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Ever since Pierre told Jessica that they would have Ashley's company on tour, they started fighting a lot and he may comes to the conclusion that it wouldn't be such a great idea to bring her ex-bo...

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"Okay, now you tell me again: why is your ex-girlfriend coming on tour with us?" asked Jessie for the tenth time while we were leaving the hotel-room 30 minutes after the guys and completely late
"Because I needed a bodyguard and she happens to be the guy's wife. It's not my fault." I replied the same thing I had said in the past tenth times
"So you're telling me it's just a sad coincidence the fact that your ex-girlfriend is going to be together with us during the next years?"
"Isn't it a sad coincidence the fact that your ex-boyfriend is our manager and that when we've been hired you were the one who had sent our album to his label?"
"Are you suggesting I planned all this just to be together with Adam again?"
"Aren't you suggesting I planned all this just to be together with Ashley again?"
"Okay, Pierre, that's enough to me. We've been fighting a lot all the time ever since you told me about this crazy bitch coming together with us and I don't even want to have the taste of how this is going to be like when I actually meet her. I'm not taking it anymore." She shouted angrily turning her backs on me and walking back to the hotel-room
"Hey, where are you going?" I asked holding her arms and making her face me again
"I'm going to take my bags and then, straight back to Montreal before we get too distant and the flights become more expensive."
"No, you're not going anywhere because I don't want you to. You'll stay right here with me `cause I need you here."
"Pierre, please, swear me you're not cheating on me `cause if you are..." she tried to tell me whatever she wanted to, but she had to pause for a while because tears started falling down her face. I tried to hug her, but she didn't let me, she wanted to finish what she was trying to say "If you are, I don't think I'll be able to handle it because I love you very much and during all this time we've been together you never taught me how to deal with loosing you."
"Jessie, I would never ever in my life cheat on you `cause you're the most precious girl in this world to me and I can't even dream of loosing you. I love you very, very much baby."
"Prove it." She said finally putting a smile on her face
"That will be my pleasure." I said drying her tears with my fingertips and soon starting a kiss

During the whole kiss, I started running my hands everywhere in her body and I could see I was doing something to her hormones as long as I could feel her kiss getting deeper and deeper and I could hear some soft moans coming from her. After a long kiss, I started heading my lips to her neck and started biting and licking it softly and tenderly while, with my hands, I was playing with her shirt.

"Pierre, we better stop. We can't do that in here." She said giggling
"Who ever said we can't?"
"Well, the law." She stated the obvious showing me we were in the lobby of the hotel with a smile on her lips
"The guy who made this law didn't have hormones or didn't know how to have fun." I said pretending a sad face and she started laughing as beautifully as always "See? The guy who wrote this law didn't have a girl like this and I'm sure about it."
"I just love how you can be sweet and make me laugh at the same time." She said putting her arms around my neck
"And I just love you no matter what, specially when you're in my arms just like this. I can't get enough of you."
"I'm so glad to hear that. In 4 months we'll complete 3 years together and I thought that you were getting bored of me."
"Bored of you? Where do you take those crazy ideas? We could be together for 50 years and I still wouldn't be bored of you `cause you're an amazing girl and everyday I learn something new about you."
"Oh, yeah?" she asked me smiling "So what did you learn today?"
"That your smile drives me crazy. You?"
"I learned that you're really sweet, that I owe you an excellent night and that I'll let you kiss me if you try to."
"I liked that!" I said smirking and soon giving her another kiss "Now we better rush or the guys will kill me."
"Yeah, let's go."

As we started walking, I soon felt her fingertips looking for mine and soon holding my hand. That feeling was so good that I completely gave up on the idea of taking my car and we simply walked `til there. After all, as much of time with her as better. Slowly walking, talking and kissing, we arrived there in another hour.

"Pierre, do you have a slight idea of what time is it?" shouted Chuck angrily
"Yeah. Sorry, guys." I replied
"You're forgiven if you give it a way to get your ass on stage in ten minutes." Shouted Adam
"I'll be there. I'll take the fastest bath ever and change my clothes. I'll be there in time."
"So, go!" Yelled Adam
"Okay, boss." I said making a little bit of fun of that and rushed to our dressing-room

Don't know how, but I was on stage in time and our very first show as a band with the album on stores began. That was the very best show I've ever played in my whole entire life and I mean it. Of course that we became better musicians with time and, with that, more people started coming, but this show will always be unforgettable, just like the first one we've ever played. The one we played at school to open Blink 182's show.

After the show was over, we took some pictures with some fans and gave them some autographs before going back to the backstage to take another bath and then, go straight to the tour bus to start another trip. But, before I was able to reach the dressing-room, Ashley jumped in my arms.

"That was a great show!" she shouted
"Thanks." I simply replied breaking away from that hug
"I mean it. Long time, no see, huh? I missed you a lot."
"I can imagine." I said sarcastically
"Don't be so cold. Hey, don't you wanna touch my belly? Julie is kicking."
"Brendan would rather do that in my place. I don't think this is a good..."
"Just do it." She interrupted me placing my hands in her belly "Hope she looks just like you."
"She won't look like me. She's not my daughter."
"Well, she could be." She said smirking as I just took my hands off her belly disgusted with the scene she was making in front of everyone "Just kidding, Pierre. Don't take everything so seriously, honey. I'm sorry!" she said pretending a regret face and hugging me tight

When Ashley held me again, I could see Jessie with her eyes filling in with tears. I gestured like saying it wasn't my fault and begging for her to calm down, but it was already too late. That scene was worst to Jessie than it was to me. She ended up breaking down in tears and rushed to the dressing-room crying as Adam rushed after her to try to calm her down and that definitively got to my nerves.

Well, I guess it won't be such a good idea to bring her ex-boyfriend and my ex-girlfriend on tour with us.
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