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Really Awkward Moments and Plane Rides

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The title explains everything.

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'Well, that was interesting,' Lynne thought to herself.
She and Ryan had been together for a year now, and they haven't been too intimate. They both enjoyed each other's company, but didn't really want to take things all that fast. Sure, they made-out in public or they would fall asleep together, in the same bed; but when it came down to showering together or anything of that nature, that wasn't common between the two of them.
Lynne was getting dressed in comfortable pants and a hoodie, perfect for the plane ride to their next venue. They had a 3 ½ hour plane ride and an hour bus ride to the show. When they landed, Ryan's other sister, Nicole, was to meet them and take them to the bus. Lynne and Ryan dressed and went downstairs to meet up with everyone.
"Have a good shower, Ry?" asked Brendon with a smirk on his face.
If Lynne knew her brother, she'd know him for his 'You don't know what I know' smirk. Lynne froze and didn't know if Brendon knew that they just showered and such together.
"Yea, I did. That's kind of creepy, Bren," replied Ryan.
Brendon rolled his eyes and then said "Is everyone ready? We've kind of got to go soon."
Everyone agreed and then Lynne and Delilah ran upstairs to grab some last minute things. Delilah looked at Lynne whom was glowing. Being Lynne's best friend, she knew that some thing was up, literally. She knew that something's happened between Ryan and Lynne.
"Ok, tell me. You're glowing, so you've obviously have a secret. Being your best friend, it is your duty to tell me," exclaimed Delilah.
Lynne blushed and said "Ryan's the one."
Delilah's jaw dropped and then she said, "What do you mean? The one? Like you guys." She paused. Then continued, "Ya know."
Lynne was blushing even more now and then she nodded. Delilah was still surprised and hugged Lynne. They both giggled and then were talking about it. Once they were done packing the last minute items, they went downstairs to meet up with the guys. The two girls couldn't look at each other with out bursting out laughing.
Once they were on the road to the airport, they stopped at a gas station to get gas and the two girls loaded up on magazines. They were junkies for the latest 'Britney and K-Fed break up'. They planned to get a coffee at Starbucks when they got to the airport, so they wouldn't have to be delayed with fans and wanting autographs. After buying about five magazines each, they got back into Ryan's car and continued their journey to the airport.
They finally arrived at the airport and got their coffees. Ryan and Lynne held hands all throughout the airport. The paparazzi were there (of course) and took pictures of the happy couple. Pictures of them holding hands and kissing. Some fans asked the guys for their autographs and wished them luck on the tour.
When they boarded the plane, Ryan, Lynne and Delilah all sat next to each other. Lynne by the window, Ryan in the middle, and Delilah in the aisle seat. Brendon sat down next to a teenage girl that claimed to be his biggest fan. Flattered as he was, he didn't mind where he was sitting. The 3 ½ hour plane ride went by faster than expected. Brendon and the fan, Anna, were acting as if they were old friends. She was 16 and she had all of Panic's songs on her iPod. Brendon joked how he thought that he sounded terrible. She didn't think so.
"So, you two are dancers for Panic?" asked Anna.
Lynne and Delilah nodded.
"Is it weird that you have to dance all weird and dressed slutty in front of your brother?" Anna asked Lynne.
Lynne laughed and said "I'm not dancing for Brendon, I'm dancing for Ryan."
Ryan looked at Brendon, whom rolled his eyes. The three girls laughed.
"I'm so excited to go to Chicago!" exclaimed Delilah.
Lynne and Ryan agreed.
"It'll be fun! Maybe we can even meet up with Pete and the guys?" asked Lynne.
"Yea, but I really want to go shopping! I need some new costumes for this tour," added Delilah.
The plane landed and they all got off and headed towards baggage claim. The guys were bombarded with fans once again. I guess that's the price you pay when you're an artist like Panic. They left the airport, stopped at McDonald's on the way to the venue, and met up with Nicole.
Nicole was waiting at the venue for the guys and the dancers. She was dressed in a suit and was holding a clipboard. She had her wireless Blue Tooth cell phone on, but wasn't talking on it at the moment. This was a first, being the band's manager and all. Spencer walked over by her and kissed her.
"Alright, first things first, Lynne and Delilah, you're to arrive at exactly 6:30, dressed and ready for the show," announced Nicole.
"What's the first song? Is it 'Build God, Then We'll Talk?" asked Lynne.
Nicole looked at her list on her clipboard and then nodded.
"So, hair will be whatever?" asked Delilah.
"Yea, make it circusy, but have fun with it," replied Nicole.
Lynne and Delilah nodded, and then they walked to the dressing rooms. A camera reporter was at the venue, to tape a documentary for a new show. They taped the girls in the dressing room, while they were getting their make up on. They were also blasting some music and dancing all weird. Brendon and the guys took the camera people around the venue and showed them their dressing rooms and what not. This was to make for a weird documentary.
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