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(THREE) I Am Such a Sucker & I'm Always The Last To Know

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a holiday celebration, of more than we expect to celebrate.

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Strolling casually from the parking lot, she spotted him waiting patiently and frantically ran ahead, jumping into his arm, knocking his hat back off his head, he caught her as enthusiastically as she ran. Lunch at the diner wouldn't be what she remembered it as if Patrick wasn't with her; and if hadn't show up so fashionably late. Eyeing up the stranger she had brought along with her, an outsider to say the least, he drew her back to his embrace once more, so happy that the stray pieces of home we're falling back into place. Casual luncheon dates were everything that she had needed to be okay with being home for the time being; but it hung heavy in her heart, reminding her that it was inevitable for her to avoid him, there would be no way, fate and irony would never have it.

Tapping her foot against the side of his desk, Sophie bit the nail on her thumb; nervous habits he couldn't help but laugh at. With a shift jerk, she spun herself around in his desk chair. Slouching on top of the desk, with his legs dangling over the edge; he stuck his foot out, stopping the chair from completing a full rotation. The room had fallen silent, for a reason neither could pin point; both showing their apparent anxiety, but with no intention of removing themselves from the odd situation.

Christmas had brought them together once again, to this unintentional encounter; unable to avoid the dreaded gathering of family and friends to celebrate the holiday season. Much to their dismay, their fathers had become great friends, golf partners, an awkward connection that only middle-aged men could form over 18 holes on the green. Stepping out of the car outside of the Wentz family household, she body involuntarily flinched with the overwhelming feeling of regret, as she tried to wish away the situation, a promise she had made to her father to accompany him to holiday parties. On her father's heels as he walked through the door, she hoped for some reason, any reason in the world, that he wouldn't be inside; but their eyes met the moment she walked into the room, her plea denied.

Now they sat upstairs alone, in the room she would always call his office; rocking nervously in the chair, unable to force herself down the stairs, she couldn't tear her eyes from his gaze. In an attempt to grasp conversation, he mentioned work he had done on a tattoo; immediately regretting where the conversation had gone, she had to see it, forcing him to remove his shirt. Inappropriate thoughts flooded her mind the moment her eyes fell over the sight of his bare skin. Longing to feel it against her own, she spun in the chair once again, intentionally rolling herself farther from him; she had a boyfriend, a boyfriend who was a flight of stairs away from her, engulfed in meaningless conversation with the strangers of the party and most likely her father, who fell over every word that came from his mouth.

Despising the talent he would always possess, she knew he could see what she was thinking by the look in her eyes; pulling his shirt back over his chest, he tried to a make joke, hoping that he wasn't going to get jumped by Luke when the party ended. Sophie knew he wouldn't be able to keep the comments back for too long; he was a basketball player, not exactly the A-list celebrities Pete was able to snatch at his leisure, but it was inevitable that he would taunt her.

Work brought them together, and would essentially be what held them together; her father was in love with him, something she was not, and would never be, but she kept him around to keep everyone happy, to fool herself into being happy.

Curious by nature, he questioned her relationship to the boy she sat alone with, secluded from the social situation of the party. She lied, a nervous liar by nature.

Just good friends ..
Close family friends ..
Their fathers had golfed together for years ..
They we're good friends when they were little ..
They always spent a lot of time together ..
They were good friends..
Hadn't seen each other in years, wanted to catch up ..
Good friends..

Uncomfortable with admitting they had dated, unable to admit to herself they were more than good friends, unable to believe they were good friends who had occasional sex, she lied. It was unnecessary, he didn't care, he would never care, and it would never faze him in the slightest. At times, she felt like he was nothing but an accessory to her outfit, arm candy to every extent of the hideous term. Accompanying her to a Fall Out Boy show, days after Christmas; he showed no emotion or the slightest intent of having a good time, ecstatic to see her friends, she brushed it off; he was a handbag for the night, a handbag that matched perfectly with her shoes.

Something pulled him away, a game, a press conference, a promotional event; it prevented him from accompanying her to New York to see her mother, whatever it may have been, she would never remember for sure, but a part of her would never care. Parting at a gate in a deserted airport, laughing at the irony, she jokingly shoved Pete along as he obnoxiously waved goodbye to a man who had taken far too many steps over to his bad side. Sharing a flight together to New York City, she allowed him to carry her bags to the terminal; she was gracing him with her company on his aviation adventure, it was the least he could do.

Divorce would always tear families apart, and build new families else where, causing a split on holidays and weekends, an obstacle that became easier to mend as the years passed. Mother, stepfather, stepbrother and half-sister; they were the extent of Sophie's family who resided beyond barriers of the Chicago region, they were also the last to grace holiday visitation. New Years in New York City, a spunky urban change from Miami, Cancun or jet setting to an exotic island; she didn't know what her stepfather did with his time but the cars and jewelry she received for her birthday and Christmas and extravagant housewarming presents that were sent from somewhere on the globe led her to believe it was of some important extent.

At JFK airport, they went their separate ways; he was in town for promotion, an MTV appearance, New Year's Eve show, holiday concert, she was heading to the Millennium Hilton, just the place to marinate in awkward bonding time with the out of place members of her family. Making a promise, she agreed to spend New Year's Eve with him. In a television studio in the heart of the city, it somehow showed more exciting potential than whatever her mother would want to plan.

Making it a family affair, she brought along the troops, dragging her brother, his awkward new lover, and sister for the experience, knowing they would enjoy it more than she would. It wasn't new to her; she spent the night in a television studio, met new celebrities she had yet to be acquainted with and spent time with the boys she loved so dearly. Midnight wouldn't bring a phone call from Luke or the slightest acknowledgement of her existence; she was apathetic, not at all surprised. Enjoying her night on the town, it was refreshing to forget about the past and move to the future; a harmless situation.

Harmless enough, until she kissed him; it wasn't at midnight, it wasn't provoked and it sure wasn't a friendly peck on the cheek. It lasted longer than a casual kiss exchanged between such good friends and it caused more anxiety than a kiss ever should.
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