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chapter 3

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katie has always been close with the twins. she has fallen for joel. what happens when things go wrong and she turns to none other than frank iero. NOT FOR HILARY DUFF FANS!

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Ch 3

Katie's POV

I caught a cab to the airport. It didn't help that we were in japan I called the one person that I knew I could count on and luckily for me in band is currently in Europe.

" hello" a voice on the other line said
" Frankie its Katie" I said. Yeah I called frank iero from my chemical romance. I met him on warped tour and outside form benji Joel and tony he is all I have.
" Kay love what's wrong" he asked
" Joel hates me. Look ill explain later. Do you mind if I come stay with you all for a while. I cant be around them anymore" I cried
" sure thing we are in London for a few days. Ill pick you up at the airport" he said
" my plane lands in like 5 hours and if benji or tony call please don't tell them where I am" I said
" if that's what you want. Ill see you at the airport. Everything will be ok love" he said
" thanks Frankie, see you soon" I said I cried myself to sleep on the plane. When the plane landed I got off and looked around for frank. I found him and mikey standing there holding a sign with my name written on it.
" how ya holding up kid" mikey asked while giving me a hug
" I've been better" I said wiping another tear away
" lets get back to the hotel then you can tell us what's wrong" Frankie said. The cab ride to the hotel was quiet. A the hotel mikey and frank led me to their room I'd be sharing with them.

" ok so what happened?" frank asked once I was settled in.
" we were at a club cause benji was going to DJ for the DVD and what not. And of course I get stuck with Joel and Hilary. And they are of course making out like usual. I have feelings for Joel. More than friendly ones. Well I went outside to get away from them and I guess Joel followed me out. Long story short we started fighting . he hates me and wishes he'd never met me" I said breaking down
" Katie I doubt Joel really..." frank started
" oh no he told me he hated me and the he wishes he'd never met me." I said. I cried hard. Frank held em close till I started to fall asleep. Then I heard his cell phone start to ring right as I fell asleep.

Joel's POV

I dialed the last number I could think of. In reality it should have been one of the first ones I called.
" come on frank answer your phone" I mumbled
"hello" frank said quietly
" please tell me that she is with you" I said
"yes she is with me but why should you even care. You told her you hated her and wish you two never met." he said sounding pissed off
"frank I was drunk.. Not like that is an excuse to anything. Cant believe I told her that.. Fuck I screwed up. And it is so far from the truth. She doesn't know it but Hilary was just a cover over my feelings for her" I said
" dude it her you need to be telling not me, but right now she is beyond pissed and upset. Finish your tour there . It will give her some space and some time to think. I can keep you updated as much as I can. But right now she didn't even want me to tell you she is here. She's safe so no need to worry" he said
"thanks frank"
" no problem" he said hanging up the phone. I put my head in my hands and started bawling.
" did you find her, is she ok" benj asked
" she's with frank. She's fine. Man I fucked up so bad. Apparently I told her I hated her and wish we'd never met. I wasn't even mad at her. Hilary was pissing me off by talking about god knows what. I don't even remember telling her that. Why do I always fuck up the most important things in my life" I said
"Joel you.. Well maybe you did but its Katie we are talking about. Just give her some time. She cant really believe that you hate her. Especially after everything you've been through together" tony said
" tony is right. She wouldn't throw away this long of a friend away on one fight" benj said
" yeah but I've never told her that" I said
" I know... lets just get some sleep. We leave tomorrow . We'll try and see if she wants to talk.. Hopefully frank will talk her into it" benj said. Him and tony left and I cried myself to sleep.
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