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A king is crowned and a story is begun...READ!!!!!

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- Disclaimer- I don't own people who own themselves. Everything else is mine.

A/N- Okay, people, time for the prologue. Which is actually the epilogue. looks confused Okay, the ending of the story is happening first. The entire story is actually a flashback. nods So, this chapter is happening now, at the moment. (Not literally, people!) Yup.

If you want a list of the pairings, remember to ask me for them soon. Before I start posting the actual chapters. And for you slash-haters, guess what? There will be like two heterosexual pairings! But seriously, I doubt those two het-pairings will make up for the like millions of slash-pairings. Seriously. In this story's universe, there are only like two straight men.

So, if you don't like slash, extreme violence, character deaths, and mythical creatures, don't read this. Hell, don't read any of my stories. You won't like them. And, since I received my first hate-review two days ago, I'd like to say, "Either leave me a compliment, ways to make my story better, or con-crit. Do NOT diss my creative writing freedoms. Or I will never ever post again."

Wow. This is the first time I think in history that an author's note broke the 200 word barrier. I should shut up now, yes? Well, here's the prologue/epilogue thing. Enjoy...

There is triumphant music everywhere. It floats around in the air, flows through his very being.

All his fear is instantly washed away as he steps into the sunlight. Ah, sunlight. The ice is finally melting away, baring the true beauty of the land. No, let me correct myself. Not 'the land'. His land. This beautiful's finally his. After all the bloodshed, tears, and pain, it's finally his.

Algeusteria is now ruled by him.

And to think, just a few months ago, he had only been a human, a mortal man who played in a band. And now he is transformed.

He is now a battle-hardened warrior. A mighty, victorious warrior.

He had taken lives, hell, so had most of his friends and family. And some of them had their own lives taken.

But, though they will always be missed, their deaths were neither in vain nor useless. Their deaths led to victory.

To achieve a great cause there must be minor losses. At least, that's what his advisors tell him. At the time, though, the losses did not seem so minor.

But he sees. He sees the reasons for those deaths and he understands.

He takes another step forward to the edge of the high stone balcony. A soft gasp escapes from his lips, and his eyes widen.

So many voices rising together over the music, /united/, cheering for him. As one. Humans, vampires, sorcerers and winged creatures, all sworn enemies, together, cheer for /him/.

He bites his lip, leaning out over the railing to better see the crowds below.

Tears fill his eyes. The sight is so beautiful; he just can't contain his emotions.

A hand is placed on his shoulder. Even though he didn't hear the footsteps, he doesn't jump. He doesn't need to turn around. He knows who it is.

"They are proud of you, your majesty. Do not cry. Your lost ones, they are proud," the low, familiar voice purrs.

"I know," he chokes out. "I just can't believe that we did it. That I defeated her. I can't believe...I just keep waiting to wake up."

He can feel his companion's approval and understanding in the air. He wipes his eyes and sighs, scanning the hills.

He is gently pushed forward.

"Go now, your majesty. Address your people."

He nods, now completely chewing on his bottom lip.

He speaks in a loud voice, surprising himself with the mature, deep, commanding tone his voice has adopted.

"Welcome, welcome to freedom!" he screams, loving the feeling of the millions of shouts of approval pulsing through the air.

He grins, finally feeling at home and at peace with who he is.

He is Gerard Way, warrior, ruler, and yet, simple man.

"I have a story to tell you," he says. The crowd cheers, much like his audiences of the concerts in the past.

He grins and says, "This story began about four months ago. And to think, it all began after a small show in Las Vegas, with a thin teenager and his dog..."

A/N- Da da DUN!!! This is kind of a cross between Lord of the Rings (I am obsessed.), The Chronicles of Narnia, and Eragon. And some random HIM videos (Wicked Game, The Funeral of Hearts, and Join Me in Death.) Watch those videos on YouTube, because you know what? The Join Me in Death video is what I based this setting off of. (Yes, I am QUITE obsessed.) Well, REVIEW!!!!

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