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Chapter One

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Cheesy, a meeting, and the insane rantings of a young man.

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- Disclaimer- I own my OCs, the plot, and Algeusteria. Everything else I own no claim to.

A/N- Hello. Well, I am currently watching my HIM DVD and inspiration just, like, struck. So, yeah. I got good responses from the last chapter, and well, they made me happy enough to update RIGHT NOW. Well, this is written from third person, limited focus I think? That's called omniscient, right? Well, it's focusing on Gerard. But, I think you got that from the last chapter. I'll shut up now. Enjoy...

It was a hot and humid night. The Vegas lights shined brightly, giving Sin City the appearance of daytime. For vampire-wanna bees like Gerard, this sucked.

He had been trying to get to sleep after the small show he had just done, but the light combined with the noise of other bands mingling with each other made it impossible.

Finally considering it a lost cause, Gerard stood up and pulled on a light jacket, just 'cause he's Gerard Way, Lord of the Jackets. Stepping outside of his band's bus, he groaned when he saw Frank and Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco singing and dancing. How had Gerard known that the two of them would get along great?

There was a semi-circle around the two dancers, with everyone laughing and drinks firmly in hand. Gerard recognized some of the people, but some he didn't.

You see, this tour was called "The Mismatched Chronicles". Gerard thought the name to be incredibly stupid, but really it did describe the tour well. There were about thirty bands, with everything from emo to screamo to extremo. My Chemical Romance had toured with half the bands before, but some they hadn't. Gerard, though he used to be kind of antisocial, loved meeting other bands and comparing music. That's why when Brian, their manager, asked them if they wanted to go on this tour, Gerard had agreed right away. It took awhile to convince Mikey, though. He had wanted to spend more time with Alicia. But finally, he had agreed.

So, here they were, in a Las Vegas parking lot filled with thirty tour-buses and a ton of band members, fans, and random hobos. (Seriously. Gerard saw a hobo dragging his cardboard box away from a bus that parked too close for his liking just yesterday.)

Gerard walked down the four steps to the ground and joined the semi-circle. The tall man standing next to him turned and looked at him.

"Hullo. Are you on tour, too?" he asked, his voice thick with an accent.

"Yeah," Gerard said, "I'm Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. You're not from around here, are you?" He offered his hand to the man. The man shook it and gave Gerard a gap-toothed grin.

"No. I'm from Finland. I'm Ville Valo from a band called HIM."

Gerard nodded and smiled back at Ville. He wasn't afraid to admit that Ville was quite handsome, with his pale skin, high cheekbones, blazing green eyes, and wavy, black hair.

Ville gestured with his head to Frank and Brendon, who had both somehow managed to end up on the ground. They were now rolling around, air-guitaring.

Damn, the two of them were hyper.

"Do you know them?" Ville asked.

Gerard laughed.

"Unfortunately. The short one is my band's guitarist."

"And the other one?"

"Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco," Gerard replied.

Ville nodded and took a sip of his drink.

Gerard turned back to Frank and Brendon, who were now standing and singing some drinking tune. He then gasped as he was tackled to the ground.

He rolled over, eyes wide, and stared at his attacker.

It was a rather large Great Dane. The gray dog licked Gerard face, and Gerard groaned. He tried in vain to push the dog off, but he couldn't due to the dog's enormous size.

"Oh my God, get off of him, Cheesy! Cheesy, get off!"

The dog was pulled off of Gerard and he struggled to sit up. Wiping his face on his sleeve, he looked up at the dog's owner.

It was a young man, about eighteen. He had several piercings, two lip rings, one nose ring, gauged ears, and an eyebrow stud. His hair was a light brown color, with long bangs in the front and it short and spiked up in the back. He wore a red bandana around his head and an all black outfit with Converse. He looked Gerard up and down with worried eyes. Gerard stared at the boy, wondering if he was wearing contacts or if his eyes were really red.

"I'm so sorry," the boy said, holding out a hand to Gerard. Gerard took it, and the boy pulled him to his feet with surprising strength.

"I'm Oli," he said, smiling sheepishly.

"Gerard Way," Gerard said, holding out his hand. Oli stared at it blankly, as if wondering what to do.

Gerard gave Oli a strange look before dropping his arm back to his side.

"I, uh...," Gerard said, rubbing the back of his head anxiously. Oli gripped his dog's leash tightly and stared at Gerard with a fierce intensity.

"I was just coming over to tell some bands that I own a motel thing down the street, and that there are a few rooms open. I know that tour buses are uncomfortable; I used to be in a band. I quit though. Too many people need cheap rooms in Vegas, for...ya know. It's a more reliable business with a good money flow so I'm okay. I'm rambling. Sorry," Oli said in one breath. Gerard nodded.

"That's cool. Can you save a room for me and my band-mates?"

Oli smiled.

"Of course."

"I'd like one, too please, if that's possible. My band-mates can rot on the bus. I want to be alone," Ville added. Gerard gasped slightly. He had forgotten that the Finnish man was there.

Oli's smile grew wider.

"Sure. I already have Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco renting rooms. Dude, this is so cool. But now all four of my rooms are booked."

"Only four?" Gerard asked, confused.

"Yeah," Oli replied. "Come on. I'm only twenty-four. How big of place did you think I could get? But, really. I'm not a psychotic stalker. My motel-thing is more of a bed-and-breakfast, I guess. It's legit, I swear. Come on. I have something to show you guys when we get there."

Gerard exchanged glances with Ville, who looked just as concerned as Gerard felt.

"I don't know if I-."

"Come on," Oli said exasperatedly. "Pete Wentz trusts me. He's smart."

"Yeah, because all smart people take nude pictures of themselves and get that same phone stolen," Gerard replied sarcastically, crossing his arms over his chest.

"What?" Ville gasped, looking at Gerard with wide eyes. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Long story, not mine to tell. Ask Pete. If he doesn't punch you, he'll explain," Gerard sighed.

Ville nodded, and turned to Oli.

"I think I'll come tonight. I need a real bed."

Gerard shrugged.

"I still don't know."

Oli looked at Gerard with a scared face.

"Look. A whole world is depending on you coming to my motel tonight, Gerard Way. You have to come."

Gerard raised his eyebrow and turned to walk away.

"I knew it. You're going to like try and rape me or something. Ville, I wouldn't go if I were you."

Ville nodded, staring at Oli with wide eyes.

"Please!" Oli pleaded. "You're going to let millions of creatures suffer? I'm not going to hurt you, I promise."

Tears filled his eyes, which were slowly growing lighter. Gerard gasped.

"Your eyes! They just turned blue!"

Oli wiped his eyes and nodded.

"That's irrelevant. Call the rest of My Chemical Romance and meet me at Land of Confusion down the street. Please, Gerard. So many people will be tortured and die if you don't come."

"Are you threatening to kill people?" Gerard gasped, his hand gripping his cell phone.

"They won't die at my hands! They will die at Countess Levianna's! Gerard, you're the chosen one. You have to come so that you will be informed of your destiny!" Oli cried, grabbing Gerard's arm.

"Get off of me, you psycho!" Gerard said, ripping his arm away. "I'm calling the police."

"No!" Oli cried passionately. "I can prove to you that there is a whole other world of creatures that need your help! You just have to come tonight!"

Ville stared at Oli and asked, "Why him? Do you have a specific type that has to 'save the world', or was he chosen by the gods?"

"F**k you," Oli snarled. "You, Ville Valo, are also imperative to this cause, though I cannot see how."

Gerard blinked.

"How many people are you trying to rape?"

Oli's left eye twitched as he sighed. He spoke next in an unnaturally calm voice.

"I am not trying to rape anyone. Humans disgust me. I see no beauty in your race, and yet, it is a large bunch of humans that I am depending on to save Algeusteria. And there are fourteen men I need help from."

Gerard sighed, running his hand through his hair, aggravated.

"You honestly believe this, don't you, kid? I'm not sure if I should call the cops or call my therapist for you, but I think that I'm going to play along with this." Gerard bit his lip, turning to Ville.

Ville nodded.

"I'll go if he goes. I'm not going alone, obviously."

Oli smiled through his tears.

"Thank you. I will prove it to you. I will. Call your friends. You won't be disappointed. Remember, Land of Confusion. I'm depending on you."

And with that, Oli walked away.

Ville looked at Gerard with wide eyes.

"The name suits the boy, yes? Because, I'm certainly confused."

Gerard nodded.

"I have to call the rest of my band."

And he did, all the while Ville stood there, wringing his hands together and looking around nervously.

A/N- CLIFF-HANGER!!! Who is this Oli kid? Why does he need Gerard and Ville's help? Is he crazy? Will the rest of My Chem agree with Gerard's choice? When will I post the next chapter? WHEN WILL I SHUT UP??? Tune in for the next chapter and find out!!! REVIEW!!!!!!!!

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