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Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying (Do Your Part To Save The Scene And Stop Going To Shows)

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Pete is falling for Dana

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I have never had a good feeling about a guy before. This Pete guy, he seemed pretty nice. He's obviously a fan of my work. I couldn't wait until 8 that night. I spent hours pacing up and down my living room with Pretty In Punk ringing in my ears on my I-pod. I wanted to talk to him so badly. Before I knew it, it was around 7:50. I decided to log on. As soon I my buddy list came up I heard that familiar "bling" that notifies you when someone IM's you. It was Pete. Was he waiting for me?
KissMeElectric65: Hey Dana!
DeadOnArrival626: Hey Pete, what new?
KissMeElectric65: Not very much. I missed talking to you...
OH MY FLIPPING GOD! Someone likes me!
DeadOnArrival626: I missed talking to you too Pete.
KissMeElectric65: That's great! Hey, I'll be in town tomorrow. I just finished all of my business here in LA. As a side job I work at a local club as a "roadie" type guy. Guess whose playing there tomorrow?
DeadOnArrival626: IDK. Who?
KissMeElectric65: Your favorites...
"FALL OUT BOY!" (I thought in the back of my mind)
DeadOnArrival626: Hum... Could it by any chance be Fall Out Boy?
KissMeElectric65: DING DING DING! YOU WIN A NEW CAR! I can get you in for free.
DeadOnArrival626: Are you serious?!?!? That would be awesome! You are the best Pete!
KissMeElectric65: I know, haha, I just really want to get to know you better. You seem like a really nice girl.
He couldn't see me, thank God, but I was blushing so hard that my sister ran over and asked if I needed my temperature taken. I said no. My sister, being as nosey as she is, leaned over to look at my screen.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" She screamed.
"Nothing." I replied.
"Mom and Dad said that we aren't supposed to be talking to strangers online."
"Who said this was a stranger?"
"Fine, who is it then"
"Oh, you don't know him"
"THEN HE'S A STANGER!" She spat.
"Bite me!" I yelled, pushing her into her room.
Thank God she stayed there. I noticed my screen flashing. I had forgotten to reply to Pete!
DeadOnArrival626: OMG! SRY!
KissMeElectric65: That's okay. So are you coming?
DeadOnArrival626: Yeah sure. I'd be glad to come!
KissMeElectric65: GREAT!
He gave me the address information and the time. I couldn't believe that I had gotten a date after only being in town for a day!
DeadOnArrival626: How will I be able to recognize you?
KissMeElectric65: Well, I'll be the one in the hoodie and the tight jeans.
This made me smile.
KissMeElectric65: Go to the back door. I'll put your name in. How will I recognize you?
DeadOnArrival626: I'll wear a red hoodie and jeans too I guess. Can't wait to see you!
KissMeElectric65: Right back at yah!
Authors note :I'd like to make a shout out to Crimsonsorrow, Thanks so much for the review! I'll try and update more. Writing is so addicting!
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