.

Abel's eyes fumed red and now there was a light protruding from him. His stance and form had changed. He was tired of this and wanted to quickly end it.

"The Crusnik is here," Abel said with menace in his voice.

Dietrich backed away and his eyes were filled with fear for once.

"Esther," Ion replied as he gently laid my down on the floor.

"I am sorry your Excellency," I replied as I fought the urge to close my eyes.

"Radu!" Ion replied glaring at him, "I am going to kill you for this and make sure this time you die!"

Everything was so messed up. Ion kissed my cheek and told me everything was going to be okay. He quickly grabbed the sword again and lunged to the on going battle of fighting Radu who was in awe at Father Nightroad. With one final blow Abel hit Dietrich and drove his metal blade into his heart. He wasted no time to do yet another blow to his lower stomach and cut him in half. The blood went in every direction.

"You were a fool to mess with me Dietrich," Abel said, "and now rot in hell."

Tears escaped from my eyes as I heard Ion yell out in pain from the oncoming blows of Radu. I saw Father Nightroad come toward me but I didn't move as he came. I did not shudder in fear as the last time I saw him in this form. He helped me to my feet and I leaned on him. My side was hurting more with every second that passed by.

"Ion," Abel said, "Let's go."

Ion looked our way but didn't move.

"Just go," he replied, "Just leave while you can. I have to finish this."

"Please come your Excellency!" I yelled with whatever strength I had left.

I felt myself being pulled away from him and toward the door.

"No," I replied resisting Father Nightroad, "We can not leave him, he will die."

"We must Esther," Abel replied, "He will not listen."

"Please then just leave me here," I replied reaching my hands out for Ion, "Leave me here to die with him if he does then."

"No," Father Nightroad said, "I will not."

We stopped moving thought when we heard the castle began to rumble as parts of it slowly started to fall apart. The whole thing was going to collapse with minutes. Ion was still battling it out with Radu but then stopped.

"This isn't over Radu!" Ion replied as Radu backed up and began to fade.

"Yes," Radu replied, "This is will continue at perhaps another time."

Then Radu was gone. Ion let his sword fall to his side. His arm and leg had small cuts on them. His cheek was caked with dry blood and he hair was tattered and tainted with blood stains. He turned to face us and his eyes were glowing with hate and as red as ever. He wasn't planning on coming with us. He was planning to finish Radu off even if he died in the process and now he would have to wait. Wait to see him again and continue the battle that he was sure to finish.

"Let's go," He replied with a very low monotone of voice.

Father Nightroad carried me in his arms and we rushed out of the castle. It crumpled with the mere seconds as we stepped out.

"We need to get back to the palace," Ion replied, "We must move quickly before she loses too much blood."

My body ached more than it ever has before. My eyes were tired and sore. I didn't however try to focus on the pain as much because deep down I was worried Ion was mad. Not just mad because Radu got away but mad at me for stepping in.

Abel returned to his human form and ran quickly with me still in his arms as we all went to the palace. That was until ion stopped him.

"Give her here," He said opening his arms, "I can go quicker."

"Alright," He said as he handed me to Ion.

"Hold on Esther," He replied as we, what seemed to be, flying in the air. Before I knew it we were back at the palace and Ion was rushing in.

"Sister Simone," He yelled as she came quickly, "Hurry and get medicine and bandages."

"Yes," she replied looking at me, "Right away."

I was quickly laid in bed.

"Sister Simone will undress you and dress your wounds," Ion replied looking at me.

"Ion?" I asked as my hand touched his, "Are you mad at me?"

"No," He replied, "I am mad at myself."

"Do not be mad at yourself," I replied, "I am sorry this is all my fault."

"No," He replied, "It's all mine. I should not have let Dietrich take you but I did and that was the biggest mistake out of all and I am truly sorry for that."

He went to get up and leave as Sister Simone came in but I lightly grabbed his wrist. He turned to face me and lowered his lips to mine. He pressed them softly against mine and it was the best feeling I have had in a long time. He then released and smiled at me. A smile I haven't seen in such a long time. A smile that warmed my heart and at that moment I felt as light as a feather and ignored the pain.

"You will be okay," He replied, "Now after Sister Simone is down just rest."

"Yes your Ex--

He pressed his finger to my lips.

"Just call me Ion from now on," he replied, "All the time just call me Ion."

I nodded and smiled at him as he left and Sister Simone started to undress me to fix up my wounds. I felt a lot better as I had medicine and my wounds were fixed up. I closed my eyes and for once could sleep with peace at mind but who was to say how long that was to last. Every time I thought something was going well it all changed and this time wasn't any different for something else was going to open when I opened my eyes was a better time now for me to wish that my eyes would not open again but I didn't know what was ahead of me and so I opened them as the sun hit them slightly and found only that of tension in the room for something was not right...I could have avoided it if my eyes were not to open but they did.

it's not over yet....
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