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Yes, I'm jealous, so what?

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Pierre gets back to the dressing room to try to talk to Jessie and see if they can solve their last fight, but he may see something that will piss him off pretty bad.

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When I finally managed to set myself free from Ashley, I went straight to the dressing-room just to see Jessie crying really hard while Adam was hugging her in his arms and rushing his fingers through her hair. The way he was kissing her forehead every 10 seconds let it pretty clear he wanted to reach her lips and the way he placed his left hand pretty close to her butt made it pretty clear that he was after a fight with me. In that moment, I was almost exploding in rage and all that I wanted was to kill Adam and to feed Ashley with every single piece that Adam's body would become. But I held myself `cause I knew there was something really much more important to be solved in that moment...

"Adam, would you stop touching my girlfriend and leave us alone for a while?" I practically yelled at him
"I'm not touching your girlfriend, I'm just trying to fix up what you just did to her." He replied in the same tone of voice
"And almost placing your hand over her ass is the way to do it?" I asked sarcastically as he stood up nervous and started approaching me ready for a fight
"Listen, you..."
"You two, stop it!" shouted Jessie interrupting Adam "Adam, go to the tour bus together with the guys, the bodyguards and that slut. Me and Pierre really need sometime to talk."
"You heard her." I said victoriously as Adam left the room quiet "Jessie, I didn't like what I saw here."
"And I didn't like what I saw and heard there, so I guess we're even. Now, you'll explain me why her daughter may look like you!" Jessie yelled slamming the door Adam left open
"Jessie, she was trying to make you jealous. I didn't do anything with her, I swear. Asides, she got pregnant 5 months ago and 5 months ago she was still in USA and I was on studio recording our CD. For God's sake! The only way I had to get her pregnant would be mail her my sperm and beg them not to die on their way to USA"
"Adam told me he suspects you're cheating on me with Ashley."
"Well, Adam told me yesterday he's still in love with you."
"He told you what?!" she shouted surprised
"Exactly what you heard. And, if you don't believe me, you can ask the guys about it. They heard it all." I stated surprising her a lot "The thing is that you can't believe what Adam tells you about me. He wants to have you back and the only way would be make you break up with me."
"Okay, I can understand about Adam, but what's about Ashley? Why is she always hugging you, smiling to you, kissing you, asking you to touch her belly, giving you some clear hints and stuffs like that?"
"Ashley had always been a real slut and I guess this is not a surprise to anyone but Brendan. Now that I have some fame and I'm starting to make some money, she dearly wants me to believe she always loved me and that we were meant to be together. Now, she wants us to be back again."
"Are you sure this feeling isn't mutual? I mean, are you sure that you're my boyfriend because you love me and not because you wanted to forget about Ashley? Are you sure you're not cheating on me?"
"I am sure about that once again, Jessica Gordon. I would never ever cheat on you and it hurts me every time you ask me that `cause the only thing I've done to you until today was to love you. You cannot say I'm cheating on you unless you see me making out with a naked girl."
"I'm sorry, Pierre. It's just that...Ashley is beautiful. She has the shinning blond hair that men normally love and, as soon as Julie arrives, she'll get back to a perfect body shape and I...well, just take a look at me, I'm horrible. I am thinking a lot about having some surgeries and dying my hair." She said surprising me a lot that such a hot girl thinks she's horrible
"Jessie, are you going crazy? Have you been looking at yourself in the mirror recently? You're much more beautiful than Ashley could ever dream of being, believe me. Actually, you're the hottest chick I've ever met and I'm not lying at all. When I met you, I was still dating Ashley but I couldn't take my eyes away from you one second only. I was drooling over you `cause I couldn't believe there could be such a hot chick in the world. Still today, I have some problems on stop looking at you and I'm really not the only one. And, about the surgeries, don't you dare destroy your body with them. Jessie, you have no idea of how much beautiful you are, but you're perfect. You have nothing to be ashamed about in there. And, if you don't believe me, I guess you remember you had been a cheerleader. And I guess you know that, to be a cheerleader, you need to dance really well, you need to sing at least a bit fine and you need to be hot to death, just like you are." I finished stating how perfect she was, barely knowing she was just giving me the inspiration for a new song. Do I need to say what song?
"Wow! Now I think I'll become a model!" she said laughing "What's about becoming blond?"
"Just do that if you like the color, don't do it if you think you would please me better like this. Your hair can be black, brown, blond, red, pink, green or whatever you wanna dye it and I'll love you the same way if only you do that for yourself and not for me."
"So I guess I'll keep on being black-haired for a very long time." She said finally smiling and hugging me around the neck "Sorry, Pierre, I shouldn't be this jealous about you. I should have trusted you just like I know you trust me."
"It's okay, Jessie. But we'll have to be stronger than this to make it through this tour before Adam and Ashley get what they want."
"They never will `cause I love you and I know you love me."
"Yes, I do." I said smiling and starting to kiss her while pushing her close to the door to lock it

After I locked the door, I dropped her over the sofa and took her shirt off as fast as I could not letting her runaway this time. Slowly, I started heading down her body, licking every single inch of it, making her want more and more until I reached her pants and threw them away together with her shirt. Having her just in her underclothes, I got on top of her throwing my T-shirt away and started over another kiss. In the meanwhile, she started loosing her hands in my hair and, not breaking away from my lips, she laid me down in the ground lying down on top of me. Slowly and tenderly, she started licking and biting my neck in a very turn on way while, with her hands, she started unzipping my pants. After that, she got back on kissing me as I started kicking my pants away. When we were both just in our underclothes, we started a long make out section. Hands and kisses everywhere. Sometimes me on top, some other times Jessie on top and we carried on like this until both of us needed more. I put my hands behind her backs to unclip her bra and she started biting her lips in a really sexy way and in that moment I knew exactly what she wanted. While I was licking her breast, I started taking her panties off and got her completely naked right there on the floor. I couldn't believe that gorgeous woman was mine. After that, she sat down over my lap and started kissing my lips while taking my boxers off. When both of us were completely naked, I laid her back in the ground and reached for her ears.

"You can't imagine how much I love you." I whispered
"I love you too, Pierre. A lot more than a lot." She whispered me back

After hearing those precious words, I started moving in and out her body. That's the best feeling in the word `cause that's the closest I would ever get of becoming one with her. We stood like that until we couldn't take it anymore and I threw myself in the ground as she turned to my side and held me tight smiling as I passed my arms around her. Both of us breathing heavier.

"I love you, Jessie, and this is something no one will ever be able to erase or to take away from me." I said caressing her soft hair
"I love you too, Pierre, and I want you to know there's no need for you to be jealous about Adam `cause I feel nothing about him. Nothing."
"I don't feel a thing about Ashley either."

As I finished saying that, I approached her for another kiss and we stood in between kisses and touches until we finally remembered there were a little bit more than 10 people in the tour bus just waiting for us to return to start over another trip. That was when we put our clothes back on and left there hand in hand, playing and laughing as always. When we got in the bus, I was able to realize that the fact that me and Jessie were completely fine about each other was annoying Adam and Ashley a lot but, you know what? Screw them. I don't love Ashley and Jessie doesn't love Adam, so why should we care?

If only I could see what was coming...
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