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Love Will Tear Us Apart

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Chapter 7

Love will tear us apart.

Kade's POV:

So unfortunately I have to take the job. I'm dreading it so much! I want to see the guys so bad, but I don't know if I can face Pete. I'm sure he's gotten a new girlfriend by now and I don't know if I can face that. I hope to god that he's not with Ashley Simpson anymore, no offense but I can't stand that girls music. How could he be with someone like her anyway? That's just not him.

But the somewhat good thing about this is that they wont know who's doing the interview until they actually show up. I requested this and Bruce was nice enough to do that for me. I don't want Pete to know that I'm going to be doing the interview. I want to know if he remembers me.

But the bad part is that I have to leave my baby with a teenage girl. I don't know how I'm going to go a whole weekend without him. Plus it's going to kill him that I'm not going to be around to tuck him into bed and stuff.

"Buy mommy why do you have to go? I don't want you to! I hate Bruce! He's a meanie!" Spencer ranted.

"I know baby, I know. Trust me I don't want to go either! But I have to so mommy can pay the bills. You'll be fine, Missy will take good care of you. And to make up for not being able to spend the weekend together, we'll have an all day movie marathon and order pizza ok?" I'm going to miss him too much. And I have to be careful when I do talk to him that the guys don't get suspicious.

"Yeah mommy, that sounds like fun!" He said jumping up and down.

"Alright well lets go to the movie gallery and pick out some movies." We ended up getting Madagascar, Spongebob, and Happy Feet. They're his all time favorite movies.

We spent the entire day watching the movies and ordered the pizza around 6. By 8 o'clock Spencer had passed out. I picked him up and carried him to his room. Once I was done tucking him in, I went into my own room to finish some last minute packing. I was just about to lay down to go to sleep when my cell phone started ringing. Joy, it was Bruce...

"What do you want now?" I asked getting to the point.

"Well way to be blunt!" He said faking hurt, "I have some news your not going to like Kade. The interview has been extended. Your staying for a week, and your going to be going to one of their concerts." Oh hell no!

"What!?! Bruce I can't do that! I have a 6 year old son I have to take care of! And I can't spend an entire week with them. You don't understand, you don't know what happened and the reasons why I don't keep in touch with them!" I said almost crying.

"I'm sorry Kade, but maybe if you would share these with me then I would know what not to do. You have to take this job though, it's the interview of a lifetime! We can't afford to lose it and I want you to be the interviewee."

"Damn it Bruce! You owe me big time, you know this right?" God I can't believe I'm doing this!

"I know and to help you don't have to pay Missy, I will."

"And that just makes everything better now doesn't it Bruce." I said sarcasm dripping form every word. "Well I'm off to bed, I'll be by at 8 tomorrow morning to drop Spencer off. Good night Bruce." With another apology and a goodbye we hung up.

Man was I in for a hard time. Well at least I get to see my boys...right?

The next morning...

"Mommy, I don't want you to go!" Spencer said crying as I was trying to leave. God this week is going to be hell without my baby.

"Spence, I'll call you as soon as I get a chance ok? Mommy loves you! Be a big boy and don't cry!" I said picking him up and giving him another hug.

"I love you too mommy! I be a big boy and be waiting for your phone call!" I put him down and headed for the door. I waved and was on my way to the apartment where I would be staying with Fall Out Boy for the next week.

Of course the guys still don't know the I'm the one doing the interview. I'll be there in 5 minutes. I'm dreading it too, why couldn't I have just thrown a hissy fit or something Bruce would have let me get out of it. 'Because you know you want to see them.' Yeah, yeah shut up. God now I'm talking to myself, great.

Author's POV:

Kadence pulled up in front of the apartment. She slowly walked up the steps and rang the door bell. She heard someone from inside shout 'coming' Kadence was biting her bottom lip out of nervous habit. The door flew open and in front stood, who she assumed to be, the guys manager.

"Hi, I'm Dirty. You must be the reporter from AP magazine?" He asked.

"Yeah, my names Kadence Moore. I'll be the one staying here for the next week."

"Well come on in and I'll introduce you to the guys," He said. He turned around and scratched his ass as he made his way into the living room.

'That's disturbing.' Kadence thought. In the living room, the guys were sitting on the couch with their backs facing Kadence and Dirty.

"Yo, guys this is the reporter from AP, Kade-" Was all he got up before Patrick jumped up.

"KADENCE!!! You came!! I'm so excited, we're going to have so much fun!!" He said as he tackled her to the floor. Andy and Joe got up from the couch too and gave her hugs once Patrick finally let go. Pete sat on the couch with his mouth hanging open in awe.

"Its so good to see you Kade! We've missed you so much!" Andy said.

"I've missed you guys too!" Kadence said.

"When we finally got to come back to Chicago you were gone! Your parents said you moved out to California because you got an internship at AP. How come you never told us?" Joe asked sadly.

"Because I could never get a hold of you guys. No one ever answered their cell phones when I called." Kadence said looking down.

"You never called my cell phone, I would have answered." Pete said quietly. She chose to ignore him, there was a reason she never called him.

"Well since you already know each other I'm going to get food. Peace out." Dirty said flipping the group off as he walked out of the room.

"So you're going to be staying with us for a whole week! I'm so excited Kade! Come on, I'll show you to your room." Patrick said leading her upstairs.

Kadence's room was next to Joe's and right across from Patrick's. Patrick put her there so that she wouldn't be anywhere near Pete, he was all the way down the hall.

"So, do you plan on ignoring Pete the entire time you're here? He missed you Kade, even if he didn't show it, I know he did. You should have heard some of the songs that he wrote. They were about you..." Kadence knew all about these songs, she cried the first time she heard them. Especially Homesick at Space Camp. That was her favorite.

"I don't know Trick, he hurt me a lot. I don't know if I can forgive him. He told me he would never forget about me when you guys made it big. And he did. He stopped calling, he didn't even break up with me. He just stopped caring all together. I don't know if I will ever be able to forgive him..."

Meanwhile downstairs...

"I can't believe it's actually her. After six years...she still looks amazing." Pete said still in shock.

"Dude don't do anything stupid. It was your fault this all happened. You killed her when you stopped talking to her. Your ego got big and you totally forgot about her." Andy pointed out.

"Yeah, I know. I was an idiot, you don't have to be so blunt about it. Hopefully we can make amends while she's here and get our friendship back, I still love her..." Pete said walking out of the living room.
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