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After touring for awhile everyone were rewarded a few days off for vacation and what not. Panic and dancers went home to visit their families.

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The concert was going great and the crowd seemed to be enjoying every minute of it. The girls were having a blast; this tour was off to a great start. Lynne and Brendon were to do their dance during 'But it's better if you do'. The crowd loved it and they even enjoyed all of the circus stunts. They sure were in for a show tonight. The next song was a cover song by a band called 'The Radio Head'; it was entitled 'Karma Police'. Lynne and Brendon did a brother-sister duet to that song; with Brendon on piano and Ryan accompying Lynne on guitar.
After awhile, the show ended and everyone was backstage. They were talking about the show. The dancers were taking off their make up and they were getting ready to go out for the night. It wasn't too late, but they didn't want to go out looking like the circus freaks that they were; it may scare children.
"It was great! The crowd was awesome," exclaimed Brendon.
"Yea, I totally agree," replied Lynne as she took a drink of water.
Just then Ryan came into the room with a small rose. He walked over to Lynne and gave it to her. She was surprised and a little confused as to why he was giving her a rose. It wasn't her birthday, it wasn't their anniversary, it wasn't his birthday, and she still didn't know why he wanted to give her a flower. Ryan was the romantic type, but he would just take her out to dinner or something like that.
She decided to confront him, "What's this for?"
Ryan smiled and replied, "I just wanted to see my girl smile."
She smiled back at him and said, "You're such a sweet heart, Ry Bear."
After awhile, they kept on having shows and what not; then they had about a few days off for vacation time. Lynne and Brendon decided to go back home to Las Vegas to see their parents; Ryan went along with them. Spencer and Nicole went to L.A. for their time off and Jon went back home to Chicago. Delilah went home to her boyfriend, Andy, in Flordia. Brendon, Lynne, and Ryan stayed at the hotel New York, New York, when they went back home. When they arrived at the Urie's, Mrs. Urie, had Brendon and Lynne's favorite meal prepared; cheesy potatoes and baked chicken. They ate and talked about the tour, they also shared some of the pictures from the photo shoot and random tour moments.
"Is that my son? He looks weird," said Mrs. Urie, bluntly.
"Yep, that's Brendon being weird," laughed Ryan.
"Mom! Katie and Dusty are on tour with us!" exclaimed Lynne excitedly.
"Oh, that's wonderful hunny. I miss those two girls, they're such dears," replied Mrs. Urie.
They continued going through pictures, Lynne made some green tea, and she also brought out some dessert. Mrs. Urie had made M&M cookies and she picked up some biscotti cookies. Lynne brought out some Reese's for her brother. At the first sight of the Reese's Brendon leaped from his chair.
He politely said, "I'll take those off your hands, sis."
Lynne laughed and handed them to Brendon. Ryan took an M&M cookie and ate it. Lynne sat down and reached for Ryan's hand, underneath the table; he did the same with hers. The two still were in complete bliss with each other and not to mention madly in-love. Mrs. Urie saw her daughter blush whenever she looked at Ryan.
"Lynne dear, I want to show you something. Come with me? Into your old bedroom?" Mrs. Urie asked politely.
"Sure thing, Mom," Lynne replied.
When they arrived in Lynne's room, Mrs. Urie turned to Lynne, smiled and asked, "Alright, why are you glowing and more blushy than normal?"
Lynne smiled and replied, " Mommy, Ryan's the one for me. I can feel it in my heart and my mind."
Mrs. Urie smiled and hugged her daughter. She was so happy that Lynne would possibly end-up with Ryan for the rest of Lynne's life. The Urie's have always like Ryan and they really trusted him. Lynne and her mom always had a close relationship with one another. The came back out to see the guys and the two guys looked as if they had a secret. Ryan and Brendon kept looking at each other and smiling. Was Ryan planning something and he needed Brendon's permission?
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