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This chapter is where Ryan and Lynne become VERY intimate....ohh and day 2 of tour.....Enjoy!!

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It was about 15 minutes before Panic! went on-stage and Lynne was in her dressing room, touching up her make-up. She was dressed like a trophy wife or at least a hooker. She had on a plastic princess crown, black fishnets, a black bra, and ruffled panties, and a short skirt (you can see the panties). She had on her black dancing character shoes. Her make-up consisted of heavy black eyeliner, plum lipstick, blush, concealer, her eye-shadow was all different colors. Purple and Blue and even some green!!
Suddenly, Ryan came into her dressing room. He closed and locked the door behind him. He wanted to be alone with his girlfriend. Ryan then walked over to Lynne and kissed her on the neck. He then kissed her passionately on the lips. She stood-up from the chair that she was sitting on and wrapped her arms around Ryan. His hands were sliding down her back as they continued to make-out.
After awhile, Lynne pulled away and looked at her boyfriend. She smiled and blushed a little. They were on-tour now, so they knew that they couldn't be too intimate when other people were around. Both in-love and both hating the fact that they couldn't be making-out 24/7, they had to 'hide' and kiss between sets.
"Baby, stop, you know we can't do that here," said Lynne to Ryan.
"I know, but I want to," said Ryan as he kissed Lynne passionately once again.
"Don't you kiss have to kiss go on-stage kiss soon?" asked Lynne.
She giggled, but tried to stay serious.
"Yea, but not for 5 more minutes," replied Ryan.
"5 MINUTES!!" said Nicole outside the dressing room.
"We'd better get going then," said Lynne.
She kissed Ryan once more and took his hand. They walked out of the dressing room, holding hands. Lynne had on Ryan's zip-up hoodie, because the hallway to the stage was cold. Nicole made sure that the air-conditioning was on, because the guys get hot on-stage.
"Are you guys ready?" asked Nicole to Panic.
"We're SO READY!! Let's do this thing!!" said Brendon excitingly.
Nicole laughed and opened the door to the stage. She took a microphone and handed it to Lynne. Both Lynne and Delilah walked on-stage.
"Hello my darlings," said Lynne into the microphone.
She giggled when the audience cheered and asked the audience,"Do you want to see the boys?" She giggled again and announced, "That's what I thought. It's with great pleasure to present to you, PANIC! @ THE DISCO!!!!!!"
The guys walked on-stage just as she said that. She ran off-stage to grab the props for ACT 1.
The first song was 'Build God, Then We'll Talk.'
She and Delilah were twirling each other around and poising for the fans with cameras. Delilah walked over to Brendon and wrapped a silk scarf around him. Trying to 'seduce' him. As rehearsed, it didn't work.
Lynne brought out a chair and started to do stunts on it. She would stand on-top of it and try to 'steal' the show, but again as scripted, it didn't work.
The song ended and the next song was 'Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off.'
Lynne and Ryan started to dance together. A surprise guest guitarist by the name of, Pete Wentz, came-out on-stage and started to play guitar.
Ryan and Lynne were dancing all sexual and being all intimate. The audience loved it! To be funny, Brendon walked over to the happy couple and broke-up their dance.
"Dude, that's my sister," said Brendon.
Lynne giggled and said "But Brendon!! He's cute!!"
The audience laughed and so did the band.
"Let's get these teens' hearts beating faster, faster, so Testatorne Boys and Harliquen Girls, will you dance to this beat, uhh separately?" sang Brendon. Ryan laughed, grabbed Lynne and sang "And hold a lover close?"
The concert continued on and everyone loved it. It was now intermission. The other harletts were out on-stage, they gave Delilah and Lynne a break for the night, since they had to do a lot more stunts. The performers alternated their performances like that, so everyone wouldn't be exhausted all the time.
Lynne was sitting on Ryan's lap and Delilah was sitting on Patrick's lap, they were sitting on the same couch together. Brendon, Pete, and the rest of the band were sitting on separate chairs and couchs. Lynne and Ryan were sharing a Monster Energy Drink.
Delilah turned on the radio and Fall Out Boy's new song 'This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race' came on and the two girls started to dance with each other. The guys laughed and Patrick started singing.
"This is normal for them, they dance to our songs, even when we're not performing," said Brendon.
They got the call to go back on-stage to finish the show. They did so and the rest of the show when amazing. Afterwards Panic! and Fall Out Boy decided to go to a club. At the club Ryan,Lynne, and Pete were all grinding together, in that order. They were all drinking, too. They were dancing with fans that were there, also.
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