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Sweetie You Had Me

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Panic and their fans, Chloe, Krissy, and Anna are all hanging-out with each other and eating dinner. Ryan has a surprise for Lynne. Enjoy!!

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Lynne, Chloe, Krissy, Anna, Brendon and Ryan all decided to go out for dinner together. The guys treated the girls to dinner at Caesar's Palace. They had fun at dinner and were talking about really random things. Dinner then lead to going back to Panic's hotel to watch movies and hang out. The fans were in total bliss, because they were with Panic! At the Disco. Lynne showed the girls how she does her stage makeup and hair. They thought it was cool and tried to do it themselves.
After awhile, the fans went back to their hotel rooms and Lynne promised to call them to hang out again. They each thanked the guys for dinner and their autographs. Ryan took Lynne's hand and brought her out onto the balcony. They were standing really close to each other. Ryan looked into Lynne's eyes and started talking about how much he loved her and how beautiful she is. Little did they know Chloe, Krissy, and Anna were watching all that was happening from the ground.
"Lynne darling, I love you so much," said Ryan.
"I love you, too, Ryan," replied Lynne.
"From the moment I met you, sweetie, you had me," said Ryan as he tried to hold back tears.
"What was Ryan doing? Was he about to propose?" Lynne thought to herself.
"Ry what are you trying to say?" Lynne asked.
Just then Ryan knelt down and reached into his pocket. He was still holding onto Lynne's hand, her left hand that is. He took out a small box that had the words 'Tiffany & Co.' written on it. By this point, Lynne had tears in her eyes and she was blushing. Ryan looked up at Lynne and smiled. He explained that he had thought this out through and even talked to Brendon about it, so his heart was convinced that he was ready to be committed to Lynne and only her for the rest of his life and on.
"Lynne Urie, you're the best thing that has ever happened to me and I want to grow old with you," Ryan started to say.
"Ry, are you are you proposing?" asked Lynne.
Ryan took out the ring, and this ring was gorgeous. It was a round pink diamond with a platinum band covered in smaller clear diamonds; Lynne was speechless.
"Lynne, will you marry me?" Ryan asked as he gazed into Lynne's emerald colored eyes.
Lynne began to have tears streaming down her face. She whipped her tears away and replied, "Yes, Ryan. Yes I will marry you!"
Ryan then slipped the ring onto Lynne's left ring finger. He stood-up and kissed her passionately on the lips. Just then Lynne saw Brendon and she ran up to her brother and hugged him. Chloe, Krissy, and Anna were cooing and Anna quickly dialed Lynne's cell phone number. Lynne picked up her sidekick 3 and answered the phone call. She told Anna to come over quickly with the others so they could show off the ring and have girl talk. Ryan and Lynne kissed again and then they both gazed at each other and started to cry.
Just then there was a knock at the door and Brendon answered it. It was Chloe, Krissy, and Anna. They ran over to Lynne and Ryan and congratulated them both. The girls loved the engagement ring. They started to say how cute 'Mrs. Lynne Ross' sounded; like little girls do. Lynne quickly dialed Nicole and Nicole was surprised and congratulated her.
"You guys should stay the night, we have a wedding to plan!" exclaimed Lynne.
The 3 girls agreed and they called their parents to let them know where they were. Lynne talked to each of the girls' parents and explained the situation. She also mentioned that she was a responsible 21-year-old that would make sure the girls were safe. The girls got permission to stay and they were to go back to their rooms to grab some over-night clothes. Lynne ordered some room-service for the 'Girls Night' and had it waiting for the girls once they returned.
The girls returned to Brendon, Ryan, and Lynne's room and started to have 'Girl Talk'. They explained how they saw the whole engagement happen and how cute it was that Ryan was crying. Ryan and Brendon left to go to Starbucks, they wanted to have 'Guy Talk'.
Brendon and Ryan were talking about Lynne and the engagement.
"Ry, you know, if you're really going to marry my sister, you're going to have to be loyal and committed to her, right?" asked Brendon.
"Brendon, I love your sister, you know that and I would never, not even if someone paid me, would I ever hurt her," explained Ryan truthfully.
"I know, but marriage is just a huge step and Lynne's a special girl," replied Brendon.
They continued talking and drinking their coffees.
Meanwhile, back at the room, the girls were looking through pictures of Brendon, Ryan, Nicole, and Spencer when they were growing-up. They were laughing and telling stories. Lynne showed a picture of when she and Ryan were littler and Ryan was kissing her on the cheek. Mrs. Urie was lucky enough to catch that before they ran away; they were about 3 and 4 at the time.
"See, a gentleman ever since we were little," laughed Lynne.
"Ryan's such a sweetheart and Lynne you're so lucky to have him," said Krissy.
"Yea, I agree, you two are going to have such a great life together," added Chloe.
They came across a picture of Brendon and Lynne when they were first starting high school. Brendon had his thick rimmed glasses on and his 'bowl-haircut'.
"Wasn't my brother a dork?" asked Lynne laughing.
"He still looks cute," said Anna laughing as well.
They continued looking at pictures and then Lynne put on 'The Devil Wears Prada'. They watched the movie and ate chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate cake, cookies, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and drank Monsters and Red Bulls. Chloe, Krissy, and Anna, ended-up asleep on each other on the couch. Lynne turned-off the movie and went to sleep in her bed, which she now shared with Ryan.
Ryan and Brendon came home and they got ready for bed. Ryan snuggled up next to Lynne, he kissed her head and then fell asleep. Through the night, they ended-up in each other's arms and Lynne had her head on Ryan's chest.
But before he fell asleep he whispered "I love you, Mrs. Ross."
The next morning came, Chloe, Krissy, and Anna were up and they were talking to Brendon. Brendon was asking the girls questions about where they lived, school, and music. They all said that they lived about 5 minutes away from one another and how they all went to the Panic concert together.
Just then, Ryan and Lynne woke-up and noticed that everyone else was up. They decided to come over to where everyone was and join them. Lynne told the girls that they had to catch a plane back to Chicago for another show. They all agreed and said that they enjoyed themselves. The girls left Brendon, Ryan, and Lynne's room and congratulated Ryan and Lynne again on the engagement. Lynne and Ryan promised that the girls were to be invited to the wedding. The wedding was going to be in Las Vegas, where most of the band grew-up. Lynne and Ryan both agreed that an old-fashion wedding would be superb. The reception was going to be at the Urie's house.
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