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Jex and Alera think about their next move. Jex has a plan, but it will require him to deal with an old acquaintance. (I have won a writer's recognition award at my college; I would like to thank ...

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-Alera sat quietly at the work bench in the Nomad's cargo hold with a trouble look on her face. Jex thought that she was handling what had happened rather well. Her former master had been killed, another master had betrayed her, and the entire Jedi order was after her, thinking her a Sith. After all that, Jex was surprised she wasn't having a full-blown meltdown, even with her Jedi discipline.

-"What are we going to do?" she finally asked, composing herself.

-Jex scratched his chin as he tried to think. It had taken him awhile to calm down enough to focus; all he could think about was killing Frell, but he knew better than to make decisions while he was angry. He had set a course for wherever Darkana had landed. He would know what to do once he found her.

-"First we gather some information," Jex answered. "Then we hunt down Frell and make him pay for what he's done."

-Jex put a comforting hand on Alera's shoulder as he made his way to the cockpit. She had taken his side, and for that he was grateful; he would have to be nicer to her for awhile. He sat in his seat and opened a channel to Dag. It took a moment, but the image of the Ithorian popped up on the screen.

-"Jex?" Dag asked with surprise. "What are you doing calling at a time like this? You're a wanted man you know."

-Jex raised an eyebrow. "Does that mean you won't help?"

-The Ithorian made a strange rumbling noise that Jex realized was laughter. "Of course I'll help you my old friend, I owe you much. What is it that you need?"

-Jex smiled, "I knew I could count on you my friend. the Sith are trying to gather the pieces to some old relic. I need you to find out about it and, if possible, obtain one of the pieces, but be discreet."

-The Ithorian considered the request for a moment, weighing the risks involved, thinking about contacts that might be able to help and calculating the cost of such endeavors. "I will help you of course my old friend, but this is going to be expensive."

-"I don't care about the cost," Jex said in a more serious tone.

-Dag tilted his extended head, perplexed by Jex's declaration. "They...really got to you this time, didn't they?"

-Jex was quiet for a moment before replying: "Call me when you have something, old friend."

-Jex closed the channel and turned to his navigational chart. Alera looked over his shoulder as he plotted their next course. Darkana had moved since his last course correction, so Jex had to recalculate her position. A system which Alera was unfamiliar with popped up on the screen, and a flashing dot was on the second planet.

-"Where are we going?" asked Alera. "I am not familiar with that world."

-Jex was oddly silent as he stared at the screen. He brought a hand up to cover his mouth as he focused his eyes; he was clearly disturbed by something. "It's called Carrus." Jex finally answered in a grave tone.

-Alera was going to ask what was wrong, but her attention returned to the screen as the flashing dot left the planet and began moving away. Jex's body relaxed, and he sighed with relief.

-"I guess she was just getting another relic," Jex said, more to himself than to Alera. He laid in a pursuit course, and the ship jumped into hyper drive. Alera returned to the cargo bay where she would meditate. Jex sat back in his chair, but his eyes remained fixed on the screen. It seemed an ominous coincidence that Darkana would make a stop at that planet. He hoped that that was all it was.

-Darkana sat down on a stool at the bar. The room was dark, and there was smoke in the air that offended her senses, putting her in an even fouler mood. She had come all the way out to a backwater planet only to find that she had been misinformed; there was no relic on this world, only a population of refuse. She ordered a drink, making sure to shoot the bartender an angry glair so he wouldn't try to make small talk.

-She sat quietly, drinking with her head down and eyes partially closed, weary from crisscrossing the galaxy to find ancient relics at her master's command. She would never think of refusing his orders, but she did resent them.

-She finished her drink and paid with the credits she had taken off of the fool who had thought her a helpless woman that he could rob. He wouldn't be bothering anyone ever again. she got up to leave, and the moment she turned around, a hooded figure that she had not noticed stepped into her path. The figure pulled back the hood, and Darkana's eyes went wide with surprise as she saw Jex grinning at her.

-"Miss me?" Jex asked.

-Darkana's expression quickly darkened as her hand began to move to the inside of her robes.

-"Relax," Jex said forcefully. "I'm not here for you; I want Frell."

-Darkana considered Jex for a moment before lowering her hand. "What do you want with him?"

-"Well for starters he owes me money," Jex explained, keeping his tone friendly, but then his expression darkened and he continued in a far more serious voice, "and he made me very angry."

-A vicious grin slowly curled Darkana's lips as she smelled opportunity. "Why should I tell you what you want to know?" she asked.

-Jex's mood lightened again as he answered, "Because I'm asking you so nicely, because you owe me one, and because I'm so charming."

-"You're right," Darkana agreed as she stepped away from the bar, keeping her eyes on Jex. "I do owe you one." she drew her double bladed light saber and launched an all out assault.

-Jex drew his own weapons just as quickly, and the two of them engaged in a whirlwind of blows, destroying any furniture in their path. The bar's patrons yelled and scrambled for the exit in a panic, except for one drunk who was too inebriated to even be aware of what was transpiring around him. Within seconds, the bar was all but empty, and Jex and Darkana could fight uninterrupted.

-The two of them broke away from each other, leaping back to get some distance. Despite the speed and ferocity of their exchange, neither of them was even breathing hard. All around them there were broken bar stools and a table which had been cut in half; a wisp of smoke rose from its seared edge.

-"Can we talk about this?" Jex asked, keeping his voice friendly.

-"Actions speak louder than words," Darkana responded. "we have a score to settle, and you want information. Defeat me and I'll help you."

-"And if you win?"

-Darkana smiled with malice as she answered: "Then you won't need to worry about finding Frell anymore."

-Before Jex could respond, Darkana lunged at him again. They both moved with inhuman speed, but Jex took no aggressive action. It became clear to Darkana that he wasn't taking the fight seriously, and she became even more vicious with her attacks. Her red blades struck more forcefully against Vengeance and Justice with every blow, and she became increasingly angry, while Jex seemed to be enjoying the exchange.

-Realizing that she couldn't best Jex using conventional methods, Darkana leapt up and back to the opposite end of the bar as she threw her weapon at Jex. The double edged weapon spun through the air like a deadly fan as it headed for Jex. His eyes went wide with surprise as the pinwheel of death tilted and cut a stool into several pieces.

-Jex jumped into the air and twisted sideways, allowing Darkana's weapon to pass underneath him. When he landed on the ground, Jex ran for his seemingly helpless opponent. Darkana did not make a move as Jex headed straight for her with his weapons ready. She stood perfectly still with her hand extended and a determined expression etched onto her face.

-Jex jumped up again just in time to avoid Darkana's light saber as it passed underneath him again from behind and returned to its owner's hand. Jex came back down and brought both of his weapons to bear on Darkana. She blocked the attack, but the moment Justice struck against Darkana's weapon, Jex released it. The weapon deactivated, and Jex dropped his empty right hand below Darkana's guard. He clenched his fist and then opened it in front of her abdomen.

-Darkana was knocked back by the force. She slammed into the far wall and fell to the floor. Despite the blow, she managed to hold onto her weapon. She got into a crouching position, but looked up to find Vengeance pointed at her throat. Jex looked down at her with a cocky grin; he had won the contest.
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