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(TWO) Fake It Like You Matter, That's a Lie We Can Both Keep

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mistakes will come and ago, but heartbreak will always be a keeper. *a snow day at school for the first time in a decade allowed me to update quicker than i had expected. thank you for the co...

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Racing frantically through the hospital searching for someone who had an answer, Sophie would never forget the phone call she received or the way her heart beat in her chest, so fast with each step toward the door that she could feel it beating in her head, the sound echoing through her ears; Pete would never forget the sadness in her eyes when she walked into the room, the heartbreak and disappointment in her voice. Knowing he had let her down made the situation worse than he could have ever imagined, but the mistakes we're made, promises we're broken and consequences followed, there was no time for turning back now and there never would be again.

It was meant to be a peaceful visit home, a scheduled meeting that came with the usual time constraints and limitations, although they were both willing to make the best of what they were given; but scheduled events are never guaranteed to go as planned. Pete had been keeping secrets, locking demons inside for far too long, it was a bad habit that had finally caught up to him over the long weekend they were meant to spend together, happy and carefree.

Seated anxiously with his brother and sister in a crisp, cold waiting room for some unknown reason, she felt more distant to the world than he had attempted to make himself; she might have cried, but she couldn't, she couldn't speak, or think or cry, she was fairly certain she had to force herself to just function. Overdose, just the word itself provoked a nauseous feeling inside her, it was a situation you only read about in the paper, or see reenacted on a late night hospital drama; now their lives had become a late-night hospital drama with mediocre acting and a horrible story line.

Pushing himself so far away from her, he was beyond any help she could have given him, and she knew that, but deep down she couldn't help but place the blame on herself whenever she could. Having his stomach pumped, he was saved from a heartbreak that only those around him would have had to endure; but taking the consequences that would follow in stride, the parties involved assured themselves than anything that would come of it was better than suffering through a tragedy that no one saw coming.

Vacation ended and his life continued on without him; while he recovered from his mistakes, a substitute was sent out to fill in and Sophie forced herself to extend her stay at home in Chicago, bunking longer with her father, spending her time with Pete after his release from the hospital. Struggling to find the words to lighten the situation, he could only apologize for the things he had done, disappointed that he had allowed himself to hurt those around him, and to destroy the heart of the saddened girl he held in his arms. No one knew what to make of the situation, or what would come of it; part of Sophie knew that no good would come of the future but she ignored everything her conscious told her, and held onto the feelings he fueled inside of her.

Was it worth it to hold on? Probably not, but mistakes are suppose to be a learning experience.

That night her tears finally came, in his arms in that twin bed in his childhood bedroom; he was moving back to Chicago, back in with his parents, into this very room where he had grown up; he needed to find himself, to rebuild the life that crashed violently into a black hole, destroying everything that had once made it whole.

Succumbing to the comfort of her own home, Sophie let her car keys and handbag crash to the floor in one exhausted sigh as she deflated into the overdue comfort of her couch, kicking her heels to the side, awaiting the criticism that she knew she very well deserved. Natalie, arms crossed sternly over her chest, leaned on the doorframe of the living room, shaking her head in dismay, the words of advice and disappointment sitting on the edge of her pursed lips, waiting to spill out; but the gates were never opened and the flood never came. Knowing what would have been said, Sophie watched her disappointed friend walk out of the room without a lecture, without a fight; it was a bad habit that she needed to stay away from, he was terrible for her and she was only going to get hurt, she couldn't let herself fall into the trap, it was a black hole that would never let her out.

It had been over six months now since Sophie and Pete had broken it off, their lives were on different paths, heading in two different directions, over the course of the relationship they had tried so hard to build, they had become wrong for each other in every aspect of the word; but since the split that Sophie had provoked and encouraged, they have met together on more than one occasion to rekindle their past, giving into the temptation of their physical attraction and connection. Months ago, she attended a show, admitting to herself that she missed seeing him, she missed the boys in the band, the atmosphere and excitement they brought to her life; it was a refreshing re-acquaintance to a lifestyle she cut loose, ending in a one night stand with the boy she had pushed away.

It had been a chance encounter that brought them to the situation again, at a bar downtown; he wasn't a bar hopper, it was the last place she would expect to see him. Bumping into strangers, searching for their friends, they made eye contact across the room; in town for a promotional event, he had stopped himself from calling her, knowing she would be too stubborn to give in to his requests to see her. On this night, after buying her a drink, he had convinced her to give conversation a chance, and with her recent promotion and his tour of the planet, she decided they could use time to catch up; it shouldn't have caused so much commotion.

Charming his way back into her comfort zone, he had convinced her to accompany him to the dance floor, where she let him kiss her, more willingly than she would like to admit. Sparking a passion inside each other, they shared an intimacy no one could rival, making it more than casual sex; but unable to relight the emotional fires they had put out some time before, it would fail to rekindle a love they had pushed aside for a better day or a better situation.

Natalie was not enthusiastic about watching them leave together that night, and became less than thrilled about the situation as she returned to their apartment to his shoes and clothing cluttering the floor. Reminding her lust stricken roommate of what he brought to her life, the drama and the heartbreak, she tried to avoid the situation, but it didn't matter, it would never matter; they had a history, and history would always repeat itself.
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