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The Lost History

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What really happened. Part of my Dreams series.

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Author's notes:

I had a really long dream and it inspired two different but related stories. Enjoy.

The Lost history


Mai made her way up stage, it had been ten years since the "incident" in which her nana, Marjorie had died. She remembered it vividly in her mind.

"Mai, monkey, are you sure you want to do this?" asked her brother stopping her midstep up stage. "We don't know if people are ready for this."

Mai's brother was worried because she was a witch. Witches were definitely not one of the most loved species in the planet. They were blamed for the Great World Wide Dust Bowl (GWWDB)...

Well, may as well start at the beginning....

Witches are not the sort that you have heard about in stories and fairytales. They aren't even the type you've heard in myths. Witches were made in the Big Bang. The Big Bang was a project started by the US; a treaty that would bring world peace. The UN signed it after sixteen years of serious deliberation. It was a simple treaty; weapons were what harmed people right? So, to make people peaceful, destroy the weapons and wipe their minds in the process. Easy and simple, right? WRONG.

First they had to find a place to blow up, somewhere nobody cared about. Somewhere that was not important and mostly just in the way. That somewhere was between Colombia and Costa Rica. Take out your atlas people, they blew up Panama. Panama, a place that charged you for taking your ship through "their" canal. The only place in which you were allowed to threaten the president with no harm to you. The one place where even the government would think up a reason to have a free day. Ahh, now there was a country that could party, Mardi Grass & Brazilian Carnivals had nothing on theirs; four days of complete countrywide madness. People were gonna miss it, but it was going down anyways. The UN gave the country an evacuation notice and told them to scram. Okay, that part was sorta easy.

The second task they had to do was to find out how exactly they were gonna get ALL the weapons. France came up with an idea. They (by they I mean the frenchies), pulled out the CWHEO list out. For you history dropouts the letters stand for: "Countries Who Hate Each Other". Just get one country to search the other. Well, it worked miraculously. For some strange reason seeing really big other country people, with muscles the size of your head beating a electrified baton against your door made people give up their weapons without so much as a peep. Wimps.

Okay, guns amassed done. Now what could possibly be missing? Oh yeah. Who wants to be the martyr that detonates the weapons? No? No hands? Okay so how do we choose? Who's more suicidal? Okay, lets draw straws. That was practically how the discussion to make a peaceful world went. At the end the most suicidal country was chosen as Japan. Why? The UN liked the sound of Kamikaze more than the unpronounceable Arabic/ Talibani word. So the Japanese chose the person who less produced in their country. They took out their list of max productivity. The Japanese kept strict control upon their citizens and animals. Their productivity was analyzed and if it went down even by a notch electric impulses were sent to their brain thanks to an implant placed when they're born. Well, they found a guy that wasn't even producing enough methane and had been shocked so many times that he had become immune to it. The Japanese conveniently lost his name. Ooops.

So the weapons were in Panama, put there by some guys that hate each other and were about to be detonated by a Japanese John Doe. Okay, we're all ready. Now what could go wrong?

Never ask that question, it is usually then that all hell breaks loose.


I'm sorry if I insulted anyone with this story. But I won't take back about the carnivals ours RULE!!! What can I say? I'm controversial. You can flame me if you want. Come on try me!!
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