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Eve Shows Danny

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Eve shows Danny the manor. They talk and become quick friends.... Who have a crysh on eachother.

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Evelyn walked up the stairs, and headed towards the hall of which held her and Danny's rooms.

She felt Danny's stare in the back of her head. She giggled. "May I ask why you are staring, Danny? Have you never seen a girl besides your mother and sister?" she joked, without turning around.

Danny blushed, even though she couldn't see. "Um...Sorry. I have seen other girls actually." he laughed nervously. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be staring. How'd you know?"

Evelyn smiled to herself. "I can feel your stare, Daniel." And that's the only reason I can tell you.

"Oh," Danny mumbled.

Evelyn stopped at a door and turned around to face Danny. "This room is your room." she pointed towards the door beind her.

Evelyn saw Danny's blush that had not faded. On his light skin, it was very easy for her to see the red. Evelyn reached up and touched his cheek. "What are you blushing for?"

Danny turned even more red at the touch of her warm hand against his cheek. "Um...I..."

She giggled again. "Lost for words? Well, how about we go into your room?"

Danny's face was so red, Evelyn thought he would keel over soon. Danny nodded, being as she was right about him lost for words.

Evelyn opened the door and pressed her back against it, allowing Danny to see. "Sorry if it's a little small. Father said it be best for the teenage guest not to use the bigger rooms."

Danny's eyes were huge. "This is small?" He was gazing into the largest bedroom he had ever seen. He walked into the room and stood by the large bed.

Evelyn shut the door and stood by Danny. She pointed towards the plasma screen. "That's your TV, and under it is the DVD and video player. Besides that are the game counsoles, and on the other side is the radio and boom box." she pointed to everything as she named it. Finishing Danny's room, she asked, "Want a tour of the house so you don't get lost?"

Danny nodded, and he looked as if he would get lost in his own room. Evelyn took Danny's hand and led him out the door, heading down the hall twenty feet until she came to a light green door.

Danny stopped her before she could say what the door led to. "Is this your room, Evelyn?"

"Please call me Eve, and yes, Daniel, it is." she smiled.

Danny smiled back. "I'll only call you Eve if you call me Danny."

He's so cute. she thought.

"I'll call you Danny." Evelyn opened her door and walked Danny inside her bedroom.

Evelyn's room was the same size as Danny's, in fact the only thing different about it was that the paint on the walls were a shade of green that was too familar to Danny. There were also pictures of Danny Phantom on the wall.

"Interesting color." Danny said as he walked around the room.

Evelyn sat at the foot of her bed and nodded. "It's the same color has Phantom's eyes." she answered mischievously.

Danny shuddered in pure enjoyment of the mystery in her voice, even though he tried his best to stop it. "Are you a fan of Phantom?" he asked walking over to her.

Evelyn shrugged. "A little."

Evenlyn watched as Danny grew closer and closer, he looked lost. The next moment, Danny had hit her bed and fallen on top of her, allowing their lips to collide.

Evelyn was a little shocked, but she enjoyed his warm soft lips on hers. She felt Danny smile, then quickly pull away.

"I'm sorry!" Danny said. "I am so sorry!" With that, he ran out the door, leaving a stunned Evelyn staring at her doorway.

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