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Crounos killed my dad,,,

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when Jay gets a call that his father is dead, jay doesn'tknow what to think! he cries for a while and starts his old hapit of singing with his guitare. but when his friends get worried, they try to...

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"i can't get this right
i wont stop the fight
i will stay strong
but if anything went wrong
i would blame myself for other's faults
breath in dispair
that's why i say this prayer

i have the world on my shoulders
crying and trying
to keep them above water
i'm drowning in tears
the lies and the fears
i am alone in this battle
the world is at stake
and the prize isn't money
but only thanks
we are heroes
we are the only ones left
darkness has fallen
and i cant imagine life
without you"

Jay stopped his guitare, he sat qietly in the music room, this was his sanctuary, the only place that he felt safe. everything that had happened to him lately had fouled up his brain! wasn't it enough to have the whole world on your shoulders? but now he had found someone that he really liked...maybe more
"your trying to save the world Jay! what are you doing falling in love?" he asked himself, he was desperate for answers. his whole life had been a little weird, his fathers mysterious death, his mother wanting to get married as soon as possible afterwards? what was going on?

not an hour ago he had gotten a call from his home town hospital saying that his father was dead! then his mother came on, happy beyond belief saying that she was gitting married!
"what's wrong in this picture?" he had asked himself, he knew verywell that his mother loved his father! why would she be happy? what is wrong with the world indeed!

he rested teh schools guitare back in its place,he sang and played guitare sinse forever! he loved it! no one had ever heard him sing or play one of his composed songs...actually no one had ever heard him sing at all! after he was brought to olympia high he had put his dreams behind, he had to think about the world, he had never looked back on his vow till that day. the world didn't matter anymore, he had to take his feelings out somehow...right? he got up and started for the door "dad, hear me please, i will never vow against what i love again, notmusic, not you or mom, but i want answers,wy am i feeling this way. i mean, your dead, moms happy, the worlds on my shoulders nd to top it all off I think i'm in love! how did you manage a normal teenage life? i wish i could understand" Jay sighed, tears filled his eyes again, this was the worst day of his life, By far!

it was dark outside when he started back to his dorm, he cried as he walked, silent sobs came from his heart as he walked somberly to the brownstone.
"Get away! help!Hel-" said a voicewho seemed to be hurt, but the voice was cut off.
"Shut up! if you do what i say i wont have to be forced to!" said that man "Never!" said the girls voice from before "okay then, if you insiste, Mark, Randel, hold her tightly" said the man, the girl screamed slightly.

Jay started to walk faster, he arrived at the allyway to find a red haired girl being held tightly by two huge men. Jay ran at them, he hid behind a garbage can, what he saw almost made him leap out and rip their brains out!:
The two men held non other then Therisa! the man had removed her tank top and was attempting at her zipper, she was hopeless! Jay ran out and knowcked out the smaller man who was trying her zipper and then quickly took out the big men holding Therisa.

"Therisa!" he cried, he had been terryfied. she looked up to see jay's face above her, worry plastereditself to him. "jay" she said sobbing, Jay knelt down beside her and alowed her to sob into his shoulder, he hugged her tightly. "i was so scared" she sobbed "me too" he told her, she coughed "Really?" she asked almost amazed "why wouldn't i be Therisa? those men were trying to unzip your pants! and they'd already taken off you shirt! they were trying to Rape you!" Jay said hysterically. she smiled "thanks Jay" she said hugging him closer.

When Therisa let go Jay found tank top on the muddy ground "oh god" she said looking at the now rag, she was covering her bra without much success, Jay would haveon any other day had felt the same urges and guy has, but today, he couldn't feel anything, he was numb. "here" he said taking off his sweater, he had a white muscle shirt under it. Jay might nothave felt the normal guy feelingsbut Therisa was absolutly fine in that manor! and seeing such a good looking guy give her his shirt would normally have made her faint (kidding!)! She took it and slipped it over her white bra, it was warm, warm like Jay. she hugged her arms slightly to keep the warmth in, it was a bit could and without a top on, it was much colder.

they walked home, as they neared brownstone Therisa looked up at Jay to find his eyes fullof tears "Jay, what's wrong?" she asked him, he looked away at top speed "i don't want to talk" hesaid quietly "Your crying Jay! i'd like to know what's wrong" Therisa insisted, her green eyes were fullof concern "no, Therisa" he said opening the door to brownstone,he held it for her and automatically walked to his room. "too much" he whispered to himself.

Jay made a list of the greatest times he'd had withhis father:
-The time when they had got snowedin at te ski hill in Banff, they had a great christmas and they opened there presents when the gothome 2 days later.
-when his father had helpped him enough with basket-ball that he made the team then became captain. he'd beenon every basket ball team in every school he went to sinse that time.
-when him and his father had gone fishing and trout had eaten all there worms after Jay insisted to throw them over bored to 'feed the fishes'.
-at Jay christmas concetert, when Jay had fumbled with the words of the song and his dad had gotten up and yelled "that's my boy!" everyone had stared then cheered for some reason.
-when his mother had gotten cancer and Jay felt so sad that he pucked every hour, his father had stood right next to him the intire time till his mother was free ofthe awful disease.
-when is dog had died, jay's dad had helped Jay burry him and carve a small stone with 'doggy died and lived well' then helped jay say final goodbyes.
-taught him to sail.

Jay stopped at that final one and lept on to his bed and began to cry again. his cries were muffled by his pillow. after hehadstopped crying, he noticed the silence downstaires, he walked to the stepsto listen to the quiet conversation:

"what's wrong with Jay?" Therisa asked
"no idea" Archie said
"i have a thought..." Odie said
"what?" Therisa asked
"well there was a call and it was for Jay, it was an older lady, but she sounded happy...and then there were sounds like in a hospital and stuff...maybe if i could activate the memoryin the phone i could wire it to replay the message!" Odie said
"Genious inthe maing" Atlanta said.
"get me the phone Herry, it will only take a minute" Odie said, there was silene and you could hear the turning of tools and such.
"done, listen" Odie said pressing a button, the conversation he had had with his mother was loud enough for even Jay to hear:

"Hello?" came Odies voice
"yes, id Jay there?" asked a womens voice,sureenough there were sounds from the hospital, like buzzing from rooms and such
"yeah, sure" Odie said a few seonds later Jay heard his own voice
"hello?" came his voice
"Jay! hunny! it's mom, i have bad news" said the women, though she sounded fine, even happy!
"what?"asked Jay's voice
"it's your father, he had a major heart attack last night...he didn't make it Jay, sorry, but there was nothing that could be done for him" said his mothers voice, there was a stiffled cry from Jay and then the long beep that meant Jay had hung up.

"oh no" Therisa said, the voice message faded and odie put the phone to the side
"" Atlanta said, the others seemed to agree
"and then after that, he saves you from rapests!" Herry added.
"yeah it was a rather long night, gliad to know that i don;t have to trustyou guys anymore,i just have to use the phone" Jay said coming into the kitchen, Therisa looked close to tears "jay we-" Jay cut her off "i'm going home for a while, i'm leaving the PMR here, you'll have to do without me" Jay said grabbing a glass and the orange juice from the cupboard
"wait, your leaving? quiting?" Odie stamered
"no, i don't quit Odie, you'll just have to deal for a while, that wont be to hard will it? i mean you found it easy to dig in my personal things. i'm taking the plain tomorow" Jay said walking out of the room with the juice.

could that really be it? could Jay's father, his father! be gone? Jay praye not, but the facts always came crashing into him 'my dad's dead...dead like my doggy in the backyard'...
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