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Panic and crew are off to another venue!!

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By now, everyone was in the bus and headed to their next venue. Lynne was fast asleep on Ryan's lap and Ryan was up, with Brendon, and they were playing cards and drinking Monsters. Ryan was rubbing Lynne's head with one hand and holding his cards with the other hand. Delilah was fast asleep on her bunk bed; she had only a few drinks, but was still tired from the show. Lynne on the other hand, had fun drinking with Ryan and Pete.
Time passed and Ryan had Lynne propped up with pillows and blankets. He fell asleep on his bunk bed; he didn't want to disturb her. Lynne woke up during the middle of the night, looked around, felt a slight head ache, and got up to take a Tylenol. She did so and then decided to lay down with Ryan. Ryan didn't seem to mind the company.
The next morning, Lynne awoke next to Ryan. Ryan was fast asleep and she smiled to herself. She always thought that Ryan looked so cute asleep. She kissed him; he awoke, looked at her, and then smiled back at her.
"Good Morning, sweetie," said Lynne to Ryan.
"Morning, babe," Ryan replied back to her.
"Did you sleep well?" Lynne asked.
Ryan nodded.
"We should get dressed, and make some breakfast," said Lynne.
"What do you think Brendon'll say about us falling asleep together?" asked Ryan.
"Don't worry about my brother, he'll be a worry wart anyway," Lynne assured Ryan.
"True, he does get that way. I don't know why, we've been friends since like forever and I'd never hurt you or break your heart," said Ryan.
Just then, Brendon opened the curtain to Ryan's bunk and yelled "Good Morning!"
Lynne and Ryan laughed and replied, "Morning, Bren."
The two got out of bed and walked to the front of the bus. They noticed that they were only a few minutes away from their next venue in Detroit. Lynne got on some comfy pants and Brendon's hoodie. She never liked dressing cute to go to venues when they were on tour. She would bring another outfit for meet and greets with the fans, but it was work and if she could get away with it, she would. The same went for Delilah and the rest of the dancers. Ryan had on some jeans, a black t-shirt, and a red hoodie.
Lynne and Delilah sweet talked their driver to stop at Starbucks for some breakfast. He agreed and about five minutes later the girls, Ryan, and Brendon got out of the bus and went into Starbucks. There they met up with two other dancers, Katie Kay and Dusty. Lynne, Delilah, Katie Kay, and Dusty were all friends. They first met in dance class, but then became closer throughout tours and rehearsals. Lynne and Katie Kay were always mistaken for twins. They both had long black hair, fair skin, and green eyes. Katie had more tattoos than Lynne, but that didn't matter, because they were always hanging-out together. Delilah and Dusty were cousins and they went to school together; they were also very close.
"You guys had the same idea as us, huh?" asked Katie.
"Yep, we needed our fix before the next show and photo shoot," replied Lynne.
"Nice, yea I'm not looking forward to tonight," said Dusty as she made a face.
The four girls laughed and walked up to the order counter. Fans swarmed Ryan and Brendon as soon as the guys walked in. The girls ordered and paid for their drinks. Lynne got their driver a coffee and she also got Nicole a frappincuno and sodas for Jon and Spencer. Brendon and Ryan ordered their drinks, paid and then left. Dusty and Katie decided to go on Lynne and Delilah's bus until they arrived at the next venue.
"Hello my darlings! We've come baring gifts," said Katie in her usual sweet voice.
"Hey Katie and Dusty," said Nicole.
"Gifts? Where?" asked the impatient Jon.
Lynne gave Jon and Spencer their sodas, then she handed Nicole her drink.
Later on, they were at the photo shoot, and not really enjoying themselves. Katie and Dusty decided to have Delilah and Lynne pose with the other circus dancers. That's where they started to have fun. They were being obnoxious and making all weird faces/poses. Panic decided to jump in the pictures with the dancers. Katie and Lynne took a picture where they were both giving Ryan a kiss on the cheek. All of these pictures were to be for the tour.
After they finished taking their pictures, they left the studio to get some lunch before sound check. They decided on a local café called 'Poppy Seed', which had soups and sandwiches. Katie Kay and Dusty were both vegetarians so; they didn't want to get pizza or something of that animal nature.
"I am amped for tonight!" exclaimed Brendon.
"Yea, me too, I'm tired, but excited," replied Lynne.
Just then some fans spotted Panic and ran-up to them.
Waiting in anticipation, a fan girl said, "I'm going to your show tonight! I can't wait! It's going to be amazing!"
"Awe, thanks," replied Brendon as he was signing a magazine picture.
"Are you Lynne Urie?" asked another fan.
"Yes, I am. I'm sorry, do I know you?" Lynne asked.
The fan laughed and replied, "No, but I just idolize you!"
"Wow, my own biggest fan, how cute, thank-you," replied Lynne.
"Yea, you're so cool, and I think it's funny how you dance right in front of your big brother, must get awkward," said the fan.
"Yea, but he gets use to it," said Katie Kay as she nudged Brendon.
"Wow, I can't believe I'm at my favorite restaurant with my favorite band!" exclaimed another fan.
The band and dancers were flattered. They then exchanged names and talked for awhile. Lynne, Delilah, Katie and Dusty, were talking to Lynne's biggest fan, Karen, about how they got started and what not. They gave the fans backstage passes and told them that they would like to see them after the show. They meant it too, because they always like to meet their fans.
"Well, we'll see you guys at the show tonight," said Ryan as he gave the girls a hug.
"Yea, I can't wait! 3 more hours!" exclaimed Karen.
Panic left the café and headed back to the bus. They had to be back at the venue in 20 minutes for sound check. Katie and Dusty went back on their bus to get ready. Lynne and Delilah put together their costumes, make-up and hair products for the show, tonight. Ryan was sitting in a chair and he was reading a book.
"Hey there, gorgeous," Ryan said to Lynne as she walked out, with curlers in her hair.
"Hey baby," Lynne replied.
"Nice curlers, sis," chuckled Brendon.
"Thanks, bro," said Lynne has she playfully punched Brendon.
Just then the bus stopped and they were all at the venue. They got out and went into the venue. Lynne, Delilah, Katie, and Dusty met up with each other, linked arms, and skipped while singing their rendition of 'We're off to see the Wizard'; they called it 'We're off to the see the dressing rooms' and they continued with singing about whatever crossed their path. Giggling hysterically and still singing, they reached the dressing rooms. The four started applying make-up and what not. Lynne grabbed a Monster and started to drink it.
"Calm down, girlie," said Dusty laughing at how thirsty Lynne was.
"Sorry, I just have been craving one all-day," replied Lynne.
After about a half hour, Panic came into the dressing room and were talking with the girls. Lynne was sitting down at her mirror and Ryan came up behind her and kissed her head. She smiled, looked up at him, and kissed him on the lips. She then took her eyeliner, and started to apply it on Ryan's eyes.
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