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(ONE) When You Go, I Will Forget Everything About You

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the general beginning of a whirlwind no one would volunteer to endure.

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Watching her pack away her life into the numerous boxes scattered on the floor; he felt the sadness stirring inside of him and the tears form somewhere behind his eyes as he fought so hard to fight them back. Running and jumping into his arms only days before, degree in hand, cap falling from her head, she never wanted to let go of him; he had become an unexpected building block in her life, a best friend, her life support through the events of the recent months. Seated next to her father at her college graduation, he felt the pieces of his life falling to the ground, he would be losing the glue that had kept his life together, and struggling to pick the pieces up, he felt the severe pain of regret shooting through his body.

Sophie sealed the last of the boxes scattered throughout her apartment; bringing her best friend along for the journey, she wasn't as afraid knowing she wouldn't be going at it alone, but she was afraid of going at it without him by her side. Although he would join, it would be for different reasons, at a different time, following a different dream; a dream that would only continue to tear them apart as life progressed. Together they made wishes, hoping that their journeys wouldn't tear them farther apart than they would be able to repair, but deep inside Pete knew that wishes were just that, a wish, that wasn't guaranteed to come true.

With one last night out before the dreadful day, he took her downtown to one last show, at a crowded and hot local dive bar where they met for the very first time, where they would spend their free nights, where she watched his band play for the very first time, and where Nicholas broke her heart; that was where he kissed her for the very first time, on the night before her departure for California. They weren't in love, it was an unexplainable connection that spanned past best friends, bordering a relationship; but although it wasn't love or anything of the like, Pete felt compelled to kiss her, whether it was an attraction between them, or a final attempt at holding on to her forever, it was something he needed to do. Sophie didn't fight it, she found a warm safety in him and he found a solid comfort in her; with one last attempt at savoring a feeling they may have once felt; Sophie and Pete spent the night in each others arms, passion and sadness tangled together in the heat of the moment in the twin bed of his childhood bedroom.

Sophie would always remember leaving him the next morning, it would be a devastating image burned in her mind forever; her favorite 'fighting Illini' t-shirt adorning the chest containing his broken heart, he waved goodbye to a stranger, a bed friend, a poker buddy and a girl he didn't know he loved and didn't know he would grow to hate. It was a love and a hate he discovered soon after, a feeling that he found in song, in the lyrics he spilt onto paper from the very first moment that they met but it was a feeling he hadn't realized until she was gone, too late to make a move; it was a feeling that would be brought to life in song, months later at a recording studio in the heart of Los Angeles, a feeling she would hear on a record sometime down the line, and a feeling that the music will still bring to life for as long as she sparks it inside him.

Lazily melting into a chair in an Atlanta, Georgia airport, a strange sense of peace began to settle in; knowing it wouldn't last long, Sophie took in as much as she could; at any moment someone would pick her up, a body guard, a label representative, she would climb into a car, or a van or a taxi with a random stranger that she wasn't likely to ever see again.

Climbing anxiously onto the tour bus, she would take in its smell and its atmosphere, never changing it gave her a sense of comfort as she exchanged hugs and an "I missed you" with all of its inhabitants. Fidgeting with the phone in his back pocket, he anxiously awaited his turn to, the smile on his face glowing as she jumped into his arms, frantically planting kisses on each others nervous lips. Visits were becoming few and far between and it was becoming harder to find the time and the ability to be together; snuggling into his bunk with him, happy to be in each others company, she found peace once again, but only momentarily before he is pulled away to an interview, to a photo shoot, a sound check, to whatever tasks would be presented to him, in rapid fire, one after another.

Dedication to a relationship only brings you so far, far enough to reach where time and distance should take control and fill the void; jetlag, time constraints, sound checks, meet and greets, work deadlines, conferences, frequent flier miles and overbooked schedules filled the void in their relationship. Even this very visit was a scheduled meeting, with deadlines and constraints, time limitations, jet-lag and exhaustion; but sacrifice is the name of the game, a game they were being forced to play.

Sitting through a meet and greet each night, his heart would break, knowing that any given fan in the line outside of the door would have more time to connect with him than his girlfriend, the sad, lonely girl who would cross any ocean and dominate the earth, giving anything she could to spend five minutes alone with him before he would be pulled in a hundred different directions.

It had become a painstaking visit, and as their time together dwindled down, he had found himself making excuses where ever he could; faking sick on the very last day on her visit to the tour, he skipped out on and rescheduled all of the interviews and meet and greets that he could get away with, spending the afternoon laying in his bunk, tangled in her arms, taking in her company and enjoying her presence before it would be taken from him one again. Placing a gentle kiss on her forehead, the feeling grew inside of him; a familiar feeling that surfaced each time they parted.

Standing at her flight gate the next morning, dark shadows under his eyes, exhaustion in his voice, he couldn't force himself to let her go, knowing the sadness and loneliness that would follow her departure; but his life on the road was not sympathetic, and he wasn't even given the time to sulk before being pulled in eleven directions the moment he stepped out of the airport. Taking his emotional defeat in stride, he kept his chin up to the best of his ability; knowing that when deciding to try their hand at a relationship, they were both fully aware of what they were getting into, of the obstacles and heartbreak that was in store. But his career didn't allow him to sulk, there was no time to be unhappy, keeping his chin up as strong as he could he continued on, knowing soon enough they would be together again, home in Chicago for what would seem to be a mere moment in time, much like a blink of an eye.
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