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Chapter 1

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Chrissy is the sister of Gerard and Miikey way. She ends up on the streets and calls them for help. What happens when Chrissy moves in. srry, i suck at summary's

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When all fails, and when no one wants you. All you have is family. The only place near with a phone was a bar and I didn't know whether to go in it or not. It seemed full of disgusting men ready to get laid and it would scare me. But I had to. I hated the fact of going in there but living on the streets wasn't going to do me any good.

I shrugged and walked in. Men and women were laughing, as I could tell they were drunk. I got around and came to the front after battling to get though.

"Sir? May I use your phone?" I asked.

"Sure thing sweets stuff." He said smiling.

I gave him a smile and reached for the phone. I dialed his numbers and waited for someone to pick up. It was the third ring, and I was giving up all hope. My eyes had tears in them and I didn't know.

"Hello?" Someone asked.

I was so shocked.

"Mikkeeyyy?" I asked.

"Chrissy?" He asked.

"Ye-yeah. Mikey? Can you come an-nnd get me?" I cried.

"Chrissy, what's wrong? Where are you?" Mikey asked.

"I'mmm scarred. I'vee been so hungry. I don't know what to doo." I cried.

"Chrissy where are you?" He asked.

"In this barr." I cried.

"Marty's all night bar." The guy said.

"I'm at Marty's all night barr." I told him.

"Sweetie, just stay there. Don't move. I'm coming to get you." He said.

"Okayys. I love you. Byess." I cried.

"Love you byes." He said.

I hung up the phone hoping he would come. I was scared. People were drunk and I didn't know what they were capable of. I stood there for a while. My tears dying and new ones forming.

"Chrissy!?!" I heard Mikey call.

"Mikey?!" I yelled.

I looked everywhere trying to search for his face. I saw him pacing and looking for me when his face saw mine.

"Chrissy!" He yelled.

I battled and pushed people away as I came to Mikey. I cried as he hugged me.

"Sh. Let's go." He said.

I was dirty. My clothes smelt and they were old. My body was skinny and it was scarey. He helped me into the car and we drove off. We didn't talk, but I knew we were when we got back to his and Gerard's apartment.

I got out of the car, weak and entered the building. I walked up the stairs slowly but Mikey picked me up. He carried me the rest of the way and into the place.

"Mikey? Where the fuc-" Gerard started.

His expression on his face went from angry to worried.

"Chrissy?? What's wrong?" He asked.

Mikey let me down and he rushed over to me. He hugged me as I cried.

"What happened to her Mikes?" Gerard asked.

"I don't know. We were all here and I got that call and I found her in a bar." Mikey told him.

Gerard pulled away. He looked at me so worried than ever.

"What happened Chrissy? Please tell us." Gerard pleaded.

I looked beyond them. Mikey was sitting with Ray, Bob and Frank.

"I-I didn't mean to disturb your guy's practice." I said.

"Chrissy don't worry about the practice. What happened?" Mikey asked.

"My apartment was token away, I lost my job and everything. I had to sell everything for food. I didn't know what to do. I-thought I could handle everything without you guys. I was wrong." I cried.

Gerard came and hugged me again.

"I've been living on the streets for a month and a half now. I feel so worthless. Begging on the streets for food or money. My clothes are so fucken old and dirty I don't even know. I tried my best. I tried so hard." I cried.

"It's alright Chrissy. It's alright." Gerard said.

"You should have called me sooner Chrissy. We haven't heard from you in awhile and got worried." Mikey told me.

"I know. I wanted to, but I felt things we were getting better, but they didn't. And they get out of hand so I called." I cried.

"Well first off, you need food, new clothes and probably a shower." Gerard suggested.

I nodded as they led me to the kitchen.

"I'm really sorry for disturbing your practice." I said.

"Chrissy fuck the practice. Your more important than practice." Mikey told me.

I gave him a shrug and sat down. Mikey was standing against the wall with his arms crossed.

"Aren't you even going to introduce me, again to them?" I asked giggling a bit.

"Oh yeah. This is Chrissy you guys, Chrissy the guys." Mikey said.

"Oh that really helps." I laughed.

"Yeah Mikey jeez." Ray laughed.

He got up and held out his hand.

"Yeah good idea. Don't want to hug someone like this." I laughed.

He smiled as I shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you again Toro." I laughed.

"Ditto." He said.

He took a seat at the table in the kitchen where Gerard was cooking. Bob came up next.

"Well hello their Bob." I said.

"Hey." He said smiling.

He held out his hand and shook it.

"Nice to see you again." I said.

"You too." He said.

He took a seat next to Ray and they began talking. Frank came up.

"Oh well Frank aren't you going to say hi?" Mikey asked.

"Oh yes. Chrissy, hello there." He said smiling.

I stuck out my hand but he pulled me into a hug.

"You actually gave me a hug, looking like this?" I asked pointing to my clothes.

"Ah, but dirty is good." He laughed.

"Oh well you haven't changed a bit." I laughed.

"Believe me, he hasn't." Ray laughed.

I giggled as Mikey handed me some clothes.

"Whose are these?" I asked.

"Oh there Alicia's. She's gone tonight with some friends. I'm sure she wouldn't mind." He told me.

I nodded.

"Well I should take a shower too since if I don't, I might make these clothes smell really bad." I laughed.

I walked out and remembered where the bathroom was. I got our of my clothes and started the water. I stepped in and felt relief as the water hit my skin. I felt clean again after wearing dirt on my skin for so long.

After 10 minutes or so, I felt better and cleaner and stepped out. I put a towel on and looked in the mirror. My face and body was clean and I smiled. I grabbed the clothes and put them on. I looked though the cabinets and found some makeup. I didn't acre whose it was, I was using it.

I put on some eyeliner with black eye shadow and felt it was god enough. I smiled and walked out. I held my old clothes in my hand and threw them in the trashcan.

"Feel better?" Gerard asked.

"Much!" I said.

"Good cause you have a lot to eat." Gerard said.

I walked in to see the whole table full of food.

"You made this all for me?" I asked.

"Well some has to go to us! We can't starve." Bob laughed.

"Hah. I know." I laughed.

I sat down next to Mikey, and he put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into a quick hug.

"I'm so glad your safe." He said.

"I know, I feel bad for not telling you guys." I said.

"Well we know how bad you are with getting things your way." Gerard laughed.

"Ah, well I wanted it to work out. But ah!" I exclaimed with laughter.

"You have the Gerard Way in you." Frank laughed.

"Frank of course she does!" Bob laughed.

"I meant like the skills with trying to reach goals or whatever!" Frank said.

"Oh well sorryyyyy!" Bob said.

"Ah, let's just stop so we can eat." Mikey said.

"I think your sister's already onto that." Frank laughed.

He was right. I began to dig into everything Gerard made or whoever. I was so hungry no one could stop me. Well, 20 minutes later my stomach did.

"OW! MY TUMMIE!" I shrieked.

"You ate too much." Mikey laughed.

"I was hungry!" I exclaimed.

Everyone laughed a bit.

"So how long do you want to stay here for?" Gerard asked.

"Until I get so annoying you want to kick me out?" I said.

"That won't happen." Gerard said.

"Liar!" I giggled.

"Hey!" Gerard said.

"Well I am annoying sometimes." I said.

"Yeah but I would never throw you on the streets for it." Gerard told me.

"I know that." I said.

He nodded. And I yawned.

"Are these boys staying over?" I asked.

"Well, Ray and Bob don't live here. And since we had a 3rd room, we let Frank stay here. So your going to have to bunk with him or have Mikey move with him." Gerard told me.

I looked at Mikey.

"Pllleeeaseeee don't?" He pleaded.

"Oh brother of mine. Why would I do that?" I laughed.

"GOOD! FRANK SMELLS!" Mikey yelled.

"HE FARTS IN HIS SLEEP!" Bob yelled.


"HE..." Gerard started.

"Come on Gerard hurry and don't ruin the train of this." Mikey laughed.

"HE HAS A FOOT FETISH?" Gerard yelled.

Everyone looked at him.

"Hey! You told me too hurry and my foot hurt so it's the only thing!" he said.

"Ah brother, it's okay. Your tried your best." I laughed.

I gave him a pat and he smiled sarcastically.

"Now show my room, I'm so tired." I said yawning.

"Frank? You heard her." Mikey laughed.

"As you wish." Frank said.

"Wait I need pajama's!" I said.

"Oh yes. Here." Mikey said handing me shorts and a band tee.

"Thanks." I said.

Frank led me into a room, which was kind of big and had a bathroom in it.

"I'm going to change." I told him.

He nodded, as he looked though the drawers for something. I went in and changed and looked at myself in the mirror. I started to see the old Chrissy coming back and I smiled. I walked out to see Frank crawling into bed. I slid the covers away and got underneath them. I started to shiver as ii turned over.

"Are you still cold?" Frank asked.

"Yeah a little bit. It's okay though." I said.

But that wasn't good enough. I felt Frank's arms come around my waist and pulled me into him more. He rubbed my arms for a minute or two and I smiled.

"Warmer now?" he asked.

"A bit." I said.

I could feel him smiling as I dozed off.

"Shh. Don't wake them." I heard someone whisper.

"Aw they look so cute." I heard someone else say.

"Frank's got a crushhhh." I could tell Ray said.

"I wonder if they did it." Bob wondered.

"EW!" The whole room went loud.

I opened my eyes to see them all standing there.

"For your information Bob, we didn't. Now go watch your porno." I heard Frank tell him.

I giggled and saw Gerard and Mikey's faces. They seemed pretty upset so I got up.

"Breakfast?" Mikey asked.

"Of course." I said.

I stopped and looked back.

"Frank you coming?" I asked.

I heard a groan.

"Party pooper." I laughed.

I saw him move a bit and then sit up.

"Happy?" He asked.

"Yes now come on." I laughed.

He got up and we waked out. I sat next to Frank as everyone was watching us.

"We didn't have sex!" I exclaimed.

"It was just so cute though!" Mikey said.

"Oh jeez." I said.

I took a spoonful of cereal as everyone ate, talking about random things and stuff.

"So what is everyone doing today?" I asked.

"Um, we were thinking about getting you some new clothes and we have to pick up Alicia, so why not let you and her have some fun?" Mikey told me.

"Sure that sounds good." I said.

It did sound good. Shopping was on my mind. I needed clothes that wee mine. And plus and Alicia and me got along good, so that was good too.

"So when are we leaving?" I asked.

"We have to pick her up at 1." Mikey said.

I looked at the clock. It read 10:34 am.

"Okay good, I have a lot of time to get ready." I said.

"You take that 3 hours to get ready?" Gerard asked.

"No. 20 minutes." I laughed.

"Jeez speedy?" Frank asked.

"Oh yes." I laughed.

I finished eating and we all sat down and started watching TV. We watched cartoons all morning until it reached 12:00.

"Ah I gotta get ready now." I said.

I got up form the couch and head to the bathroom in mine and Frank's room. I took a quick shower, blow-dried my hair, straightened it quickly and then did my makeup. I walked out and everyone was still sitting.

"Are we leaving? It's.." I started.

"12:30." Bob said.

"Jesus she does get ready fast." Frank said.

I nodded and sat down in the spot before and watched for a while until Mikey said it was time to go.

"There all not going?" I asked.
"No. See I'm picking up Alicia and you two are going shopping. And me and the guys have band practice." Mikey told me when going down to the car.

"Oh okay." I said.

We both go in the car and got ready to pick up Alicia without getting caught in traffic.

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