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Chapter Two

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Skeptics, winged people, and believers. READ!!!

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The second that Gerard stepped into The Land of Confusion, he had second thoughts.

From the outside, the motel looked like a legitimate establishment. Yeah, if an abandoned warehouse is legit. The surroundings were nice, so the building stood out. It was rundown, the door was barely holding onto its rusty hinges, and the windows were boarded up.

If that wasn't bad enough, the inside was a lot worse. The front door opened into an extremely narrow hallway, made even tighter by piles of cardboard boxes lining the walls. A few bare light bulbs swung from the ceiling and lit up the place, but just barely. Mostly, it just illuminated the dusty particles floating down from the cracked ceiling.

Gerard glanced back at his band-mates and Ville, who were trailing behind him in single-file. Frank, who was directly behind him, gave a reassuring smile and motioned for Gerard to continue. Gerard nodded and walked up to where the hallway let into the lobby.

The lobby was just as bad as the hallway was. It was very dim, almost hard to see, and the furniture was broken and shoved against the wall. More cardboard boxes lined the walls. In the center of the room, there were two rows of seven rickety folding chairs. (Fourteen in all.) There was a small podium in front of the chairs, with a card table set up next to it. There were pictures and maps covering the table.

Occupying 8 of the chairs were Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Joe Hurley, Joe Trohman (Sp?), Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Jon Walker, and Spencer Smith. They all stared at the floor, at the walls, anywhere but at each other. They all looked uncomfortable.

Gerard, Ville, and Mikey took the last three seats in the front row next to Fall Out Boy, and Frank, Ray, and Bob took the last three seats in the back row. When Frank sat down next to Brendon, Gerard felt a little pang in his chest. Why hadn't Frank chosen to sit next to him? Gerard sighed, dismissing the thought as him just being nervous and a little creeped out.

After a few seconds of silence, Ville asked, "Where is the boy who asked us to come?"

Pete looked at him wide-eyed and asked, "Who are you?"

Ville frowned.

"Why do you ask like that?"

Gerard sighed and rolled his eyes.

"His name's Ville from a band, I'm sorry-."

"HIM. The band's called HIM," Ville said.

"That's original," Joe snorted. Ville shot him a dirty look and Joe stopped smiling.

Gerard crossed his arms over his chest and bit his lip.

"Pete, where is that kid?"

Pete said, "Well, when we came in there was a note on the door that said to sit down, that the kid would be here when everyone got here."

"I still say that we shouldn't have come," Ray piped in.

Frank shot him a look and said, "Gerard said that we would come, and we keep our word. So we come." Then he smiled at his lover, who grinned back at being defended.

Ryan let out a loud sigh.

"I agree with Ray. This place scares me."

Brendon let out a burst of laughter.

"So says the one who screamed during Snakes on a Plane. It wasn't even a horror movie!"

"I wasn't expecting that snake to just...pop out like that," he huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

Jon, Andy, Joe, Frank, Spencer, and Brendon burst into hysterical laughter while the others just exchanged glances and smiled slightly.

"I'm glad you all have made yourselves at home."

Gerard gasped, jumping slightly at the smooth voice. The room silenced right away.

Oli stood at the podium, smirking slightly. He still wore the red bandana, but was now wearing a fancy, tailored shirt. It looked like the shirt that Legolas wore during the ending scene of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, but a deep crimson color. He wore black pants that were kind of tight, and a pair a ratty Converse that didn't fit in with the outfit.

"I'm actually surprised that you all came tonight. But, my God, am I glad that you did. Algeusteria thanks you," he smiled.

Pete looked around at everybody and said, "I know this is on everyone's mind, so...what the f**k are you going on about?"

Oli's smirk dropped off his face. He narrowed his eyes, which Gerard was now sure were red.

"I asked you all here for a reason. You all came, so I don't see why you are being so rude. I asked you all here for your help. I asked you all here so that you can fulfill your destinies and help me fulfill mine."

At this, Bob burst into cynical laughter.

Oli's face filled with anger and he snarled, "Do you humans need proof of what I speak?"

"Yes. Yes, please," Ville said, crossing his arms over his chest. "As you can all see, we're terrible skeptics. Change our minds, please."

Oli stepped in front of the podium and stood in front of them.

Looking at Ville, he growled, "I don't like you."

Ville snorted.

"You should start a club with my ex-." His eyes widened and he stopped. "Never-mind," he mumbled.

Oli looked around the room, staring into the eyes of everyone. His gaze finally fell on Gerard, where it stayed. Gerard shifted in his chair, feeling very uncomfortable.

Oli straightened his posture, and suddenly looked very noble.

"Let me explain before I show you. There is another world out there, yet to be discovered by the majority of humans. Those that have discovered the lands of Algeusteria and have returned have all been dismissed as insane-."

"Like you?" Frank interupted. Oli shot him an evil look, and Frank dropped his gaze to the floor.

"As I was saying," Oli continued, "they have been dismissed as insane and locked away to rot in asylums. The beauty of the land is addicting, and it drove them mad, not being able to enter again. You see, it was by pure mistake that they found the entrance to Algeusteria, and since it moves, they couldn't find it again once they returned, if they ever did. Most that find it never leave. There are about twenty humans living in the entire kingdom right now.

"About twenty years ago, a creature named Levianna took over the kingdom by herself. She destroyed all who got in her way, and now the entire kingdom sits in darkness. She blocked the sun, and now all the green has died. Algeusteria is now a land of ice, darkness, and death.

"That's where you come in. You are the ones destined to take power away from Levianna. You are to bring together an army, unite the different races, and bring peace to Algeusteria."

Oli finished and took in a deep breath, scanning their faces to see their reactions. Some reacted with amusement, some with shock, and some with anger. All except for Gerard.

All during Oli's speech, he had been having flashbacks of a recurring dream that he'd been having for the past month. It was horrible, filled with everything Oli had just described. Ice, darkness, and death. Except in his dreams, he had seen the suffering, the agony of the peoples of the land.

Mikey shook his head slowly back and forth, and stated, "You're f**king crazy, man. Take your meds, and we're getting the hell out of here." He stood up, and looked at Gerard.

"Come on, Gee."

Gerard stayed seated and whispered, "He's not crazy. He's telling the truth. I...I've seen it too. In my dreams."

Frank closed his eyes, and bowed his head.

"Gerard, he-."

"Let me prove it," Oli stated strongly.

Frank sighed and looked at Mikey, who had sat down, and the still seated band members.

He sat down and mumbled, "For Christ's sake..."

"Go ahead, Oli," Gerard urged, smiling.

Oli sucked in a deep breath and said, "Please, don't scream."

"Why would we-?" Brendon started but Oli held up a hand.

"Just...please don't scream. Promise."

"Yes," Pete said, bemused. "We promise."

Oli nodded, and started to unbutton his shirt. He turned around, and they all immediately noticed the two large bumps running down his back.

"What the-?" Frank said, leaning forward with his eyes wide.

Oli slid his shirt off, and the piece of cloth. An alarmed gasp rose up in the room.

From between Oli's shoulder blades, two large wings grew. They all knew that they weren't fake, because Oli spread them a second later. He was magnificent with the twenty foot black wings spread wide. They in themselves were beautiful, with the red feathers accenting the black ones.

Turning around, Oli folded his wings and stared them down. Everyone's, except Gerard's, jaw was hanging open.

" have wings," Patrick said, dumbfounded.

"Why, yes. Yes I do. Thank you, Captain Obvious."

"Can you fly?" Frank asked, his eyes wide.

Oli nodded and asked, "Do you all believe now? Am I proof enough? Or shall I bring you to meet Cassia and Nikki, my Vampire friends?"

Gerard's face lit up.

"I knew it. I freaking knew it!" He jumped up. "Vampires are real! I'm not crazy; I told you, Mikey. I told you!"

Mikey shook his head.

"Gerard, this isn't real. I don't know what the f**k that kid is, but whatever he is, he probably isn't real. This isn't happening. This isn't possible. People don't have wings, Gerard!"

Gerard's eyes welled up.

"I'm not crazy," he murmured, wrapping his arms around himself. Frank stood up and walked up next to Gerard, and hugged him. Gerard leaned into the embrace, sobbing.

"You all are here, too. You all are seeing what I'm seeing! What is he talking about?"

"I know, baby. I believe you and the kid now. His wings...that's proof enough for me," Frank said softly into Gerard's hair.

Gerard pulled away. "Really?"

Frank nodded, turning to Oli.

"I believe you now," he said. "I'm sorry about before."

"No problem," Oli said, a huge smile growing on his lips. "What about the rest of you?"

Everyone else nodded, still in stunned silence. Ville stood up and looked Oli directly in his eye.

"Can...can I see you fly? I...I, um," he wrung his hands together. "I'd like to see you fly."

Oli smiled gently.

"You want to fly, don't you?"

Ville blinked, looking up from the floor.

"I...I mean, uh, could you do that?"

"Of course. Anybody else?" Everyone else shook their heads, frightened.

Pete stood up and said, "Before you both go and do that...what are we supposed to do? I mean, I believe you now, but we're just musicians. How could we save an entire kingdom from someone who defeated the entire place by herself?"

Oli smiled and said, "You underestimate yourselves. You all hold great just needs to be controlled."

"Power? Come on, that sounds retarded and you know it," Brendon said skeptically.

"Think about it. What happens when you step onto the stage? An amazing amount of energy flows through you, yes? How do you think you control audiences like you do? You have fans fall in love with you from just one look. Is that your actual look or is it your power?"

"Well, I like to believe that I'm good-looking myself and it's not my 'power' causing people to love us. I actually hope it's the music...," Brendon said thoughtfully.

Oli smiled.

"I was just kidding. That was stupid. It is you that the fans love. I was just playing around. You do have power, though. I can't describe it since I don't have it myself."

Brendon nodded and let out an uneasy laugh.

Oli smiled and said, "Well, you guys have all had a hard night. You should all go to sleep. There really are four rooms back through there," he pointed at another hallway, "and you can all get some sleep. We can discuss our plan of action in the morning and you can decide if you're going o help or not. I'm not going to force this on you, by the way."

Gerard smiled and said, "Thank you, Oli. We'll sleep on this and you can, like you said, give us the details in the morning. I'm going to bed. Come on, Frankie."

They all got up and went to their bedrooms, all except Ville.

Ville looked at Oli uneasily and said, "Can we-?"

"But of course," Oli said, gesturing to the front door. Vile nodded and smiled, unbelieving of how his life had gone from bad to good in such a short time.

Little did he know that life was going to get better, and then a whole lot worse.

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