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Aang reflects on his monk training.

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Girls are icky.

That was what the monks always told him anyway. It was the endless refrain of the Southern Air Temple, repeated a thousand times by both young and old. Drinking, smoking, and fighting were also no no's. But /girls,/, the monks could rant for years about those. The cruel creature that could make a boy forget his sense and his duty with only one word from their cherry red lips. Only for the furthering of the air bender population were necessary. Just, not for monks. Aang used to spend a lot of time wondering about girls. What did they look like? Beautiful of face, with eyes so large you could fly across them, but vile of heart and soul, they told him.

Why were they necessary for the population?
That question got him a long talk from Monk Gyatso, complete with charts. It made Aang slightly sick to remember that awkward conversation.

But now one hundred years later, here he was with a girl best friend. She didn't seem vile of heart. Katara wasn't even unpleasant of heart. She was the most heartfelt person he knew. Was that one of the girl tricks the monks were talking about? Aang had to admit her eyes were very large. But he could never fly across them.

Maybe Katara was an exception. Katara had to be, the exception that proves the rule. She cried when betrayed and got angry or happy like any normal thing. Maybe she wasn't a girl? No, Katara was proud of her gender. Sexist was one of her favorite insults. If she knew about Aang's monk teaching she wouldn't speak to him for a week. But even that didn't make sense. Aang now saw girls all the time and none of them seemed particularly evil. Meng wasn't evil; she had only been nice to him. He was the one to hurt her. Suki wasn't evil, just a little headstrong at worst. From the way Sokka talked about her girls must be wonderful. Princess Yue had sacrificed herself for the good of the people. Vile hearted things didn't do that.

But then Aang thought of Monk Gyatso's lessons and suddenly girls sounded gross all over again.

Yes girls are and were definitely icky.

Well, most of them anyway.
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