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What happened in five years and after.

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Author's Notes:

Okay I've decided that I've annoyed you enough for one story. So, this is a looooong goodbye! I know, it hurts please don't cry. You guys must be happy; the torture is over. Written to the rhythm of my father's snoring.

What happened in five years and after.


Yeah, okay people singing and smelling flowers. Everything is fine and dandy in every continent for a record of five years. The children born the year of the weapons' destroying are called peace babies. Everything's good and nice. War is a thing of the past only vaguely remembered in books and by old people. Children go to school, love their parents, have friends and don't have to worry about anything except stuff like fitting in and getting dates. No metal detectors at school, no searching for weapons, no dogs sniffing. It's all good.

Until, of course, a little incident. A four-year-old kid "accidentally" floated her school bus to safety. What no big deal? Maybe it's no big deal now but in that time it was a BIG big deal. Nothing like that had ever happen since Vlad the Impaler and his wife's mysterious disappearance. Who's Vlad the Impaler? Read a book, find out. Hint: He inspired Count Dracula. Anyways, after that incident other "little" incidents came to light. One mother's apron stopped burning when her little boy touched it. A dad that had self-amputated his leg, by accident, was healed when his daughter placed the "pieces" back together. Of course, nice things like this don't inspire fear and hatred.

Well, no body minded the new human species much until the accidents coming into light became a little, disturbing. For example, a dog spontaneously combusting after biting a girl. A little boy bursting into flames after bullying another. A mother appearing in China after telling her twins that they couldn't have any cereal at eight o' clock at night. Those kinds of incidents were the ones that worried the people. Worried them to such an extent that some feared their own children. Not all peace babies were gifted, and of those that were not many were peaceful. The UN had to meet again.

The 'Un'peaceful Babies were the reason of discussion. The witty name came from Africa; we suspect they weren't fully healed from the electrical shocks. So, what do we do about them? Any ideas? The United States asked every continent to do a human count (they had another name for it back then, censor or something) of the peace babies with powers. Now, hearing the US ask this makes us believe that the electrical batons shocked some sense into them. So the hum- cenate or whatever, in every country. The hum- lexus, came out that there were about 39,513,013 almost 40 million peace babies with powers or 'un'peaceful babies. Peachy.

Hm. This could be trouble. No decent mother would let the government take her baby with out a fight. Now imagine 40 million mothers not counting the fathers and what we've got is a whole lot of lawsuits. Not pretty. Who's turn was it? Who's left to put in their two cents? Oh yes it was Oceania no? Ok, so what is your idea? The great plan to save the world from something that could eventually destroy us was: "We dunno. You on your own". With that great burst of confidence Oceania left the UN.

After the awkward silence passed, everyone coughed at the same time making the whole UN burst into laughter. The tension was broken and the problem was brought into consideration once more. Then something surprising happened, the least noticed country lifted her hand shyly. One would never expect this country to participate. It wasn't a country anymore. Just a bunch of people spread out around the world. That's right, Panama. They forgot to throw her out of the UN. Panama stood up and looked down and said that they should make a special school for the special children where they would be able to control their powers. But this school would be apart from their normal school, like in the evenings or something of the sort. They would still have to learn to interact and behave normally with others.

Complete and total silence reigned over the UN. Then, they all agreed, it had been the best idea they had heard in the UN since well, ever. So the countries did so and everything went perfectly more or less. Little accidents like a boy hypnotizing a girl to date him and such. It all worked out fine. The witches' DNA was sometimes a recessive trait and sometimes a dominant. The witches taught their own children making the special schools unnecessary. Everything was fine. No mayor accidents of the sort. So why do people hate witches? Did you forget what I said in the first class? The Great World Wide Dust Bowl!

The GWWDB was a well, a drought that spread all over the world. It happened because of the whole ozone layer/ green house effect thing. But it was the timing that messed up the witches. It was time for the World Cup. What's the World Cup? Well, records of this have been lost; the only thing we know is that it involved soccer. Soccer was some sport that involved a checkered ball of the sort. The World Cup was something that was watched worldwide, every country was into it. Everybody watched it. It seemed to be a universal, unisex sport. So it was the last game. The game in which everyone had their hopes into, their money into and if they didn't know who won it they would just simply die.

Some old, drunk, crackpot wizard came up on the TV screen during half time and said that he wasn't let in the game for free and because of that the whole world would suffer. He said a fake incantation and then said out loud "Now you are all cursed, I have called upon a mighty drought that will hit the world and make you all suffer!!!" Ten minutes after he said that the wind picked up and it got really hot and dry really fast. The wizard looked around in surprise. What was going on? The wind brought with it an inordinate amount of sand, getting into spectators eyes and the inside of the cameras. It was a sand storm!

So then the whole earth got hot and dry and it the rain was few and far apart. People started blaming the witches after two months. Even though scientists gave the explanations they refused to believe and gave into superstition. It wouldn't have happened if the witches hadn't said the spell. We historians believe that the drought wasn't the only reason of the people's irritability. The main thing that got them to hate the witches was that they didn't get to see the end of the game. It was "postponed", both teams having the same score 1-1. So witches were in trouble, no one knew who could have won the game, and the scientists were miserable. All these factors gave way to what we "fondly" call: "The Salem Witches Trials Part II: The Barbecue.".

~ Not a nice time for witches....


"It's time they knew and accepted, witches are here to stay and there's nothing they can do about it, brother. They just need the truth and time to accept it. It wasn't our fault alone the world ended up like this, and it wasn't only theirs. It was everybody's fault."

Mai's brother nodded. He stepped out of the way and let her pass falling into step behind her. She walked onto the stage head held up high hiding her apprehension. Her brother took off the cloak showing them her brown, sun kissed face, her full red lips and her multi-colored eyes. She looked around at the people that were there, their eyes full of hate and fear not accepting her presence. They had to know. She did a one over once more and caught sight of blue hair and black lightless eyes. 'Harry' she called the man, but it wasn't his real name. He looked straight at her, smirked and shook his head. He then blew a magiked kiss right at her lips and had them whisper:
"It's a bad idea. But if you're still alive after this, maybe we can have some fun later. See you later, Mai. Love ya kid."

With that he merged into the shadows and his presence disappeared. Mai growled. She hated him with all her soul. She took a breath to calm herself, and began her narrative.

"There was a time when witches and men lived together in harmony....."

The End.


Class dismissed! Are you guys happy? I finished it even though you had to wait two days for it. It wasn't my fault blame my bimonthly exams. See now you sci-fi guys don't have to read anything else with my name on it. Yay! Your futuristic class is over! Now you can curse me out freely in your reviews.

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