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I don't blame you for being you, but you can't blame me for hating it

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Dana is taken for a loop.

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As I drove to the club I saw the sun set beyond the horizon. The place where I was seemed familiar. That might have been because I was just there earlier that day. When I went shopping before, I passed what looked like an abandoned building. This couldn't be true because apparently after dark it turned into a hopping night club. There were girls as young as twelve standing in line in their crisp new Fall Out Boy shirts which were being sold by street venders. Everyone was chattering about how excited they were to be there and how much they loved the band and all that. I was getting excited myself.
I parked my car and made my way to the back door just as Pete directed me to. The cold February air blew across my face sending chills down my body. What made it even worse, there was this huge bouncer standing by the door. He frightened me. I walked up to him and he was all in this deep voice, "Hey little missy, the line starts on the other side of the building." I saucily replied back, "Excuse me, you must be mistaken. My name is Dana," I stated pointing to the list of names on his clip board. "Oh, I'm so sorry miss, please come in and warm your self up, it gets quite cold here in Chicago." "I've noticed."
I stepped in through the dark doorway into a dimly lit room with the sound of warm up guitar playing in the background. I stood there for about two minutes just waiting to see if anyone noticed me, preferably Pete, but what I did know was that he was probably doing his little "roadie" business by now.
I popped out of my dazed state of thought just in time to realize that someone was tapping me on my shoulder. "Dana?" He asked. I quickly whipped myself around and stared into his beautiful mossy brown eyes. It took my own eyes a second to adjust to the light enough for me to make out his face. I stepped back in shock for I just realized I was standing right in front of PETE WENTZ, the bassist of FALL OUT BOY!
Never would I have ever thought that the Pete that I was having chats with online would have been, well, you know, THAT PETE! I thought he was just another Pete that lived in Chicago. Well, I'm sure there's more than one right? But time seemed to have frozen because my mind just couldn't register what was going on at the moment. So many questions flooded into my mind:
I can't believe that my Pete was this Pete!
Wait, so he lied to me?
He's not a roadie!
What the hell is going on?!
"H-h-h-i," I stuttered.
"Oh no," Pete said, "You aren't going to flip on me are you. I know what you're thinking, I lied."
"Yeah," I was starting to get angry. Why would he lie?
"Look, I only did it because if I told you the truth I knew you wouldn't believe me. I figured that if I lied I could at least get to meet you without you thinking I was a stalker or something." He told me.
Well that answered my question.
"Well, what are we going to do now?" I asked him, my anger was slowly lifting.
"Um, we are going on in about ten minutes. How about you hang out in the wings and watch the show. Then after go down the hall to my dressing room with Hemmingway until the meet and greet is over, then I'll come get you and we can go out to eat and I'll try to redeem myself." He said with the hugest smile of satisfaction on his face.
"Sounds like a plan," I said. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but hey, I couldn't not follow Pete's orders. His eyes are so hypnotizing, plus I really wanted to see his puppy. So I grabbed hold of his hand as he led me to the wings of the stage.

Authors note : xmixedxtapex Frenchie189 sing4me09 and Crimsonsorrow, thanks again for the reviews. I'm having a tad case of writer's block at the moment. I do have some ideas for later in the story though. I'll try to get another chapter up later, it's doubtful however. Please review everyone! XO!
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