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Chapter 2

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Ashley's POV

After a long night and I mean long night I decided to call and fly down to Mississippi. My family doesn't know that I've been dating much less getting married. I picked up my phone and called Briana.

Briana: Hey girl

Me: Hey

Briana: What's up?

Me: I'm going to Mississippi

Briana: Why the hell are you going to Mississippi?!

Me: I'm getting married!

Briana: WHAT!?

Me: Yeah and I've got to tell the family.

Briana: Is Frankie going with you?

Me: Yeah.

Briana: Good luck with that.

Me: Thanks but I wanted to know if your coming with.

Briana: No I'm good without them.

Me: Okay well I'll let you go.

Briana: Okay bye.

End of conversation.

"So what did she say?", Frankie asked coming up behind me and kissing down my neck.

"She's not going."

"Oh well you have me."

"Be afraid very afraid."

"What does that mean?", he asked turning me around to face him.

"Two words My dad."

"Your daddy's little girl?"

"Yes much."

"Well we're going to do it sooner or later."

"Yeah I guess your right."

"I know I'm right now come on.", he said leading me towards the bedroom.

"Where are you taking me?"

"To bed."

"Wait.", I stoped, "I'm not tired."

"You will be when I'm done with you."

"How long is this going to take because we're leaving tonight at six?", I said laughing.

"Damn I thought we could do it all night too, well there's always the bathroom in the plane."

"Ha ha no!"

"Why not it's kinky."


"Alright but this better be one hell of a ride because it has to last a long time."

"Oh it will.", I said pushing him into my room and on the bed.

"I like it rough."

"Then rough it shall be.", I said sucking on his bottom lip.

Aneesah's POV


"Yes, baby."

"Come here NOW!"

"What baby.", he said walking in to see me standing on a chair.

"THERE'S A MOUSE RIGHT THERE.", after he captured the mouse and took it outside, I got down.

"There all better."

"No, Mikey not all better, you are the nastiest person I've ever seen ,you never clean, you leave food around, you throw clothes everywhere. Everytime I get this house clean like for example when you go on tour and I'm at home. The second you're home it goes right back to where it started. Or worse when I'm gone on tour and I come back I have to clean dishes that you have not touched in months!"

"Okay you seem upset."

"UPSET I'M PAST UPSET I'M FURIOUS!!", I got up and grabbed my keys.

"Where are you going?"

"I need some time to think, to cool off!

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