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Princess Yue had a duty, and now she pays for it. An acrostic.

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P is for people. She died for her duty to them. She has no regrets fot that

R is for the respect. She will never be without it.

I is for inside, the turmoil that lies there. Hidden behind a crater packed smile.

N is for never, see the home she loves again. Though her home can see her.

C is for caring, something she never stopped doing, even when hope was gone.

E is for eager, to do an activity.

S is for sad, one boy alone staring at the moon. She makes the night magic, his far away princess.

S is for Sokka, her far away peasant, her far away prince.

Y is for young, too young to have such duty. Drowning her forever in a sea of respect.

U is for understand. She was a great person. She lives on in spirit.

E is for ever, stuck in the sky, watching young lovers under her.
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