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chapter 2

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katie has always been close with the twins. she has fallen for joel. what happens when things go wrong and she turns to none other than frank iero. NOT FOR HILARY DUFF FANS!

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Ch 2

Benji's POV

I started to look around for Katie
"Joel have you seen Katie anywhere" I asked
" not since me and her got in a fight, no I don't want to talk about it and no I don't remember what it was even about. She prolly went back to the hotel" he said we got in a cab and went back tot he hotel. Hilary was being all giddy and really getting on my nerves. I was really worried about Katie. She must have been really upset to not even let me or tony know she was leaving. It makes me wonder what her and Joel fought about. When we got back to the hotel me and tony went straight to our room. I had to piss like a race horse so I ran into the bathroom. When I came out I found tony crying while holding a piece of paper.

" she.. She's gone" he said handing me the note then breaking down. Tony was never one to really cry. Usually only when it came to Katie. I started to read the note.

Dear Benj and Tone,
Im sorry for just leaving and not letting you two know but I know that you would have stopped me and made me stay . Joel hates me. He knows im jealous of him and Hilary. I cant be around him anymore. I don't know where I am going but don't come looking for me. Finish out the tour and have amazing lives. I love you both and will miss you. Tell Joel that I love him and always will. Even though he wishes he'd never met me he is still special to me. Thanks for all the amazing memories

Love ya bunches,

I know that I was crying by then. Hell I was a bawling baby.
" I don't care what se says we are going to find out what the hell happened and where she is." I said. Me and tone stormed out of our room and went to Joel's. We were banging on the door when Hilary opened it. We pushed passed her.

" what the hell did you two fight about" I asked Joel
" I told you I don't remember. I had been drinking since we got there but stopped after we fought" he said
" well she's gone. She's packed her things and left so you had to have said something to her" tony yelled
" why does it matter , im glad she's gone" Hilary said hugging on Joel
"hil just shut up. She's my best friend of course it matters and you know what I am sick of you talking shit about her. She's and important person in my life. If you cant get along with her then oh well. We are over Hilary. I am sick of dealing with you. And I know about you hitting on other guys. I should have listened to Katie in the first place." Joel yelled. Me and tony just stood there in shock. Hilary stuck her nose in the air then grabbed her things and left.

" man im glad that's over" Joel said
"what ever possessed you to date her" tony asked
"feelings for Katie" me and Joel said
"how'd you" Joel asked
"twin connection bro" I said
" ok now what are we going to do about Katie. Where would she go" tony asked
"not home , she knows we'd for sure find her there. Who would she have called" I asked
"bands we are all friends with and who she is close to. She wouldn't have called home cause mom would have called and chewed my ass out by now." Joel said
"makes sense. But that is a hell of a lot of people . Lets get started cause its gonna take a long time" I said
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