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Let's Art-Out Together!!

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This is about Ryan, Lynne, and Brendon taking pictures and being all crazy and random with each other. It's kinda of a filler, but whatever!! Also Ryan and Lynne are soo cute together. Enjoy!!

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Yes, Ryan defiantly had something up his sleeve. He was crazy about Lynne and Lynne was crazy about Ryan. Whatever he was planning....he was going to do it at the right time and the right place. Brendon trusted Ryan with his baby sister and Ryan knew that if he hurt Lynne, Brendon would hurt him 10-times worse.
Ryan and Lynne were sitting on the couch in the basement of Brendon and Lynne's house. They were dancing together and taking pictures. Lynne and Ryan were well....Myspace junkies. They always had either cute or just down right ridiculous pictures up. Ryan has a thing for being the photographer. Brendon came down the stairs to join them with taking pictures. Lynne ran upstairs to Brendon's room. There she grabbed some of his clothes and she put them on. She then walked downstairs to the basement complete in 'Brendon Wear'. Brendon bursted-out laughing at Lynne's impersonation of her brother.
"I'm Bden Urie, I'm so hott, RyRo's amazing," Lynne said in a deep voice.
The three were laughing and continueing to take pictures. At one point Brendon and Lynne were doing the most ridculous poses in the world. They were both very animated and comedic. Lynne was poseing with her Monster and being all cute.
"Fabulous my darling," said Ryan in a posh photographer voice.
Later, Ryan and Lynne were talking and kissing.
"You know what RyRo?" asked Lynne.
"What my love?" replied Ryan.
They both leaned-in for a kiss, but Lynne stopped and announced, "I'm running away with the circus."
Ryan laughs and says, "Me too. Wait I'm in Panic! that's pretty much a circus."
"You're right, nevermind," replied Lynne laughing.
The next few days went by and the three had fun shopping, partying, eating, drinking, and gambling, and going to comedy clubs in Las Vegas. Their hotel offered a special VIP room for the three and they spent their time at the pool with fans that just so happened to be there.
Lynne was laying-out and listening to the music that was playing over the loudspeaker, and Anna recognized her and came-over to Lynne.
"Hey, you're Lynne Urie, aren't you?" Anna asked.
Lynne put her magazine down, and looked up at Anna through her big dark Chanel sunglasses.
"Hey, Anna, right?" Lynne asked.
"Yea, we met on the plane, remember?" Anna replied.
"How are you? Are you here on vacation?" asked Lynne.
"Yea, I am, this is so weird seeing you again. I mean it's cool, don't get me wrong, but still weird," Anna replied.
"I am here with Brendon and Ryan, we stopped home for a little bit. Our manager gave us a break from the tour. It's great to see you again," said Lynne.
The two began talking and then Anna signaled her friends to come over. They asked Lynne for her autograph and then they started asking all sorts of questions about Panic! and especially her brother, Brendon. Lynne was flattered and was willing to answer any questions that the fans had.
"I love Brendon soo much!! He's soo hott!!" said a fan named Chloe.
"Yea, and Ryan's such a good guitar player!! Not to mention GORGEOUS!!" said another fan named, Krissy.
"Hands off, I'm just kidding, Ryan's a cutie," said Lynne.
"What are you up to today?" asked Anna.
"Nothing really, probably kissing Ryan," Lynne said and laughed. She then continued with saying, "And probably shopping. What are you girls up to?"
"We were going to go shopping as well," announced Krissy.
"That's cool, do you girls want to hang-out with me?" asked Lynne sweetly.
"Hanging-out with a celebrity? HELL YES WE WOULD!!" said Chloe excitedly.
They all laughed and then Lynne told the girls that she was going to get some clothes on (she was in a bikini) and meet them in 15 minutes. The girls agreed and did the same.
15 minutes went by and the girls were out on the strip and they were window shopping. There, they met-up with Brendon and Ryan at a Virgin Records store. Chloe, Krissy, and Anna were all surprised and then started freaking-out because Panic! was right there in-front of them.
"Shopping are we?" asked Ryan.
"Yep, just a girls outting," said Lynne.
Lynne and Ryan kissed and the fan girls awed. One even took a picture. Ryan and Lynne laughed.
"Wow, candid moment," said Ryan.
"Yea, Brendon, Ry, these are my new friends, we just met at the pool. This is Chloe, Krissy, and you remember Anna from the plane," exclaimed Lynne.
The girls then walked around the store with Brendon and Ryan. Chloe bought a poster and asked the guys to sign it. They did so and then that lead to Krissy and Anna buying the latest 'Spin' magazine that had Panic! on the cover.
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