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Chapter 14 - Hide and Seek

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The Last Chapter. This ends now.

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Images are the worst kind of memories, because they are so vivid, they stay within the confines of your head for the longest time. The image of his infidelity was like stamp, sealing the envelope addressed to her, telling her he was no longer in love with her.

"Why did he do this Peter?" She asked him, he stirred the coffee before him, her fingers were planted face down on the table at the side of her coffee too.

"I can't make any sense of it, Olivia....This isn't Patrick. I dunno if he's having some sort of crisis!?" he said just as anguished as she.

"Did he think I wouldn't find out?"

"I don't know!" Pete replied frustrated.

A brief pause, giving way to the steam from the coffee's.

"Is this them Peter - is this them controlling everything just so they can be right?!" She suddenly spat out.

His eyes shot up, widening, surprised at her accuracy.

"It is isn't it?? Can you change this?" She asked, now her eyes widened, he could only find beauty in that frown upon her brows.

"Can you change this??!" She asked angrily. A man turned from where he was sat at the bar and looked at the couple.

Her chair scraped in ugly manner on the tiles floor as she abandoned the conversation, flying out the diner briskly. Pete was hot on her heels.

"Oh go ahead and rain - I don't care for anything anymore!!!" She shouted as she walked away into the dark wet night.

"Olivia!" Pete yelled,

"Go to hell Peter!!!" She barked at him.

Pete ran after her, the wet concrete kicking back water in to his jeans, he could feel how cold it was.

Grabbing her forearm, he swiveled her around and she resisted.

"Olivia!" He growled, giving up she looked at him, her forearm still in his grip.

"My heart is broken Peter........and you won't even try and help me!" She cried softly.

"I can't help you-"

"-I know you can! I can see it in your eyes!" She pleaded to him.

"Patrick is in charge of his own actions, I can't go and amend every thing he does that doesn't suit us.......I can only change the things that affect him."

"And this won't affect all?" She asked, tears escaping shyly.

"I don't understand.......I don't understand at all..." She sniffed. Soaking she turned away again but stopped, slowly she turned to him, her eyes meeting his.....

"Could we stop by the next convenience store?" Pete asked, Olivia stared at him.

"Sure dude..." the Taxi driver said, they were on their way to the apartment.

"I need some water!" He said slowly.

"Can't you wait until we get to the apartment?" Olivia frowned.

"I'm super thirsty." He said, she laughed gently and shrugged.

"Ok desert mouth, we can stop but you gotta hurry!" she said.

Olivia chewed her thumb anxiously, she was nervous about seeing Patrick. She looked out the window of the cab and looked for Pete.

Eventually he came out with a bottle of water.

"What did you do - pay her in individual Pete Wentz head hair?" Olivia laughed, Pete shook his head.

"Sorry!" he said and opened the bottle, swigging it hard.

The drive continued, Pete looked at his watch and his hand wiped down his jeans.

"Where are we going?" Olivia frowned, not recognizing the street.

"I just need to pick up some designs..." he said.

"Oh...alright!" Olivia said, she continued to stare at him. Didn't he have a clue how nervous she was? Knots were trying to untie in her stomach, she was anxious about seeing Patrick again.

Waiting patiently in the car, she scrolled to Patrick's number in her cell but stopped as she went to hit 'call'.

"Maybe I should surprise him!" She smiled to herself.

"C'mon Peter..." she whispered to herself.

He got in the cab and Olivia looked at him, he had a bag of stuff in his hands.

"Are we going to the apartment now? My adrenaline is killing me here...." Olivia said softly.

"Of course - sorry...." He said softly, squeezing her finger gently.

Pete opened the door to their house and Olivia passed him, resting her suitcase on the wooden floor. They both stopped suddenly and Olivia looked over the house. That sound was only one thing, one thing between two people. She winced at Pete and he stared back at her, she froze as she heard those words she's heard him moan so often and slowly she turned towards his bedroom.

"You.......You let this" her words stung him like the tears in his eyes.

She came closer to him, he never said anything, just stared at her.

"If.....If we had gone straight home......"

His lack of defense only confirmed her suspicion. She was before him now, her lips tight, her eyes accusative, there was venom and a snare to her words.

Olivia Slapped him hard right across the face.

"That is why I could never be with you consumed in satisfying your own desires, you'll take down whoever you need to in order to get it." She hissed.

"Go to hell Peter.....Go to hell." She said coldly.

"You stay away from me!" she called as she walked away.

She woke abruptly, she was home. Kyler snuck up on to her bed silently and she ruffled his hair.

She heard Pete on the phone in her apartment. As usual, arranging business, getting ego or talking dirty to dirty.

Pete and Olivia took a flight back out to Los Angeles ( The Angels ).

The cab ride was quiet on the way home, Pete took out a bottle of water from his bag and swigged it thirstily.

"What's in the bag?" Olivia asked.

"Oh, just some designs, I picked them up on the way out, I was hoping to look at them whilst I was away but y'know......." He shrugged.

Pete carried her case up the apartment they were renting and he kicked open the door noisily.

"Leave the door on the hinges Peter!" Olivia laughed.

"Yo Ric!!!!" Pete yelled, Patrick moved from the kitchen and stared upon hearing his best friend and his grilfriend's voice.

Olivia stared at the dark haired woman he was making a drink for.

"Oh my god!" Patrick groaned and rushed over, Olivia smiled and he gripped her fimly and pulled her head into his neck, kissing her head over and over.

Pete eyed the dark haired woman and she shrugged at him, looking at her watch.

"You came back!!" He gasped.

"Of course I did sweety." She smiled, Patrick's hands wrapped around her throat as they usually did and he kissed her eagerly.

Pete walked up to the woman.

"What time do you call this??" She whispered to him.

"You're not needed anymore - this is over." He said,

"Whatever - I still want the money." She said brutally. Pete pulled out the 5 one hundred dollar bills from his wallet and she snatched them from him.

"Get the f* outta here..." he muttered. She happily stormed out. She swept past the kissing couple and smirked at Pete once more.

Olivia broke away and stared at the exiting female.

"Who was that?" She whispered to Patrick, he shrugged.

"She was waiting for Pete?" he frowned. Olivia looked at Pete.

Pete shrugged. Then Olivia shrugged, kissing her Patrick again.

Pete lay in bed that evening. His hands clasped over his chest gently.

She really fought you!

"I know....I want to let her go." He whispered.

She's happy with what she can't have, we can't condone that.

This isn't over Peter.......

Pete raised his eyebrows.

"I think it is...." He sighed.

We'll the meantime, sleep ....


He laughed gently.

Laying on their sides, their eyes explored the color of each of their eyes. Their hands were intertwined firmly and legs wrapped lazily between each others.

"I love you...." She beamed shyly.

He smiled and kissed her hand gently. They laid for ages in a quiet solitude.

He rolled up and wandered into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Olivia wriggled in the bed and pulled the sheets up around her nakedness. Walking back in, his eyes grew huge as he noticed the scarlet colored bra dangling from her side of the bed. He rushed over and down on her side, she smiled up at him and he leaned down and kissed her. His foot quickly brushing the bra underneath the bed.

"I'll stay tonight..." She whispered, he frowned slightly.

"But in the morning, I'm leaving....and I'm leaving for good Patrick Stump..." She said with a conviction that meant she had seen the evidence of his infidelity.

She pulled her legs around and slipped on her underwear, his eyes could only follow the lost soul whose heart he'd broken.

"Thank you...." She said softly, from the door. He couldn't and didn't respond.

"Thank you for proving to me our weaknesses and for proving that no matter what we do, we cannot control everything in our lives!" she said, the door closed behind her.

Pete walked out into the kitchen that morning, Olivia was sipping on a fruit tea.

"Morning O!" He smiled, she smiled but it was temporary.

"You OK?" He asked, softly rubbing her arm.

"I'm good Peter...." She said.

He squeezed out some orange juice from the carton.

"What are you doing later today?" She asked, he shrugged.

"Day off....maybe I'll get round to looking at those designs-"

"-Maybe you can........" She stopped and looked up at him.

"Are you ok?" He frowned slightly.

Swallowing hard she nodded quickly and smiled again, with that temporary disposition. She stood up and put her cup in the sink and she turned to Pete.

"Peter...." She started, walking closer to him. Her eyes were welling up.

"You're going to take me to your're going to undress're going to make love to me......and prove to me......that we are not in control of anything at all in our lives......and who we a powerful force that common sense cannot overrule....." she whispered. His breath was gone, she'd actually taken his breath away with those words.

"Patrick." Was all he managed to stutter out.

"It's over........I'm holding up my white flag, I'm not fighting any just take me." She said, tears slipped out.

"I love you!" He sighed, like he'd been bottling it up for more than his mind could hold out. His hands held her face firmly.

"And I'll learn to love you!" she whispered, kissing him, kissing him like he was the only thing she had left in the world. Kissing him because she wanted to believe in love, no matter who was in control. Kissing him because now she knew love was hiding in the very place she was Not Looking.....
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