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Chapter 13 - We Dance the Dance, Watch me now,,,,,

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"Hey Kyler." She said, rubbing the head of her neighbour's cat. Snaking around Olivia's ankles, she purred contently, the sound reverberating through Olivia's jeans, she felt it on her legs. She could only smile at the daft feline.

"What a big mess I've got myself into ...." She sighed leaning back on her seat by the window. It was then she felt the emptiness, the feeling that you can be utterly alone with no-one to help. It was then she admitted that 'they' had always comforted in times of dismay or had provided the necessary confidence to bite through insecurity.

There was no noise, just the rattling of Kyler's purr.

"You shouldn't even be in here...." She moaned and gently shifted the cat away from her feet and walked to her door, opening it gently to let her out. She was taken a back suddenly, her eyes startled as she saw him stood in the hallway of her apartment complex.

Kyler let out a sorrowful 'Miaow' before sauntering off to her next foster home.

"What are you doing here?" She whispered, more rudely than she'd wanted to.

"I couldn't leave it!" He said back, his hand was clutching his backpack firmly and he looked like he'd had a rough journey.

She held her door open, a gesture of invitation and he moved past her silently, her eyes following him as he entered her home.

"You look tired!" She sighed softly,

"I am! Bit of an adventure getting here...I lost my wallet..." He said. She opened her mouth slightly.

"Are you kidding? Have you found it?"

"No...." He said.

"I can lend you anything you need!" She said quickly, already taking care of the situation.

"Thanks..." he said a little sheepish.

As usual, her ability to skirt around the huge issue which brought him here was masterfully displayed. Flicking the switch on the kettle, she retrieved two huge mugs and began making the paste for the hot chocolate.

Silence pursued her as she danced around the kitchen as if performing some form of show: "I'm alright, don't question it!" showing at your nearest theatre.

His cue to move in came as she waited, with both hands on the worktop, for the water to boil.

"Olivia..." He said, it was almost sung, rehearsed and it pleased her ears. He noticed her glassy eyes as she looked up at him.

"I have lost count of the times in each day that I hoped for that knock at the door or that phone call."

His hand reached up and moved her blonde curls from the side of her face, she pursed her lips tighter together and the looked up at him again, her eyes admiring and yet detesting him. It wasn't green eyes she was looking back at, or fair hair, or a stupid hat. It was someone very different.

"And yet it's you who shows up at my door, Peter. Why is that?"

"I don't know Olivia..." He said regretfully. He didn't know why Patrick wasn't there, or why he hadn't called. It was so unlike him to give up and not fight at least a half gutsy attempt at getting something he wanted.

"It means a lot that you came." She said, balancing the friction she'd generated in the air.

"Come sit down....tell me what you've been up to." She smiled half heartedly.

"Why did you make such an ultimatum?" Pete asked, his chin resting on his elbows and he rested himself on the back of her sofa.

"Because - no matter how hard I tried - I couldn't get the look on his face when I told him, off my mind. Every time I closed my eyes, I just kept seeing it."

"And what was on his face exactly?" He asked intrigued.

"Horror, at the fact I nearly ruined everything good in his world. I think for a second, there was even resentment."

"Patrick - resentful?" Pete asked unsure. She stared at him suddenly.

"I don't need you to understand Peter." She replied shortly.

"I'm sorry - I didn't mean to-"

"-look, he wants different things. He has this adulterated passion for music, the very thought of children instilled such a fear in him, I could never take the risk Peter, do you understand that?!" She blurted out.

Pete pondered on that thought and looked at her in such a way that made her stop.

"Is it alright if I don't?" He asked with a little smile. She sniggered and kicked him gently.

"Listen, the thing is with Patrick is that he doesn't deal with the unexpected. But given time, he gets a better grasp and insight on things than I could ever have!" He said.

"That insight hasn't brought him here has it?"

"Olivia! You're being so selfish!" He said, she opened her mouth wide and laughed gently.

"You just told him you lost his child, not only did he find out that you were pregnant but that you'd lost it too - that is a huge blow! Do you understand that?!" He threw it back to her side of the court.

"Yes." She said softly.

"He's just thrown himself into the studio. I haven't even had a chance to speak to him about you, he's not himself. But I can't mend you both!" He said.

"Then mend me Peter." She said, her blue eyes petitioning him.

"Go back to him Olivia." He said firmly.

"And then what?"

"And then work it out, communicate, talk about it or just have great make-up sex, I don't care how you do it!!" Pete said with a laughter.

"And then what?" She asked, her expression sombre.

"That's up to you and Patrick." He concluded.

"Olivia, he loves you, I know he does, you only have to walk in the room and you boost his confidence!" He smiled, she smiled to herself.

"And you're the kinkiest dorks I know!" He added, she kicked him again.

"Ow??" He frowned and she smiled to herself.

"Come back with me Olivia, come back and fix this relationship that you gave up so much for.." He said, her eyes met his fully and she looked into them.

"I don't miss being who I was Peter." She added succinctly.

"I miss you being who you were."

Pete and Olivia took a flight back out to Los Angeles ( The Angels ).

"God, I did not miss this hell hole one bit!" She frowned, watching a beautiful woman swing by, her D&G handbag looking absolutely fabulous.

"It's an illusion!" he said, leaning on the window of the cab. Her eyes watched the people, so many variations, so many stories. His eyes watched the people, there was one, there was another one, she was definitely one of them. She waved to Pete and he coyly waved back.

"Ass." Olivia muttered, wedging a leg on her small suitcase.

Pete opened the door to their house and Olivia passed him, resting her suitcase on the wooden floor. They both stopped suddenly and Olivia looked over the house. That sound was only one thing, one thing between two people. She winced at Pete and he stared back at her, she froze as she heard those words she's heard him moan so often and slowly she turned towards his bedroom.

"Olivia..." Pete groaned, he rushed after her and gripped her arm but she was more than insistent.

She pushed open his door hard and her mouth dropped on seeing the long dark haired woman on top of him. She quickly pulled the sheets up and covered herself. Olivia's hands immediately covered her mouth in disbelief and she let out a sound of grief. Pete could only stare as he witnessed the surreal reality of his friend's actions.

However, Patrick's eyes were fixed on Olivia's. He'd never broken a heart before, but there was always a first time for everything. Backing up, she bumped into Pete as she refused to take in anymore of the betrayal.

"Olivia!" Pete called, he looked back to Patrick quickly.

"You ass." He said coldly, Patrick stared at him.

"How could you?" He asked through gritted teeth.

Pete pursued the woman who's heart he'd just felt break.

Patrick's stomach turned as he heard her sobs from outside the house. The woman ran a hand over his chest.

"Are you OK?" She whispered softly.

"You should get dressed." He said firmly, moving from her attention quickly and standing up to get dressed.

"Who was that?" She asked, slipping on her panties.

"My girlfriend...." He replied quietly.

"You have a girlfriend??" She asked, rushing over to him. She thumped him hard.

"Asshole!!" She growled and grabbed her clothes, yanking them on.

She stomped out the room and he stood there, with nothing.

Pete held Olivia tight as her body racked with the tears of the closure on her relationship.

"You know what the saddest thing is??" She cried, trying to control her sobs.

Pete's hand softly cupped her face.

"Without him....I have absolutely nothing." She admitted. He pulled her back and held her tight.

"Nothing at all...." She sobbed into his shoulder.

I miss my girls.
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