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Chapter 1

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Sequel to love in unexpected places! The story continue. Read and Find out what happens to everybody.Will it be for the best or for the worst?

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(Ashley's POV)

" Miranda where's Frankie?", I asked she looked up at me.

"He asked me to give you this.", she said passing me a note.

I opened it and it read:

Come to the first place we've ever met.

Oooookay I wonder why he wants me to go there. Oh well. "I'm off.", I said to them they we're all smiling. Something's up. I drove to where the note told me to go and no Frankie. I walk in and sit at the table where I shared my first conversation with him. This brings back memories.

"Excuse me ma'am.", I looked up to a woman who to my guess worked here.

"A man told me to give this to the lady in this picture.", she said handing me a picture of me sitting in Franks lap, in this picture we had only been dating a month. Then she handing me a note. DAMN NOTES!

Ashley I gave that woman a picture of you so she would know who to give this to. Meet me at the Heart Throb. Frankie.

I thanked the woman and tried to pay her for helping but she simply said, " The man already paid me.", I left for my destination which was not to far from there.

When I got there, Frankie was standing there dressed up with a single red rose in his hand. I looked down. Damn I'm in a pair of Jeans and one of Frankie's shirt. I walked up to him, he smiled, gave me a kiss and handed the rose to me. "Frankie, I'm not dressed up you could of told me and I would of.", he laughed.

"This place is where we had-"

"Our first kiss.", I finished.

"Yes, when I was kissing you that night I knew I was in love with you and It scared me because I was with Jamia and I feel in love with you, but I'm not anymore.", he got down on one knee.

"Ashley Louise I love you and I prey to God that you love me back, will you do me the honor and become my wife.", he opened the black velvet box and there was the most beautiful ring I have ever seen, It was a diamond with red rubies around it. Tears filled me eyes.

"Yes! Yes!.", I helped him to his feet and kissed him."

"Did you say yes or am I just imagining things?", I laughed.

"Yes, the answer is yes.", I kissed him but he soon pulled away.

"If you said yes then I have to put this ring on your finger.", he then slid the ring on my finger.

Andrea's POV

"Why are we just sitting here smiling?", I asked Bob.

"Frankie is asking Ashley to marry him right now!", I laughed at how excited Bob was.

"Why did you tell me sooner like when everyone planned it?"

"Because, you was with Ashley most of the time."

"Oh, I thought he was never going to ask the question."

"Yeah, it has been along time, Oh and after everything settles down wanna go to Chicago with me?"


"No.", Just then Ashley ran in.

"I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!", Her and Miranda were jumping up and down.

"I have things to plan!"

"Baby, we can take our time.", Frankie said putting his arms around her waist.

"Andrea, can you and Nikki help me plan my wedding?"

"Yes!", I got up and started to jump up and down with her. Okay so we like to jump when we're happy so what.

"What about me?"

"And me?", Aneesah and Miranda we could see the look in their eyes. I think Ashley got the same idea as me. I think it's because we are spending too much time together.

"You two are my maids of honor and you have to plan my baccalaureate party."

"I'm in.", Aneesah said rising her hand. We all laughed.

"Lets go back to our place and go to sleep or better let's not.", Frank said to Ashley.

"Yeah let's.", They ran out.

"Ewwwww to much information!", Bob yelled.

"Ashley's getting it on!!!", Gerard yelled. I laughed. This wedding is going to be so fun to plan!
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