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He ruled a world of fans, music, and rock star glory. Little did he know that the world he was destined to lead was full of danger, mythical creatures, and unimaginable horrors dedicated to destroy...

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- Disclaimer- I actually have claim to a bunch of crap in this story! YES!!! Anything recognizable I don't own.

A/N- Hello, fools. I am back in black. Because black is the only color I wear. nods Okay, this chapter is an explanation of the world that this is going to take place in. It's also an explanation of the characters, the creatures, and the (maybe) pairings. I need to explain a bunch of stuff because the creatures and stuff are not the usual creatures. (Like, sunlight doesn't kill vampires.) Yup. I really hope that this doesn't turn out to be a load of crap that ends up disappointing all my online fans. Like I have fans. laughs Anyway, the next chapter shall be up I don't know when. smiles I'm never punctual. Well, here's the explanation chapter.


Gerard Way
Mikey Way
Frank Iero
Ray Toro
Bob Bryar
Brendon Urie
Ryan Ross
Spencer Smith
Jon Walker
Pete Wentz
Patrick Stump
Joe (From Fall Out Boy. I don't know his last name.)
Andy (From Fall Out Boy. Once again, I don't know his last name.)
Ville Valo


Jared Leto
Billie Joe Armstrong
Tre Cool
Mike Dirnt
Adam Lazzara
Davey Havok
Bam Margera
Ryan Dunn
Johnny Knoxville


Oli Moore:

Eyes- Red (Blue at night; when angry, frightened, or hurt)

Hair- Dark brown, blonde highlights; long bangs, spiked in the back.

Skin- White (literally)

Tattoos/Piercings- Gauged ears, two lip rings, nose ring, eyebrow stud (left), black rose outlined in red under his belly button, black crow between his shoulder blades

Height- 5'7"

Weight- 108 lbs; can see ribs, hips jut out, stomach flat, almost curvy frame

Race- Winged Creature= Wingspan-20 ft. Color- Black with red feathers.

Personality- Highly intelligent, easily intimidated, shy, unable to trust, scared of humans, abused in the past and it shows.

Cassia Dowd:

Eyes- Brown

Hair- Dark brown, red highlights; shoulder length with bangs swept across

Skin- mocha

Tattoos/Piercings- pierced ears, lip ring

Height- 5'8"

Weight- 100 lbs; skinny but not as much as Oli

Race- Vampire= Drinks blood, self-healing, can walk in sunlight, immortal

Personality- Highly intelligent, sarcastic, head-strong, loves clichés, big words, and random facts no one cares about.

Nikki Aiden:

Eyes- Brown

Hair- Very curly brown shoulder length frizzy hair

Skin- Mocha (but darker than Cassia's)

Tattoos/Piercings- pierced ears

Height- 5'7"

Weight- She'll punch you if you ask. (But she's not fat. She's skinny, about the same size as Cassia.)

Race- Vampire. (Same specialties as Cassia.)

Personality- Sarcastic, loud, smart, laughs too loudly too quickly at the wrong time, likes to cheer people up

Levianna Cutelo:

Eyes- Purplish red

Hair- Black; wavy, always up in an extremely messy bun

Skin- White (Just pale)

Tattoos/Piercings- none

Height- 6'4"

Weight- 120 lbs, she's model-thin

Race- No one knows. She's invincible (so it seems), immortal, and all powerful.

Personality- Cold and uncaring. Cruel. The current ruler of Algeusteria.


Vampire- Clichéd drinking of the blood. Crossed, holy water, and garlic have no effect. (Come on. That's just stupid.) Invincible, immortal, and can walk in sunlight. Don't need to kill victims in order to feed. Ability to blend in with shadows. Can self heal. New vampires are made when a vampire bites a victim at midnight on a full moon night. They have to exchange blood. Some good and some evil.

Zombies (oh hell yeah)- the walking undead. Any race can be turned - human, vampire, etc. - if bitten by a zombie. Capable of formulating, plans, etc. because they're not stupid. They move slow, are extremely strong, and are killed with a hard blow to the head. All are evil.

Winged Creatures- A new, never before seen species. Are essentially people with large bat-like wings covered with feathers. Mostly incredibly thin due to the amount of food energy it takes to fly. Strong, fast, fight well, but are killed by anything that can kill a human. Wings are extremely sensitive. Mostly good but some evil.

Sorcerers- Immortal, invincible, able to use spells to control elements, people and other things. Always evil. Very intimidating.


Algeusteria- A mystical kingdom overrun by crazy-ass evil creatures. A scarier than Hell place to live, mostly due to the current ruler (Levianna.) It's an ice world, literally. The only colors are black, blue, and purple. No plants survive here.

Nevada- In the magical kingdom of the ghetto. (Nah, just kidding. That was retarded.) It really takes place in Las Vegas. Look it up yourself if you don't know where that is. (Yes, I admit it. If I haven't said this before, I am American. Gosh dammit! Why couldn't I be Romanian???)

A/N- I hope I didn't forget anything. looks worried But, yeah. The next update will be the prologue, and then the one after that will be the first chapter. sucks in deep breath I hope I have the writing talent to do this. looks even worried-er? I invented a new word. Cool. REVIEW AND GIVE ME IDEAS AS TO WHAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN!! I MIGHT USE YOUR IDEAS!!!! If they're good anyway. REVIEW!!!!!!

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