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chapter one

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katie has always been close with the twins. she has fallen for joel. what happens when things go wrong and she turns to none other than frank iero. NOT FOR HILARY DUFF FANS!

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Chapter 1

Katie's POV

I grew up next door to Benji and Joel Madden. We were the best of friends. The three of us were inseparable as kids and even through high school. They were a day older than me. While we were in high school we would always get picked on. The twins did every thing to protect me from getting hurt. And I did my best to comfort them when some stupid girl broke their heart. I was one of the extremely few people that they let into their special relationship. It was almost as if we were triplets. When they started the band along with billy and Paul, I was and still an there supporting them. I have been there for them everyday along the way. I've gone on every single tour with them. Mainly cause their mom wants me to keep and eye out for them. I have always had a close relationship with both twins but I've always been closer to Joel. That changed recently though. The boys were currently on tour in japan. I was laying in my bunk listening to my ipod when I felt someone poking me. I opened my eyes to find Benj.

" Hey whats up?" I said turning my ipod off.. I don't know what I would do without that thing.
" just wanted to warn you... Joel is bringing the witch back here. And since tone is here and complaining about his hair we are going to go get him some hair dye then come back and stink her out.. Wanna come?" he asked
" anything to get away from her." I said.

Guess I should explain some.. The witch would be none other than Hilary Duff. Before she came around me and Joel were closer than none other. He use tot ell em everything. But now that she's around and she hates me he hardly talks to me. Me and her just don't get along. Our personalities go beyond clashing. She is annoying as hell. None of the guys can even stand her. Especially Tony. Yes Tony Lovato. If he wouldn't get arrested in sure he would kick her ass from here to Timbuktu . Whenever Joel iINT around she is flirting with the other guys and talking shit about people. We've tried to tell Joel but he just gets pissed at us. Another reason I don't like her is cause I kinda sorta have feelings for Joel. Only benji knows though.
I hopped out of my bunk and slipped on my chucks that were untied. I walked to the front of the bus. Billy and Paul were playing video games. Tony and benj were waiting for me.

" tone tie my shoes please" I asked.. I know im lazy.
" sure babe" he said reaching to tie them both. Me and tony dated a few years back. But we are more than wrong for each other. Now he is one of my best friends. Just then Joel and Hilary came one the bus. She was all giddy and clinging to him

" hey where are you three off too" Joel asked
" out" I simply said
" where, maybe we can go honey" Hilary squealed
" I don't think you'd like it. It doesn't involve pink.. Only tattoos and tons of piercings in places you couldn't imagine" tony said. Me and benji had to stifle a laugh
" not funny guys" Joel said getting ticked off
" bro we are just going to the store. We'll be back soon" benji said pushing em and tony off the bus. As soon as we were off and the door closed we started cracking up.
" nice one tone" benji said giving him a high five. Then they did some weird handshake.
" lets go dorks" I said. We started skipping in the direction of a hair supply store we passed on the way to the venue
" so what color are you two wanting to go" I asked
" I think I am going to go back o' natural. " tony said
" im shaving mine off" benji said
":what about you love, gonna add anything to that dark brown mop" tony said
"actually im thinking about adding red to it" I said as we reached the store. We grabbed the dye and a bunch of other unneeded things. When we got back to the bu Hilary and Joel were making out. Which wasn't really unusual. It just made my heart shatter a little more. Benj could sense something as wrong so he threw a pillow at them and told them to get a room. I went to my bunk to find an old t-shirt but realized I didn't have one

" Joely, do you have an old shirt I can wear to dye my hair" I asked
" sure thing love" he said. He went to his bunk and got me and old 'made' shirt
" thanks my sweets" I said kissing his cheek. Tony and benj were giggling so I assume that Hilary's reaction was that she wanted to kill me.
" come one Katie lets get this stuff on" tony said. For some reason I was the one that did all of the guys hair. I started by putting dye on tony's then shaved Benji's head then did my own. I decided one dyeing the bottom layer red and leaving the top dark brown.. Benji and the guys left to go get ready for the show which left me and tony on the bus

" tone can I tell you something but you have to promise not to tell a soul" I said
" you know you can tell me anything. What is it about?"
"Joel and one of the reasons I hate the witch"
"cause you love Joel"
" how did... did benj tell you cause if he did I swear.."
" Katie calm down.. No benj didn't tell me. Its kinda obvious by the way you look at him. And honestly I think he may like you back"
" yea whatever" I said. I washed the dye out of my hair and styled it then I put on my make up and went to my bunk to get clothes. I decided on my red plaid skirt and a black tank top that had a silver skull on it.
" um wow you look hot" tony said as I walked into the front lounge
" yeah yeah you ready to go?" I asked. He nodded and we walked off the bus into the venue and to the guys dressing room. When I walked in the guys jaws hit the floor
" I told you that you looked hot" tony said
" you look.. Wow definitely look hot" Joel said. I could feel myself blush
" I love the hair" Benji said
" Joel can I talk to you outside NOW " Hilary yelled
" um ok" he said following her out into the hall
" Hilary drama" we all said then started laughing.. You could hear them yelling at each other then it got quiet. They walked back in all smiles . They make me sick sometimes. When it came time for the guys to perform me and tony stood on the opposite side of the stage as Hilary. After the show we went to a club where benj was going to DJ at. Joel and Hilary were sucking face as usual and I couldn't find tony. I got annoyed my them and walked outside.

"Hey love whats up" I heard Joel say as he walked up to me. I knew he'd had a lot to drink.
" done sucking face already.. Wow that's a new record" I said
"whats your problem. Why do you hate Hilary so much?"
"Well let me see where should I start. Maybe cause you've went from being my best friend to a complete ass, or maybe cause you need to realize your precious Hilary isnt as innocent as you seem to think so is. Oh and she is nothing but a lying bitch. She's hit one every guy we know oh and cant forget the fact that you constantly let her talk shit about me like you don't even care." I yelled
" you're just jealous that she has me and you don't. You want to be in her place. You know what I wish I'd never met you. I HATE you " he yelled. We've had our fights but he has NEVER said that to me. I turned and walked away from him. I left the club and went back to the hotel room I was sharing with Benji and tony. I packed my things and wrote Benji and tony a note then I left. I didn't know where I was going but I had to leave.

let me know what you all think!
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