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Weapons go Boom

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THere is still more to learn

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Author's Notes:

Hehehe just when you thought you could log on again.... another chapter strikes again!!! Hahaha and it doesn't finish here. Written to the rhythm of Japanese music.

Weapons go BOOM!!!


Well, where did I stop? Oh yeah, all hell broke lose. It seems that "John Doe" refused to push the huge detonation button. He was stupid, but not that stupid. He locked himself into the control panel room and threatened to use the weapons against them, if they tried any thing funny. Things were NOT running smoothly.

Okay, so whose turn is it to come up with an idea? We got from America, from Asia and from Europe. So who wants this one? Africa or Australia or Oceania. After a tiring game of paper rock scissors, Africa was chosen. Okay so what's the plan? They decided that they should get a really good shot and harpoon the guy. With any luck his body would fall upon the big ol' red button. Great plan...if their harpoons weren't in the pile to destroy. D'oh! That's an old saying that means: "Stoooopid!"

Right. So, Africa got bodily thrown out of the UN, told to take a time out. Their brains were most probably fried from the electric batons. OK. Australia your turn. Hmm, after two minutes of thinking they got it! What happens when someone tells you not to look down? Exactly. You look down. I think they called reverse psychology in those times; we call it disobedience. So that's what they told him to do. No, not look down. They explicitly told him not to touch the red button, using big words like NO and DON'T. And of course we're talking about a total "rebel". He was a mind different from the rest, one and unique. No book held the answers of what he will and will not do! He touched the big, red, shiny, button. Dare to be different.

Obviously the bombs blew up to smithereens taking poor, ol', Doe with them. The explosion rocked the world. Literally. Stuff moved. Everything was within spitting range. What hun? Wanna go to France? Okay get your flippers and impermeable suitcases; we're swimming it. Okay that shouldn't be much of a problem, the French hate us even more, but they'll learn to deal. Japan was now landlocked, it found itself actually INSIDE China. But hey, price of meat went down. Panama was no more, no matter. But no boats were gonna go through there, fishes mutated and stuff. England was an island no more. No big deal, no one cared. Weapons are gone, that was the main idea. Good. Mission accomplished.

So, if we were supposed to forget, why do we still remember? Easy, we forget HOW to make weapons, but we still remember 'em. Why? No one knows. Does anyone feel different? You know, extra fingers? Gills? Flippers? A strange rash in the nether regions? No nether regions? Every politician in the UN left for home and checked their own country. No one could hurt anyone without having to do extreme work. So they could sit back and watch peaceful sports like rugby, football, soccer, and hockey. Everything was fine and dandy. Good? Good. Peace, love, and happiness forever right? Wrong!

Why does everyone scream victory before the overweight (let's get politically correct) lady sings? Tsk, you all give me a headache.


Wanna hear more? No? I don't care, I'll still tell ya some more. You'll have to kill me before I'll shut up!! Next class: What went wrong with the cool plan. Maybe it'll be my last chapter, I 'unno it depends on how much I want to torture you guys.
- Kurochan your "history" teach.
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