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Master Frell recounts Jex's tragic past to Alera and speaks with Jex about the present, but how will Alera react when she learns the truth?

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-Master Frell offered Alera a seat in his room before sitting down across from her. He folded his fingers together in front of his face as he considered what to say. Alera waited patiently for him to speak. When he did, it was in a regretful tone.

-"Jex's story begins long before he was born with another Jedi knight. He was sent to deal with a Sith threat and returned victorious. What he didn't tell anyone was that he hadn't actually killed the Sith; he had spared her life."

-"Touched by his act of compassion, or perhaps offended by it, the Sith tracked him down on another mission and the two of them confronted each other again, and again the knight prevailed but spared her life. Ignoring the code of the Jedi, the two of them fell in love shortly after that. Naturally they kept it a secret; whenever the knight left on a mission, the Sith would meet up with him and they would fight side by side."

-"eventually the two of them had a son. The knight brought him to the Jedi and took him on as his padawan. The boy was exceptionally skilled in the force, so much so that his parents brought him with them on many dangerous missions."

-Master Frell took in a deep breath and let it out slowly while keeping a keen eye on Alera's reactions. She was clearly disturbed to learn that a Jedi and a Sith had once fallen in love, but even more so that they had had a child together. After a brief moment, he continued. "A few years later, the knight and the Sith had another son. Unfortunately, since the knight already had a padawan, the other son was tutored by another Jedi."

-"Eventually that Jedi learned of the secret affair and brought it to the attention of the Jedi council. The knight was expelled from the order. Shortly after that, the knight and the Sith were hunted down and killed, probably by the Sith. The two brothers, filled with anger at the loss of their parents, left the order. Jex was the younger brother, and his teacher, the one that exposed his father, was Master Breck."

-Master Frell gave Alera a moment to sort through what he had told her. She was quiet for a long time, finally understanding Jex's animosity towards the council and especially towards Master Breck. She was also in disbelief in rearguards to the origins of his parents. A Sith and a Jedi falling in love was unthinkable. Finally, she looked up at Master Frell.

-"What became of Jex's brother? This is the first I've heard of him."

-"I doubt even Jex knows," Frell answered. "No one has heard from Tionis since he left the Jedi council all those years ago. Jex has been working as a mercenary in the Outer Rim until you met him on Toba'an. So now you see that his bitterness towards the Jedi is not entirely unfounded, and why neither Jex nor Master Breck wish to speak of it."

-"And his light sabers?" Alera asked.

-"The black one was his mother's, and the white one was his father's." Frell explained. "They found the unique crystals for them on an asteroid somewhere. Normally when Jedi leave the order, their light sabers are confiscated, but Jex's parents both gave theirs to Jex when they left. I know not why they entrusted them to Jex and not Tionis."

-Alera got up to leave, but before she did, she turned to ask one last question. "how old was Jex when his parents were killed?"

-"Fifteen," Frell answered. "he left not long after."

-Alera nodded and walked out the door to think on all she had learned. Master Frell gave her time to return to her room before leaving his own. He closed his eyes and reached out with the force, searching for Jex. When he felt the young man's energy, he went to see him.

-Jex sat on the floor of a dark empty room. He sat with his legs folded and his fists clenched, knuckles pressed against each other. Justice and Vengeance slowly spun as they orbited his motionless body. "what do you want, old friend?" Jex asked without opening his eyes.

-"I heard about the incident at the training grounds," Master Frell answered, stepping through the doorway. "I understand your grudge against Master Frell, but don't take it out on others."

-"I may have saved his life in a future battle," Jex argued, "you would do well to teach them how to defend against Sith fighting styles. So...have I been cleared yet?"

-"I have sent two Jedi to Sosk in order to ascertain what happened," Frell answered. "Once they clear you, you'll be free to go, but I'm afraid you'll have to remain here for the night."

-"Well you cleared Breck quickly enough; I guess I don't have too much to worry about."

-Master Frell ignored the remark and took a step closer to Jex. "Alera asked about you and Master Breck," he said.

-"What did you tell her?"

-"The truth," Frell answered, "I hope you don't object."

-Jex gave a dismissive wave of his hand. "Makes no difference to me. Once I'm cleared...and paid, I doubt I'll see her again. Now if you don't mind, I want to get some sleep."

-Master Frell nodded in acknowledgment of Jex's wishes and left the room. Jex finished meditating and grabbed his weapons out of the air. He laid down on his simple bed, keeping his light sabers on a nearby table where he could get to them. Jex stared up at the ceiling, thinking about how eerie it felt to be sleeping in the Jedi temple again after so many years. He eventually fell asleep, but it did not last long.

-Jex's eyes shot open, and he was wide awake as he sensed a disturbance in the force. He snatched up his light sabers and briskly walked out the door. He navigated through the temple as if drawn by the force. He soon heard the sound of light sabers clashing and knew that something was terribly wrong.

-Jex closed in on the source of the sound and looked up to see Master Frell fending off Master Breck on a narrow bridge connecting the floor above him. The two masters fought brilliantly, but Master Frell was on the defensive. Breck's yellow light saber struck violently against the green blade of Master Frell's as the two of them struggled against each other.

-Jex quickly realized what was going on: Breck was trying to escape the temple, probably with the relic in hand, and Master Frell was trying to stop him. Jex felt anger boil up inside of him; he had always hated Breck, and now he had the chance to make him pay for all his misdeeds.

-Jex activated his weapons and drew upon the force. He leapt into the air at the two combatants, crying out in anger as he fixed his hateful gaze on Breck. Both of the masters were surprised by his presence, and Master Breck held out a staving hand with panic in his eyes.

-"Jex, no!" he pleaded, but it was too late. Jex brought both his blades down at the bald man, and Breck was forced to defend himself from Jex's assault, leaving himself wide open to Frell. Master Frell drove his blade forward into Master Breck's unguarded side. Breck cried out in pain as the weapon burned through his internal organs.

-Master Frell withdrew his weapon and Breck collapsed to the floor holding his side. The light saber had cauterized the wound instantly, but the agony of seared flesh remained. Jex looked down in triumph at the fallen Jedi as he stood beside Master Frell. He looked up as Alera shouted out from the opposite end of the walkway. "no Jex, Master Frell is the traitor! He took the artifact and is trying to leave. Master Breck was trying to stop him."

-Jex looked at Frell with a shocked expression. The warm smile drained away from Frell's face, leaving an angry scowl. He reached out to Alera and she gasped. Her hands reached up to pull away at the invisible fingers that were wrapped around her throat. "She always was too nosy for her own good," said Frell.

-"Stop this," Jex ordered, pointing Vengeance at Master Frell. Frell complied and released his grip on the girl. Alera took in a deep breath and rubbed her throat as she watched to two men. Jex kept his light saber inches from Frell's chest, but the master maintained an air of control.

-"Why so upset, Jex?" Frell asked calmly. "you hated Master Breck, and you have no love for the Jedi, so why should you get involved? You'll be paid, even more than you asked. Lower your weapon and let me be on my way."

-Jex seemed to consider the offer for a moment, but quickly put the thought out of his mind. "I may not love the Jedi, but I'm not about to look the other way while you take that artifact to the Sith; not after I fought so hard to get it."

-Master Frell shrugged and said, "Pity." He twisted his wrist so his open palm was directed at Jex, and the next thing Jex knew, he was flying through the air. Jex was knocked off the bridge and flipped backwards to right himself before landing on the ground below. He launched himself back up to the bridge in order to pursue Frell, but he found no trace of the traitor.

-"Let him go, Jex." Alera said, running up to Master Breck. Jex gave up on chasing Frell and moved to help Alera. Master Breck was still alive, but Jex could tell he didn't have long. Jex knelt down beside Breck, unsure how to feel; he didn't like the man, but he realized he didn't deserve to die.

-"How did you find out it was Frell?" Jex asked softly.

-"Simple," Breck said in a strained voice, "other than myself, Frell was the only one who knew about your progress since I kept him updated. And since I knew I wasn't a traitor, it must have been him. I confronted him about it with Alera, but he was too fast."

-"I see...sorry for getting you killed."

-Frell let out a pained chuckle in response to the remark. "I'll consider it reparation for getting your parents killed." He said as he looked at Jex with eyes full of years of regret. " a service to your father and stop the Sith. You know he wouldn't want the order destroyed. Please Jex...stop them."

-Breck's head dropped back and his body went limp in Jex's arms. Jex lowered Breck's body to the ground and stood up. he turned to go after Frell again, but several Jedi appeared before him with their light sabers drawn. From the looks in their eyes it was clear they saw Jex as the enemy.

-"Jexel Garet, you are under arrest for the murder of Master Breck." Jex recognized the speaker as dark skinned master that had been in the council chamber. Jex could guess what had happened. Master Frell had fed them a bunch of lies, and there was no way they would take Jex's word over a Jedi master's.

-"This is the last time I work for the Jedi," Jex said as he readied himself for a fight. He heard Alera activate her weapon behind him. He looked over his shoulder, unsure of her intentions. She gave him a reassuring nod, and focused her eyes on the five Jedi. Jex appreciated how hard it was going to be for her to fight against fellow Jedi, but Frell had to be stopped.

-Jex promised himself not to kill any of them as he turned to face them. It wasn't their fault; they were under a false impression. With Alera at his side, he might just live long enough to avenge Master Breck, but they were still up against a master, and they were outnumbered.
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