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Frell and Darkana meet on an inhospitable world in a dark corner of the galaxy, but it seems that they both subservient to another. what are his plans for Jex, the Jedi and the entire republic?

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-Frell sat comfortably in his seat while examining the relic in his hand. it was a sandy-colored stone cylinder with intricate designs wrapped around it. Small chips and cracks hinted to its age, but Frell didn't care to guess what that age might be. At one end of the device, a crevice was clearly visible, most likely the point where it connected to the completed device.

-He smiled to himself as he thought about Jex; the fool had had no idea how valuable the item he had possessed truly was. Jex had only seen an ancient relic of unknown origin which had a price tag on it. If he had truly fathomed its value, he would have never handed it over to the Jedi or anyone else for that matter.

-Frell chuckled, pleased with how well things had gone. Jex had gotten one of the relics for him, and now the Jedi would be hunting the rogue down. Even if Jex somehow managed to escape the temple, the Jedi would keep him too busy to cause any problems, and at the same time, Jex would be leading the Jedi on a wild goose chase while the Sith acted unhindered. Frell's master would be pleased.

-A small alarm went off, letting Frell know that he had reached his destination. He looked down at the planet. Even from orbit, the world seemed to dare all comers to set foot on its surface. Frell didn't like the planet his master had chosen to call home, but to shy away from it would show weakness.

-Carrus was one of the most inhospitable worlds that Frell had ever set foot on. The entire planet was engulfed in a never-ending storm that drenched the world in acid rain. Frequent lightning bolts electrified the wet ground for several square feet, and the seismic activity caused rock slides that would burry victims under tons of soil. Only those strong in the force had any chance of navigating the surface's hazards.

-Frell's ship touched down on a circular area that was clear of debris. It could hardly be called a landing pad, but the Sith preferred concealment over convenience. Frell doubted anyone would even come to the planet, but his master didn't make careless mistakes.

-The circular area dropped beneath the ground, with Frell's ship still on it. A hatch closed the opening that the landing platform had made; the high winds on the surface would quickly conceal it with dirt and rain.

-The platform continued descending into a massive underground chamber. Frell could see the artificial rooms built into the sides of the black rock and the bridges and docking bays that connected them, all. The cavern had once been a magma chamber for a now dormant volcano, but the area was illuminated by the remnants of lava far below.

-The landing platform descended to a small area where it locked into place. The cockpit opened and Frell hopped out of the ship. Several soldiers were waiting for him, all encased in their shinny metallic armor, a simplified version of the standard Mandalorian version. One of the men saluted him and asked Frell to accompany them to see the master.

-Frell walked with them, holding his head up high to remind them that he was their superior. They walked down through the depths of the base. Moving from artificially created rooms to chambers tunneled through rock. To the weak minded, the base would have appeared tattered and ill conceived, but the Sith cared not for creature comforts. The base was efficient and made good use of materials without wasting resources.

-As they continued downward, the temperature increased as they came closer to the magma. Frell found it exhilarating, his reptilian race loved the heat, but for the soldiers escorting him, it must have been unbearably hot. If what Frell believed was true, the soldiers made no show if it. they neither fidgeted nor did they slow their pace. Frell wondered if republic soldiers could carry themselves so well.

-They continued on until they reached a large circular door with red symbols engraved in the black metal. The soldiers all knelt down before the doorway as it lowered to allow Frell passage. The moment he stepped though, the door closed back up, sealing him inside.

-There was a cloaked figure kneeling in the middle of the room, facing away from the entrance. Frell stepped forward cautiously, never being one to let down his guard. The hooded figure turned sharply, and Frell found himself looking into Darkana's fiery eyes. She gave him the same vicious, hateful stare that she always did. It was her way of warning him to watch his step.

-Frell paid little attention to threat. He knew Darkana was strong, but she was no match for him. he continued forward and knelt down next to her. they hated each other, but this was no time for petty rivalry. A circular hole opened up a few feet in front of them, and a throne rose into place with a figure seated upon it.

-The imposing figure was draped in a black cloak that hid the Sith's true size. A large hood concealed the figure's face. both Frell and Darkana lowered their heads in respect and fear. The figure sat motionless, staring at the two of them through the black void where a face should be.

-"Report." The figure commanded; the deep voice was male and harsh, filled with pain and barely contained rage. It seemed as much a threat as a command.

-Frell removed the cylindrical artifact from his robes and held it out with one hand as an offering. The artifact lifted from his hand by an unseen force and floated over to the cloaked figure. when it was in reach, he lifted a sleeve, and the artifact disappeared within its confines.

-"And the rogue?" the man asked after a brief pause.

-"Most likely dead, my lord." Frell answered. "even Jex can't fight his way out of the Jedi temple."

-"Fool!" the cloaked figure roared. A ripple seemed to flow through the air, and Frell was thrown back into the far wall. "he will survive, and he will not stop until he finds you. You wounded him. He trusted you, just as he once trusted Breck, and like Breck, you betrayed him. again, he has learned the price of trusting the Jedi; again, he feels the desire for vengeance, and that will make him all the more susceptible to the Dark side."

-Frell picked himself up off of the ground; he was angry, but he did not dare show it. he resumed his kneeling position and lowered his head, briefly noticing the satisfied smirk that Darkana was giving him over her shoulder.

-Frell ignored the girl's spite and returned his attention to his master. "Master, even if Jex somehow escapes the temple, there is no way that he could track me to this world."

-The cloaked man chuckled menacingly. "If he is half the survivor he is supposed to be, he already knows where you are."
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