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Look at the happy couple!!

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Brendon, Ryan, and Lynne are back on-tour with the rest of Panic! Lynne makes the descion to change up her appearance a little bit. Everyone's excited about Ryan and Lynne being engaged. Enjoy!

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"Hey, the plane just landed, we're here. Ok, great, I'm doing good, I have a bit of a surprise for everyone," said Lynne into her cell phone, as she gazed at her engagement ring.
She was talking to Nicole on it. Nicole had a car waiting for them. Lynne and the guys walked off the plane and walked out of the airport. They decided to bring their luggage aboard the plane, so they could avoid any delays from fans. Not that they weren't all about the fans, they just had to get going because their show was in a few hours.
Ryan and Lynne wanted to stop at the mall. Lynne was finally convinced that she should get her lip pierced and Ryan promised to go with her.
"Will it hurt?" Lynne asked the piercer hesitantly.
"Only for a few seconds," he replied.
Ryan held onto Lynne's hand and told her that everything was going to be fine. The piercer cleaned the piercing needle right infront of them so they'd be convinced that it was safe. He also cleaned where he was to pierce on Lynne's lip. The piercer said that he'd count to 3 and as he started to count, he pierced her lip on 2. It was over and done with before Lynne could say anything. He cleaned off her new piercing and then told her to look at the mirror. She and Ryan loved it.
Afterwards, the headed back onto the bus and headed to the next venue. Ryan and Lynne were snuggling up next to each other on Ryan's bunk. They were kissing, giggling, and talking. Ryan mentioned that it was weird to kiss Lynne with her new piercing. That didn't matter though, they were still crazy about each other.
Once they reached the venue, they got out of the bus and headed inside. There they met up with Nicole, Spencer, Jon, Katie Kay,Dusty, and Delilah. Lynne and Ryan couldn't keep their hands off of each other, the whole time.
"You two are more touchy than usual," laughed Katie.
"Yea, why is that?" asked Dusty.
Lynne and Ryan looked at each other and smiled. Lynne then let go of Ryan's hand and showed the three girls her left ring finger that had the ring on it.
In unison the four girls said, "Oh my gosh, you're engaged!!"
Lynne laughed and nodded; she was smiling from ear to ear now. She showed off her ring to the girls and they awed. They also congratulated Ryan and Lynne on their happy news.

(That's what the ring looks like!!)
Hours later, the show had just started and Lynne wanted to surprise Ryan. This had been planned before hand and everyone thought that it'd be a funny thing to do. The song was 'But it's better if you do' and it came to part of the song when, usually Brendon would get a lap-dance, but tonight was different. Lynne grabbed Ryan and sat him down in a chair. Ryan was confused, but decided to play along. Brendon took over Ryan's guitar and started playing it. Lynne started to, well....give her fiancee a lap dance. The band started to laugh, because they knew that Ryan wasn't hating the experience.
Brendon walked over to Ryan sang, "Pray for love in a lap dance."
"Really," said Ryan laughing.
Lynne got off of Ryan and then walked over to Brendon who smiled at her. Lynne blew a kiss to Ryan and then ran off-stage, dragging the chair behind her. Brendon handed Ryan's guitar to him and Ryan took a deep breath and then started to play again.
The show ended and everyone came back out on-stage for curtain call. Lynne announced the engagement to the audience and the audience awed. Ryan dipped Lynne backwards and they kissed. Then they all took a final bow and walked off-stage.
Every night went according to plan; Ryan and Lynne started to plan their wedding in between shows.
Panic had a tour in New York for about a week and so they rented a hotel for the entire time that they were to be in New York. Ryan and Lynne shared a room together.
Ryan and Lynne were in their room and they were laying on their bed together. They were making out and Ryan had the radio playing. Ryan and Lynne were glad to have sometime alone together, for once. They were so much in-love.
"You're so beautiful," said Ryan to Lynne.
"You're so gorgeous," Lynne replied to Ryan.
Just then Ryan's phone rang. It was Brendon and he was wondering where Ryan and Lynne were. Ryan joked that they were doing crazy naughty things. That creeped Brendon out, more so. Ryan laughed and then he hung-up with Brendon. Lynne got up and decided to take a shower. Ryan didn't follow her in....this time.
Ryan was out on the balcony, reading a book, and drinking some Green Tea. Lynne poured herself a cup of tea and then joined him outside. She had on some sweat pants and Brendon's hoodie, that she stole from him earlier in the tour. Lynne sat down on Ryan's lap and Ryan wrapped his arms around her.
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