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A New Begining

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Dana just moved to Chicago looking for love. Will she find it?

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Have I got a story for you. My 24th birthday was last month and I had just moved into my new apartment in the south side of Chicago. I wanted a change of scenery since I had lived on Long Island my entire life. Also, I had never had a long lasting relationship before and I figured that if I went somewhere new there would be a better chance for me to finally get a good guy. I had always wanted to live in Chicago, ever since I first found out about all of the great bands that had come from around here I just wanted to be in the action. Plus, I also heard they have some awesome concerts here as well.
Anyway, I moved into my apartment with my sister, Alicia, she's 21. I don't like her that much but my parents insisted that she come and live with me. They said that otherwise I might get myself into trouble up here. Whatever, I would have been fine on my own anyways. So, it was Alicia's job to carry the computer to the apartment. That was her only job. Could she do it right? OF COURSE NOT! She dropped it when she was halfway up the stairs. Now I had to take the money out of my own pocket to go and buy a new one. So I took a short drive to the Apple sore and got the best model they had (I am very high maintenance), and I brought it back home and climbed the stairs WITHOUT dropping it. It took me forever to set it up. It was especially annoying to do because Alicia was jumping up and down behind me yelling at me to hurry up with it. Gosh she can act like such a child when the mood strikes her right! I was like, "Just go to bed already," by that time it was one in the morning, "it's late." "FINE!" she yelled slamming her door.
At about two I had gotten it up and running. I was so relieved. Since I didn't have work that morning I decided to go on a dating chat site that my friends were al raving about. They said that I was desperate. Let's just say I agreed with them. I went into a room that had some people from Chicago in it. So I typed:
DeadOnArrival626: F/24/Chicago
And I was very surprised to get an automatic answer.
KissMeElectric65: M/27/Chicago
I was very excited. It was a guy around my age. We went into a private chat.
DeadOnArrival626: So you live in Chicago huh?
KissMeElectric65: Yeah, but I have recently been in LA on business.
DeadOnArrival626: Really, what do you do?
KissMeElectric65: Well, it's boring, what do you do?
DeadOnArrival626: I'm a magazine editor for AP Magazine.
KissMeElectric65: That's one of my favorites!
DeadOnArrival626: Really? That's awesome!
KissMeElectric65: Yeah, I'm really into all of that music. What's your favorite band?
DeadOnArrival626: Fall Out Boy, They are just amazing!
KissMeElectric65: Oh
DeadOnArrival626: What? Is there something wrong?
KissMeElectric65: Oh, no, it's nothing, yeah, they're good.
DeadOnArrival626: Hey, I have to go. Can we talk tomorrow around 8? My sister isn't feeling well. My name is Dana by the way. What's yours?
KissMeElectric65: Sounds good. Bye. Oh, haha! My name is Pete.

Authors note: How do you like it? This is my first fan fic. Please leave comments. I won't be updating for a while because Mid-Terms are next week but I'll try my best!
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