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Jex and Alera fight for their lives, but even if they escape the Jedi temple, what will they do?

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-Jex's mind raced, trying to find a solution. He could surrender and allow himself to be arrested; Jedi didn't execute their prisoners. On the other hand, he could fight his way out and go after Frell. Jex knew that even if he did manage to escape, he would be a wanted man throughout the universe. Jex smiled at that thought; at least it wouldn't be boring.

-Two of the Jedi charge at him from the other side of the bridge. The connecting walkway was just wide enough for them to be side by side. Jex tossed up Justice, held his hand out at a downward angle, and pushed out with the force. The bridge in front of Jex collapsed, and the two Jedi fell with the rubble.

-As they fell out of sight, two more Jedi replaced them. They leapt over the gap at Jex, but he was ready. Justice dropped back down into Jex's hand, and he charged forward, meeting the two combatants in midair. The one on the left was closer to him; Jex blocked the young man's attack with his light saber and kicked him in the stomach. He pushed off of the man and launched himself at the man's companion. The defeated Jedi dropped to the ground, and Jex overcame the other in the same manner, kicking off of the Jedi to make his way across.

-Jex landed on the other side of the bridge and brought his light sabers up just in time to block the master's attack. Jex and the Jedi remained locked in a power struggle, their light sabers sizzling against each other. Jex wasn't sure if the master was in league with Frell or not, and he wasn't willing to kill him until he knew for sure.

-"So, are you a part of Frell's plan?" Jex asked through gritted teeth as he struggled against the man.

-"Your tricks won't work, rogue," said the dark skinned man. "Deception is the way of the Sith!"

-"Too true." Jex said, satisfied that the master was a fool but not a traitor. The two of them broke away and came at each other again. Jex attacked with both of his weapons, but the master was able to keep up with him even at the disadvantage of only having one light saber.

-Jex knew it wouldn't be long at all before the other four Jedi rejoined the battle. He also realized that he wouldn't be able to beat the master by taking it easy on the man. Pressured for a quick victory, Jex blocked an attack with his right and spun his left weapon, cutting off the master's right arm above the elbow.

-The man cried out in pain; he wasn't happy, but he would live. With his opponent disarmed, Jex spun around and kicked the man's feet out from under him, removing him as an obstacle. Jex looked over his shoulder to see Alera guarding his back against any attacks from the other four Jedi.

-"Alera, move!" Jex shouted as he rushed forward. Alera turned and followed after him as two of the Jedi jumped up behind her. They shot a quick glance at the fallen master, but he waved them on, so they charged after Jex and Alera. All of them moved with inhuman speed, empowered by the force and the adrenaline in their bodies.

-Jex could only pray that all the Jedi in the temple weren't aware of the situation. If they were, there was no way Jex and Alera would escape. There were nearly a hundred Jedi in the temple at any given time, and there was no way Jex could take on that many.

-Jex and Alera raced through the corridors of the temple with the two Jedi hot on their trail. Jex could have outrun them if he had been on his own, but Alera was slowing him down. Even if they managed to catch up with Frell, they would still have to deal with their pursuers.

-Jex reached into his robes and pulled out a small explosive as he rounded a corner and waited. Alera turned the corner and passed him as he tossed the explosive at the two Jedi and hoped that they were smart enough not to risk it. He took off after Alera and heard an explosion, but no screams, which he hoped was a good sign. He caught up to Alera, and the two of them continued to the landing platform where they had arrived at.

-Jex emerged from the Jedi temple and ran out onto the platform just in time to see a small Jedi craft taking off. Jex and Alera watched helplessly as Frell made his escape. Jex pulled out a blaster pistol and fired off a few shots, but it was just to vent his frustration. Alera and Jex stood there, thinking about their next move when they heard an alarm sound.

-Jex and Alera looked at each other. They weren't sure what to do next, but Jex knew they couldn't just stand around. He ran to the edge of the landing pad with Alera close behind. The two of them leapt off the edge with the confidence only those empowered by the force possessed. They managed to land on top of a hover-car, much to the dismay of its driver. Jex waved a hand in front of the man's face, and the civilian fell asleep.

-Jex moved him to the back as Alera planted herself into the passenger seat. They flew away quickly, and once the Jedi temple was out of view, Alera looked back at the unconscious man. She looked at Jex with concern and asked, "What did you do to him?"

-Jex glanced back at the man and then at Alera before answering. "Oh that? Just a trick I taught myself, but I can only do it with humans."

-"What exactly did you do?" Alera asked wearily.

-"I reached inside his brain with the force and put pressure on a blood vessel which made him pass out. Have to be careful though, too much pressure and it can kill. And I can only do it with humans because I'm not familiar enough with any other species' physiology to try it."

-"Do I even want to ask how you came to develop this technique of yours?" Alera asked. Jex only grinned as he accelerated towards the hanger where the Nomad was docked. They arrived at the hanger without further incident, and Jex patted himself on the back for not revealing the Nomad's location to the council.

-They landed the craft and left its owner as they headed for the Nomad. They boarded the ship and quickly took off before anyone could stop them. As they fled the planet, Alera had to ask Jex, "Where are we going to go? We don't know where Master Frell went?"

-"Oh I have a pretty good idea who can tell us," Jex said as he activated a stellar map with a small blip on it. Jex tapped the location with a cocky grin; he knew there had been a good reason to let Darkana live.

-Back at the Jedi temple, three young Jedi came up to a dark skinned master who was missing an arm. He was slumped against the wall with his hand supporting his weight by hanging on the alarm switch. One of the Jedi took the master's arm around his neck to support the wounded man's weight.

-"Master Toman, what is going on?" one of the Jedi asked.

-The bald master tried to catch his breath. Even with his training and self control, the pain from his injury was intense. He did his best to regain his composure and answered the man's question. "The rogue has killed Master Breck and escaped with the relic. It seems he has also turned Alera against us. They must be stopped at all costs."
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