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Sparrow Spirit

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I am a spirit sent to guide the Chosen Ones of the Movieverses. My second assigment, Captain Jack Sparrow in PotC! (Chapter 1)

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AN: In case you are new to my spirit fics, please check out my Nightcrawler Spirit fic, or if you want you can just read the intro to it if you are in a rush. All the same rules apply in this fic as in the first one. (Including the fact that it's NOT meant to be a Mary-Sue and I don't own the movie at all.) I don't own PotC, only the Spirit, named Calypso in this fic. Please enjoy.


A gentle, early morning sun rose slowly up over the horizon that had, until then been only dominated by night-blackened sea. The salt water was calm, for now. But any sailor, be they good or evil, could tell you that could change in a heartbeat into a violent typhoon. I knew that wasn't going to happen though, at least not yet.

I glided over the still cool Caribbean water. The infamous sea was cool this morning, as the sun had not yet gotten much of a chance to warm it. I was searching for my latest assignment. I knew he would be around here somewhere. To speed thing up a bit, I decided to use my powers to help me find them. I closed my eyes and concentrated on my target. A breeze picked up and I felt myself being guided along by it. When I opened my eyes I was confused though. I couldn't see the one I was meant to be guiding anywhere. I hovered high above the sea, turning in a slow circle to scan the entire horizon. I could see some cliffs in the distance. That meant that land wasn't too far away, but my assignment wouldn't be on land, not yet, so where the heck was he?

I sighed and frowned in frustration. Time was running out. I had a strong feeling that my assignment in this world wasn't going to be the easiest one to convince. It was going to take me a long time to completely earn his trust. I would need all the time I could get before the story really got going.

Out of impulse I looked down. I groaned and rolled my eyes. My assignment was stretched out in a small vessel right below me. I think he was asleep. Feeling just a bit stupid, I glided down and landed quietly on the mast. The boat had a rag stuffed into a hole in its bottom, obviously put there as a temporary solution to a serious problem that had to be fixed ASAP.

"That must be one of the reasons why Anna Maria was in Tortuga," I thought. "Too bad Jack didn't notice that before he 'barrowed' her boat."

Jack was the name of the man below me. Captain Jack Sparrow. He was a pirate captain. Some would argue that he was the worst one, but others would disagree. I was one of those who disagreed. So he didn't have a ship or a crew at the moment, but now he had me, and as long as he co-operated everything would turn out fine in the end.

The captain had his brown tri-cornered hat tipped over his face and his head was resting on his hands. I floated down to his level to wake him up. The sooner he met me, the sooner I could begin to earn his trust. "Jack? Jack?" I said loudly. He groaned. "Captain?" Jack removed a hand from under his head and lifted his hat from his face. Dark brown kohl-lined eyes peered up at me. "Good morning!" I smiled.

Jack looked me up and down with a surprised, but relatively calm expression on his face. "Well, this is an interesting dream," he said.

"I'm not a dream," I corrected him. Jack frowned.

"A stowaway from Tortuga then?" he asked. I shook my head.

"No, Jack," I said. "I'm a spirit. I was sent here to guide you through..." All of a sudden, Jack whipped out his pistol and pointed it at me. He stood up.

"You'd better start making sense," he warned.

"It's the truth!" I declared. "Just hear me out, okay?" I waited for his response. He waved his pistol at me.

"Well, go on."

"I am a spirit. Sort of like a guardian angel," I explained. "I have been sent here to guide you through your adventures for the next few weeks. You are the only one who can see, hear or feel me. Anyone else could walk right through me and not even know I was there. You have to trust me, Jack. If you don't, I won't be able to help you." Jack's face hadn't changed very much throughout my speech. He didn't say anything, but he cocked his pistol in response. I took that to mean that he didn't believe me.

"You have to believe me, Jack," I continued. "I know you may find that difficult at first, but you must do it. Please." Then I got an idea. "Here, I'll prove it to you."

My masters had granted me the power to fly whenever I wanted to during the time I was in this world. Slowly I lifted myself up into the air and hovered about a meter above the deck. Jack's pistol tracked me up. It was aimed at my chest. I'm sure I saw disbelief flash through Jack's eyes.

"Jack, put the pistol down," I gently ordered him. "You don't want to waste Barbossa's one shot on me. This definitely is not the opportune moment to use that." Jack gave me a look of confusion and concentration as he debated this in his mind. At last he uncocked his pistol and lowered it.

"How'd you know this shot is for Barbossa?" he asked. I shrugged.

"I don't know how I know. I just do. I don't know everything though, just the basics. I know he used to be your first mate ten years ago when you were going after the cursed treasure of Isla de Meurta. The island that cannot be found except if you already know where it is. Your compass points the way to that island." I pointed to the devise hanging from his waist. Jack's eyes flickered briefly there.

"Aye, so you know all that," he said. "What else do ye know?" I sensed that he was testing me.

"I know that Barbossa led the mutiny against you. He stole your ship, /The Black Pearl/." Jack looked away from me and turned his gaze to the sea, deep in thought. I kept talking. "They left you on an island to die, but you escaped after three days and have been hunting for them ever since."

Jack was silent for a bit, and then he found his voice. "Come down here," he ordered. I obeyed the command. "You could have picked up most of that from anywhere," he said. That wasn't quite true, but I could tell that he still didn't really believe me. I sighed.

"But I didn't," I insisted.

"How did I get off the island?" Jack asked. I smirked. This was definitely a test.

"Well, depending on which tall tale you tell to whomever will listen, you've escaped via everything from a raft made of sea turtles and hair from your back to becoming the chief of the cannibal natives on the neighboring islands. But I know what you really did." I took a step towards him. "You bartered a trip off with the rumrunners who have a cashe there." Jack arched an eyebrow. "So, now do you believe me?" I asked.

"Maybe," he responded. "I'll admit that you do know an awful lot. But I still see no reason to trust you."

"Fair enough," I said. I understood why Jack was slow to trust other people. He had trusted Barbossa and look where that had led him. But I was going to do something that Barbossa wouldn't do without a fight. "How about this then, if you trust me and don't tell anyone about me at all, I promise you that you will get your Black Pearl back." That seemed to strike a chord with the pirate. He looked at me, his still slightly doubtful eyes searching me for signs of truth.

"If I trust you and not say a word to anyone about you, I'll get my ship back."

"Yes, eventually," I assured him. I knew that Jack would do just about anything to get his ship back.

"And what would happen if I did mention you to somebody?" Jack asked.

"Well, then I would have to leave you and you would never get the Pearl back," I said. It was as simple as that. "Look, I genuinely want to help you, Jack. I don't know why, but I do. Stick with me and I swear you will not regret it." I took another step towards him and stuck out my hand. "Do we have an accord, Captain?"

Jack gave a small smile at being called by his title. He hesitated a moment before taking my hand and shaking it firmly. "Agreed," he said, making firm eye contact with me. I grinned.

"Success!" I cheered in my mind. "Good," I said aloud.

"I'm afraid I don't know yer name though, spirit," Jack said. "If I'm to be trusting you, it would be nice if I knew your name."

"Oh! I'm sorry. I have many names, but you can call me Calypso."

"All right, Calypso," Jack nodded. I smiled. Now that that hurdle was past, the story could finally begin.
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