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Change Of Heart

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NOTE:: Nothing and Nowhere is a fic by Eve Bennay, my Awesome friend, and It's being put on a temporary [Let's hope not long] hold. Anyway, this is my fic, my name is Bethany, the owner of Origina...

Category: Xiaolin Showdown - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Humor - Characters: Clay, Jack Spicer, Kimiko, Omi, Raimundo, Other - Published: 2007-01-15 - Updated: 2007-01-15 - 1035 words

Beep beep beep The loud alarm clock sounded.
"Wake up! No sleeping in today!" Jacks little sister screamed.
"I'll be down." Jack said, aggravated.
"Now now now now now!! NOW!!!! N-O-W spells-"
"OKAY!! I'm Coming. /Now/." Jack yelled.

2 hours later in Jacks evil lair
/Jack is playing with the Monkey Staff and swinging around on electrical wires./

"Owwwwwwwwww!!!!!!" Jack screams in pain and drops the Monkey Staff.
"I should get a tree or something because-"
"beep beep beep*
"Awesome! A new Sheng Gong Wu to get from those Xiaolin losers." Jack said excitedly.

Jack put on his clunky black boots, his trench coat, and goggles and headed to his "evil" jet. His Sheng Gong Wu Detecto-Bot had just showed that a new Sheng Gong Wu had revealed itself.

It has been two and a half years now since he started fighting for Sheng Gong Wu against the Xiaolin Monks. Besides aging physically, he had also aged in maturity, he was more mellow than he was last year. He was also more agile and ran faster. He was finally beginning to be a "challenge" to the Xiaolin Monks.

Meanwhile, on the Xiaolin Monks side

"The Sheng Gong Wu we seek is the Gloves Of Ice, they enable you to freeze anything in your path." Kimiko told her friends.
"That's so cool!... literally." Raimundo replied.
"This shall be a piece of pizza!" Omi exclaimed.
"Uhh..thats cake, partner." Clay told Omi.
"Then cake it is!"

Back to Jack
"Those losers will never be able to beat my new Jack-Bots! Version 2.0." Jack said to himself.

When Jack finally got to the Sheng Gong Wu, the Xiaolin Monks were already there to give him a not-so-friendly hello.

"Jack Spicer, prepare for a humiliating defeat!" Omi shouted.
"Oh, come on, you say that every time we fight, give that phrase a rest, it's getting old and annoying."
"Shutdown!" Omi shouted.
"Oh my God, SHUTUP! It's SHUTUP!" Raimundo exclaimed annoyed.
"Oh, hee hee, sorry..." Omi apoligized.
"Don't yell at Omi!" Kimiko shouted.
"It's not my fault his slang sucks." Raimundo argued.
They begin to argue

As they argued about Omi's horrible slang, Jack ran towards the Sheng Gong Wu. But Clay saw him and they both got to it at almost the same time.

"Jack, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown."
"Okay, what are we doing this time?" Jack asked.
"Whoever gets to the top first, wins." Clay said.
"I accept." Jack replied.

All the trees began to grow 10 x their size with the Gloves of Ice on top of the tallest one.

"Gong Yi Tempai!" They both shout.
"Third Arm Shash!" Jack yells.
"Toungue of Saiping!"
Three eagles come to help Clay but hurt themselves trying (/I couldn't imagine why/)
Jack's Shash just kept grabbing tree branches, leaving Clay in the dust. So Clay began climbing on his own but passed out from exhaustion on the fourth tree.
"Damn, I should be the one battling Jack, not slow-moving Clay." Raimundo pouted in dissapointment.
"Well maybe you would be up there if you weren't picking on Omi." Kimiko argued.
"Well if you didn't start fighting with me about, then maybe you would be up there." Raimundo mocked.
They start fighting (again)
"What a lovely couple." Jack joked.

The Shash had brought Jack up at the top, all he had to do was climb up one more tree and the Wu was his! But as he was about to climb the last tree, his cell phone rings and he curses out loud.

"Jack?! I can't believe I've finally gotten a hold of you! How long has it been, three years???"
"Uh, who is this?" Jack asks, confused.
"Who is one of your best friends, who I remind you haven't talked to in three whole years, I'm obsessed with yogurt and looove TV!!"
"Duh! You Have to come see us. All of us! We have a butt load of catching up to do!!"
".....Okay, when?"
"Sometime this week, please, we miss you, come on. It's like your a vampire or something, you have to come out of your lair sometime"
"Actually I do have a lai-" Jack began.
"Is that Jack? I LOVE YOU JACK!! Are you coming over today?! Right now?! Hurry! I miss you Jack. We still have to get married, and have a wedding, and have a reception, and cake! And then we'll have babies and one will be Jack junior and the other Sue, Yay! Maybe tommorrow, woo hoo!" Emily's little sister innerupted.
"Sorry about that, Tami still has that little crush on you...well more like big, very big. She talks about all the time! So much it annoys me!" Emily laughed.
"Oh that's how about I come over tommorrow around 4.00 or something?" Jack asked.
"Radical, I'll see you then!" Emily shouts excitedly.
Hangs up

By the time he was done talking, the Xiaolin Monks had already gotten the Gloves Of Ice.
"Jack-bots, ATTACK!" Jack screamed.
The Jack-Bots take the Gloves Of Ice from Raimundo.
"Hey, You cheater! Give it back. Clay won that Wu fair and square." Kimiko shouted, very mad at this point.
"Make me give it back. Because it's mine now." Jack said, taunting her.
"We'll get it back somehow you dirty snake." Clay told Jack.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Jack laughed in an evil way.

Jack then got back in his jet and went home.
"Now I got to wait to get that tree in here, dammit." Jack said to himself.
"Shit, what am I going to fucking say to them, 'Hi, how has the past three years been without any contact from me what so ever? See you in three years again.' I'll look stupid even though I was invited" Jack said, very angry with him self at this point.

It had been three years since he had seen his friends. But now, what would they think of him? The person he had become was nothing like the person he used to be. Would they still want to be his friend? Should he even go and see them? Will he? He would just have to decide on what to do...

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